airport prank

“Muggles are so weird,” Sirius stated, looking around the room packed with people scowling at each other.

“Why’s that?” Lily asked, stepping in forward in the security line.

“I mean, they travel by packing themselves into a large metal blob that gets flung into the air. It’s not natural.”

Lily raised an eyebrow, “And traveling by broom or through the fireplace is?”

“Yes,” Sirius answered back immediately, pleased when James said yes with him.

Rolling her eyes, Lily chose to ignore them and instead pointed forward.

“See these?” She asked.

The boys nodded yes, signaling for her to continue. 

“You’re suppose to put your bag onto the belt and it goes through the scanner.”

“Why?” Sirius asked.

“It’s for security purposes.” She replied.

“Why?” he asked again.

“To make sure no one is carrying something in their bag they’re not supposed to be bringing onto the plane.” 


“Because - oh stop that!” she smacked Sirius on the arm, scowling as his snickering.

“Now,” she continued, “I’m going to go over to this one right here, because it’s open. You two go to that one over there. When you’re through, we’ll meet on the other side and continue to our plane.”

“Yes ma’am!” James answered dutifully with a goofy smile.

Lily answered back with a happy smile and bounced off.

Taking deep breaths as though they were about to face something terrible, the boys stepped forward to the place Lily instructed them to go and lifted their bags onto the black belt.

Sirius looked up at the sign and snorted, “Hey, look: Baggage Scan. Bet we’d see all sorts of baggage you’re carrying.”

James rolled his eyes, “Not nearly as much as you.”

“Oh really?” Sirius asked in challenge, “What about Tiffany?”

Rising to the challenge, James responded, “What about Jennifer? Or Abagail? Or Marlene? Or Sandra? Or Tyler? Or - “

“Okay, fine, you’ve made your point,” Sirius cut in, “Just - hop onto the belt.”


“Hop onto the belt.” Sirius repeated.

“I can’t hop onto the belt. Lily will kill me!” James insisted.

“Just do it.”


“C’mon - “

“I can’t just - “

“It’ll be so funny - “

“Why don’t you - “

“Just do it - “

“But - “

“Please - “

“Ugh! Fine.” James said finally looking around to make sure no one was watching.

When he was sure he was clear, he lifted his leg up and hoisted himself onto the belt.

“Lie flat on your back,” Sirius said, pushing him down all the way.

“You want me to actually go through it?” James asked.

“Yeah, it’ll be so cool.”

Thinking about it for a moment, James nodded in agreement, “Okay.”

The was already up through to his knees when a security guard stopped them. 

After an hour of interrogation, lots of insisting from Lily that this was their first time flying and they were a bunch of idiots, and a missed flight - the group decided to use the floo network.

Bracelets and Surprises?

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Member: JinJin {Astro}
Genre: FLUFF
Word Count: 1030
A/N: Happy JinJin Day everyone! It may seem a bit rushed, but I wanted to get this out on time. Happy reading! - Rhin

    “But (Y/ N), they’ve been ignoring and brushing me off all day,” your best friend complained. “What if I really did something wrong?”
    You listened to his woes that originated that morning, trying hard to keep your cool. You made a mental note to tell the guys that they were great actors, but to take it down a bit the next time they decided to try this particular method.
    It was JinJin’s birthday today, and you were working with the rest of Astro to surprise their leader. All you had to do was distract him for a couple of hours while Eunwoo ran to get the cake, Rocky went to pick up gifts, and the other three decorated the dorm. You weren’t sure how (until now) they got JinJin out of the dorm, but around early afternoon you got a text from him that he was bored and that he was outside your door.
    Now, you two had stopped at multiple food stands, gotten ice cream, and presently were sipping at cups of coffee, all while wandering the streets. As it usually came with being friends with an idol, you laughed with him over things that happened months ago and cooed over sweet things that Arohas had for the group. You heard stories of anxious nights in hotels and airports, stories of pranks pulled by the maknae line, and everything in between.
    “I’m sure it wasn’t your fault,” you comforted. “You know them, everything will back to normal tomorrow.”
    “Yeah, you’re right.” JinJin perked up a bit. “At least I know they haven’t forgotten my birthday. Why did they take so many selcas with me sleeping, though?”
    You panicked a bit until you remembered Twitter. You giggled as MJ’s post popped up into your head.
    “At least Moonbin had some decent pictures with me,” he went on.
    “I think he was being nice, Jin. Have you seen his camera roll? He could embarrass any one of you five for a millennia!” You commented.
    At that moment, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. It was most likely Sanha texting you to tell you that everything was ready, but you didn’t want to open it in front of JinJin. Luckily, you saw a clothing shop a couple buildings back.
    “Hey JinJin?” You tapped his shoulder to get his attention. Once he was focused on you, you continued, “I have to go to the restroom. I saw a clothing store back a bit, would you mind waiting in there for me while I go? You could pick something out and it’ll be on me, you’ve paid for all the food so far.”
    JinJin shrugged. “Okay, as long as you don’t take forever and a half.”
    Leaving JinJin at a display of snapbacks, you hid yourself in a stall for some privacy. Quickly, you checked your texts and found it was indeed Sanha.
                                It is safe to return from your date now  ;)
    You facepalmed and swore to kill him later. He always insisted on calling you and JinJin’s outings dates, even though he surely knew by now nothing was going on.
                                                 K. Be over in ten
    You answered before going out and looking for JinJin. You found him looking at jewelry, surprisingly enough. Resting your chin on his shoulder, you admired the simple but fashionable bracelets his eyes seemed to be fixed on. “Seems like we found a winner.”
    “Yeah.” He said absent-mindedly. Calling an employee over, he asked if he could get two of the bracelets out of the case and took them over to the counter without another word.
    “Wait, wait!” You protested as the cashier rang them up. “I’m paying for these!”
    “No, I will. You did pretty much everything with me today, what’s a couple more won?” He asked.
    “I refuse to let you spend any more money on you’re birthday! Isn’t the special person supposed to be spoiled by other people on their day?” You turned to the cashier. “How much?”
    “The set is 11,500 Won,” she replied happily.
    “(Y/ N),” JinJin started.
    “Jinwoo,” you answered.
    After about thirty seconds of a staredown, he finally broke. “How about we split the cost? I pay for one, you pay for the other.”
    You would’ve rather paid for the whole thing, but you saw he wouldn’t budge and it was the best compromise you could think of. Nodding, you calculated halves and you both paid.
    Walking back to the dorm, JinJin held your hand. It wasn’t uncommon, but it felt a bit special tonight. It had gotten dark quickly and when he grabbed your hand he made a comment about not wanting to lose you in the dark. All with that adorable smile on his face.
    Soon the dorm was in sight. You two rushed up to the door and you were about to open it when JinJin stopped you. In a flash, he clasped one of the bracelets around your wrist.
    “That’s for celebrating my birthday with me, unlike these dumb guys in there.” He nodded to the door. “It really meant a lot to me.”
    You grinned. “You’re welcome, JinJin. It was a lot of fun, I missed being with you.” You held up your wrist. “Aren’t you going to put yours on? They can’t be official friendship bracelets until you do!”
    Rolling his eyes, JinJin grabbed the other from his pocket. Snatching it from him, you clasped it around his wrist. “Happy birthday to my favorite rapper,” you said as you did it.
    “You’re so cheesy, you know that?”
    “Not as much as you!”
    “Wait, when have I ever been cheesy?”
    “Like, all the time. Especially when you buy things for me.”
    “One, buying things for a friend isn’t cheesy, two-” he turned the door handle and opened the door. “I think throwing a surprise party is way more cheesy.” He said as he walked in.
    You could only shake your head in amazement as five very confused and disappointed guys jumped out of their hiding places and yelled “SURPRISE!!” anyway.
    When asked later, he said that his members needed to work on their whispering, but it was the best birthday he had ever had.

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I feel like anybody in the position to buy this DVD has already bought it so I don’t feel quite as bad posting this now. People still ask me for the link nowadays so I decided to finally just make the video public so I don’t have to send it out anymore. Without further ado, I present: The Judas Redux Airport Prank

anonymous asked:

So, I really like knock but I'm not into knk as a group but after what they said about bts/armys 😍 I wanna know them better. Any suggestions? Like a variety show? A channel on yt who updates about them? Thank you!!!

Hi! Sorry for the late reply!

On my channel KNK Subs I sub a variety of videos, from variety shows to music program cuts to interviews. (shameless selfpromotion XD)
I would recommend to watch KNK x Astro the show 60 secs mission,  which is like a short game show.
Then these short cuts are also fun: Airport prank and How Youjin hugs his gf
And if you’d like you can watch some interviews to get to know them better!

KNK Intl also subs various kinds of videos, I would recommend the following:
Hidden camera (where Jihun’s backscratching craves are revealed)
KNK’s reaction to other’s reaction to them
Answering questions

KNK also has their own ‘reality’ series, called My KNK Television.
Seungjuned uploads the videos with subs.
Click here for the full playlist
I would recommend ep. 10 & 11 which are like a cooking show and ep 21, where they go have fun in China Town
But actually I think all episodes are fun, so be sure to watch them all! ;)

KNK is also very active in doing Vapp broadcasts. 
Exidek uploads all Vapps with subs
I would recommend feeding game, hidden box and guess the body part
Seriously these guys are hilarious, but beware these broadcasts are wild

Then they appeared on After School Club, which I recommend watching because they were so funny and the show is really enjoyable!

They also have a Pops In Seoul Q&A!

Here are some compilation videos:

Random stuff KNK says
Sht KNK says
Bromance compilation
Jihun x Seungjun’s love/hate story
Heejun’s reaction king moments

Hope this gets you going ;))

On a Sunday night in October 2013, operations at Los Angeles International Airport were suspended in the tense uncertainty caused by an explosion in an employee restroom. The next night, all airport activities were once more brought to a standstill by explosive devices, this time positioned near terminals and, according to some, possibly near airplanes. People seated for takeoff must have been scared shitless by news of the apparent attack – the people seated in the bathroom even more so.

This booming mayhem wasn’t the work of some diabolical terrorist cackling in the darkness, but rather the harebrained antics of a jackass with a few bottles and enough dry ice to make them go boom in a very loud if not particularly destructive way (no, we’re not going to tell you how to make a dry ice bomb – you’ll have to go look it up yourself).

Who would do something so irresponsibly buffoonish in the post-9/11 era? Baggage handler Dicarlo Bennett, that’s who. Good old Dicarlo decided it would be a good idea to snag some dry ice that was being used to refrigerate food on a plane and use it to simulate a terrorist act. “Why?” you ask? Well, why not?

6 Shockingly Childish Abuses of Power by Airport Employees