airport in london

All Love to London: An Entire Religion Didn’t Commit Today’s Attacks at Westminster Bridge and at British Parliament

As I write this, it’s still unclear who ran over Londoners on Westminster Bridge today and then stabbed a police officer outside the Parliament Building. It seems the same person committed both acts of terrorism.

We don’t know if the terrorism was domestic or foreign. 

I can’t make this point often enough: domestic terrorism IS terrorism. 

We don’t know anyone’s identity or motive. 

Three victims, including a police officer, have died so far and 20 more persons are injured. (Note: Since I began writing here, it has been confirmed the terrorist was killed by British police.)

Today marks the one year anniversary of the massacre at the Brussels airport in Belgium. 

We don’t know if today’s attack in London is related to the Brussels anniversary. 

DJT supporters have taken to social media yet again to falsely allege all Muslims are terrorists. 

A reminder: liberals HATE terrorism, too.

The only people who root for terrorists are, in fact, terrorists.

The one thing we DO know right now: it remains immoral and illogical to blame the actions of a few on over one billion individuals. 

Should today’s terrorist(s) turn out to be Muslim, he/she/they will be Muslim in name only and will have done enormous harm to their own people.

DJT, Bannon, and their ilk are already virulently Islamophobic. 

Deeply saddened by today’s slaughter of British innocents. Can’t get the image of people flattened on Westminster Bridge out of my head.

And I fear retribution against Muslim innocents.

As for the terrorist: I’m glad he’s dead.