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Spent the day making signs for the Women’s March on Washington!

Pros of the march taking an intersectional approach: it’s the only way we’ll achieve real justice

Cons: it’s very hard to pick one message for a sign because you can make one about literally ANYTHING important

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When I was leaving from the airport this morning after dropping you off i kept feeling like I was forgetting something then I realized it was you..
—  please come back now being without you doesn’t feel right

There seems to be… something special about this room. I feel like I’m away from the whole world. 

It’s just like you.

Okay but imagine living in a world where everyone had a tattoo of a heart on their wrist and the tattoo would be the hair color of your soulmate. Your friends would constantly tease you because the color kept changing. At one point, it was two colors, black and white, and at another point, it was bright red. You got slightly annoyed because you could never figure out who exactly was your soulmate but when your best friend pointed out that your tattoo was the exact same color as Michael Clifford’s hair color, you didn’t believe her. But one day, when you were in the airport to visit your family in a different state, your eyes set on Michael Clifford who just happened to have a tattoo with your hair color on his wrist.

“I don’t want to go out on a Kennedy driveway to a Kennedy airport to visit a Kennedy School – that’s what Ethel said. And besides: I’ve got everything I want, I have that flame [in Arlington National Cemetery] and I have the Cape. Those were the only two things I cared about. I care about the flame. Sometimes you drive across that bridge and see that Lee mansion all lit up, that’s one of the first things Caroline learned to recognize. I wanted that flame and I wanted Cape Kennedy. I don’t care what people say. I want that flame, and I wanted his name on just that one booster, the one that would put us ahead of the Russians…that’s all I wanted”

(-Jacqueline Kennedy)


Princess Marie, as patron of the National Association of Autism, began her three day visit to Nuuk, Greenland yesterday to attend an autism conference. Upon her arrival at Nuuk Airport, Marie visited with a young man who has autism and works at the airport where he showed her his day-to-day duties. || March 14th, 2017

I just posted some stuff about Jungkook, which I know is not my usual fare on this blog. In case you were all confused by it, let me explain myself: I have very strong opinions on good fan/fansite behavior. I think it’s fine if you take pics at public events, official schedules, and the like. That’s all good. 

But you shouldn’t be stalking idols in their free time. They work hard and deserve to have a private life just as much as anyone else. You don’t need to be up their ass 25/8 and know what they are doing at all hours of the day. That’s crazy. So I try not to post cameos that get taken and passed around–like there are a few pics that some fans took of Namjoon’s back when he was on his way to the dentist or something. I think that’s an invasion of private time, and it’s not meant for us to see. 

Airport photos and airport visits are a touchy subject for me too. Like OP said, it encourages crowds to gather at the airport, which creates a really aggressive mob of people that BTS and their staff then have to push through to make it to their schedules on time. It’s a bad situation. 

I was at KCON LA last summer. I wasn’t at the airport because I’m not a crazy person, but I saw the video footage of the girls who were there. They ran out into traffic. They pounded on the van. The driver had to slam on the brakes so he didn’t hit anyone. For those of you who don’t know, LAX is not pedestrian friendly. First, since the airport was designed pre-9/11, that means that right when you walk in the front door, you hit security. It’s literally in the lobby. It’s in the lobby, which means there is no space for unnecessary crowds to gather. Second, outside the airport, you have a very aggressive shuffle of cars pulling in and out, and right next to the pick-up zone is a main road. That means cars are zipping through trying to get to their destination. They’re doing 30-35 mph. And everyone in L.A. drives aggressively. They don’t care about you. If that light is green, they’re going. Get out of the way unless you want to get clipped. When you do shit like run into traffic, you create a safety hazard; for yourself, for BTS, for other cars on the road. Somebody could die. If that driver’s reaction time had been a little slower, he could have hit those girls. And what if the car behind the van couldn’t stop in time? Boom, rear-ended. And what if that creates a pile-up, and their tiny little bodies get crushed beneath literal tons of metal? So don’t be stupid.

Also, let’s not forget the fact that there are armed police at our airports, and that security is on a permanent orange alert since 9/11.

So yeah…to sum up, don’t stalk idols. Don’t be a safety hazard. 


River which got in a bus from an airport.
(April, 1987)

River was surrounded by fans in an airport in the first visit to Japan.
It was an uproar.
(April, 1987)

Recording(making) of the TV program.
(April, 1987)

By a TV program of the live broadcasting, River challenged a quiz to guess the age of the person right.
Motivations were enough for the River.
(April, 1987)

anonymous asked:

You picking them up at the airport when they come visit you? Gifs please!

aw dis is cute

Jin: *can’t contain his excitement* “Jagi, you’re here!!!”

Suga: *gives you all of the kisses*

Namjoon: *so happy he doesn’t know what to do*


Jimin: *excited, then speechless*

You: What’s wrong?

Jimin: You’re more beautiful then I remember. 

V: *runs over to you excitedly*

Jungkook: *tries to be mature and cool*

*is dying on the inside*

~ admin ariel

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Hif reaction to you picking them up at the airport when they come visit you?

hope this was okay ahhh, idk jimins gif always kills me omf bye

Jin: *spastic child* My lovely jagi’s finally arrived~!

Rap Monster: *cannot stop smiling* Baby, did you miss me a lot?

J-Hope: *whines* Jagiyaaa. I wanted to drive you, no fair.

Suga: *tries to calm himself when he sees you* Ahh, we haven’t even left the airport yet, and I’m already excited for this week~

Jimin: Yah I didn’t know my beautiful jagi was picking me up today~~~!

V: [you are jhope] *clings to you for the rest of the day*

Jungkook: *nae naes his little heart out*

|Admin Raine|