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Last semester, I made the transition from listening to lyrical music when I study to listening to background noise. I found that I became much more productive and engaged in my work when I wasn’t distracted by what I was listening to. 

nature noises

unnatural noises

fandom noises 

destination noises

The MBTI Types as Buildings

ISTJ: The Courthouse ~ organized, decisive, strong, prominent influence from past designs, detail oriented

ISFJ: The Welcoming Inn ~ caring, attentive, provides comfort and familiarity, inviting

ESTJ: The Fortress ~ strong, powerful, commanding, in tune with sensory environment, hosts power

ESFJ: The Suburban Family Home ~ welcoming of guests, good host, attentive to all needs of family members and friends 

ISTP: The Houseboat ~ experimental, adventurous, functional, aware of and works with physical environment

ISFP: The Mountain Cabin ~ solitary, peaceful, surrounded by inspiring physical environment

ESTP: The International Airport ~ bustling, full of diversity and many people, the starting place for countless adventures 

ESFP: The Expansive Mall ~ endless possibilities for sensory excitement, great for social fun, inviting

INTP: The House on Wheels ~ creative, experimental, open for endless changes and search for a perfect spot

INTJ: The Castle ~ commanding, solitary, full of endless interesting corridors, decisive

ENTP: The World Trade Center ~ a place of debate and diverse possibilities, many varying people, and a big picture, global view

ENTJ: The Skyscraper ~ high reaching, central in bustling and thriving cities, pushes limits of building technology

INFP: The Extensive Library ~ holds intricate maze of knowledge and imagination, many cozy and unique areas, endless exploration

INFJ: The Old Mansion ~ mysterious and hard to see behind gates, caring and protective of few residents, deep concern for quality, creative grounds

ENFP: The Expansive Museum ~ wide variety, invites discovery and thought, offers glimpses into many different times and cultures

ENFJ: The University Building ~ brings people together, inspires, teaches, pushes conventional limits, creative environment 

Just Friends - Part 14

@letojokerownsme thanks for being my fic lobster!

The ride from the airport to the cabin is exciting.  Jared refuses to follow the directions in his email and uses OnStar instead.  “Don’t say a word,” he hisses, watching her laugh quietly through the corner of his eye.

 “Babe, this isn’t a road,” she laughs hysterically, recording his face and the overgrown, very bumpy trail he’s driving on before turning the camera on herself.  “We’re lost.  We’re gonna die!  I hear banjos.”

“Not funny!” Jared grumbles, trying to hold back his own laughter. “You want me to turn around?”

“No!  I want you to park. Let’s have an adventure,” she squeals, scooting next to him in the seat and kissing his neck.

“Kissing me like that will get you much more than an adventure, babe,” he huffs, pulling the Jeep over.  “You really wanna do this?” he asks, questioning her sanity.  She nods, grinning mischievously. “You’re crazy you know that!” he laughs exiting the car and watching her hop out, taking his hand.

“Which way should we go?” She giggles excitedly.

Jared looks around then pulls her towards a thick patch of trees.  “I hear water,” he whispers conspiratorially, kissing her cheek when she begins to protest the direction he’s pulling her in.  He guides her through the trees, moving branches, waving away spider webs and helping her over fallen tree limbs.  They wonder down a path, the sound of the water more evident with every turn.  “I bet it’s a water fall,” he says, pulling her close to his side, stopping to kiss her sweetly when her eyes widen.  “Come on,” he encourages, pulling away and picking up his speed.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a story of reader and Reid where she's been overseas in a dangerous country helping with a relief situation (refugee, orphans, tsunami, etc.) and he comes to pick her up at the airport, her running into his arms, crying, because she's so happy to see him? And he, without telling her what's going on, takes her to her favorite place in the mountains where there's a wedding set up and asks her to marry him and they get married there? Thank you!

Yes, I most certainly can!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Gripping onto the arm handle of the seat, you brace yourself for the descent.  It didn’t matter how many times you flew, and it didn’t matter how many convoys you had swerved around in, and it didn’t even matter how much Dramamine you took to calm your stomach for the day.

The descent of an airplane onto a tarmac was torture.

Feeling the plane come to a grinding halt, your body relaxes as your nerves take over, looking at your phone and realizing that the plane has landed 20 minutes early.

He probably isn’t here yet.

Sighing, you take your time getting off of the plane, allowing everyone else to exit before grabbing your overhead baggage.

Walking off of the plane, slowly but surely, the inside of the airport appears, and it is the first time that it has occurred to you that you are back in the States.


You loved what you did, and you loved the traveling you had experienced.  Helping others was a passion of yours, but this last bout of absence had practically done you in.  You had fallen head over heels for a kind, compassionate, intelligent FBI agent before you had departed, and your heart ached for him.

Rolling your luggage behind you, you lift your eyes to scan the airport, looking for the nearest bathroom.


Your eyes widening, you swerve around, looking in all directions for that voice you knew you had heard.


Turning around again, you see him: his messenger bag flying, his hair blowing back behind his ears, the love and affection scattered across his face…

You watch as the love of your life sprints for you, his arms outstretched, waiting to welcome you home.

Dropping your luggage, you run towards him, jumping as you wrap your legs around his torso, pulling him in for a long, deep, tempestuous kiss.

Finally coming up for air, you hear a distant chuckle behind you.

“Come on, lovely lady, we have somewhere to be,” Morgan says, walking beside you guys as he heads for baggage claim.

Furrowing your brow, you give Spencer one last peck on the lips.

“My luggage bag is a rolling one, deep green with two yellow bows tied to it.  I have to pee something awful,” you say breathlessly.

As Morgan chuckles at you, not saying a word, he pries you from Spencer’s grip and ushers you off to the bathroom as he goes to retrieve your luggage.

Sighing with relief as you emerge, you see a bright-eyed, smiling Spencer, your luggage rolling behind him as he takes your hand and dashes off for the exit.

“We don’t have a lot of time.  Come on!” he yelps.

“Spencer!” you yell, yanking your hand away from him, “what’s going on?”

“It’s a surprise,” he smirks, taking your hand again and tugging at you, “Now come on!”


You had been in the car going on two hours, with absolutely no destination in sight.  You would have thought he was surprising you with a vacation, what for your getting an entire month off after a trip like this, but Morgan was the one piloting the car, and you were starting to get very curious.

“Spencer…” you whine, leaning your head on him as he scoots his arm back behind you.  “are we almost there?”

“Almost,” he chuckles lightly, leaning down and kissing your forehead.

Drifting off to sleep, the last thing you remember is the passing of trees off in the distance.


“Sweetheart?” you hear Spencer cooing in your ear, “Baby, we’re here.”

Opening your eyes, your vision blurry, the only thing you can make out is that you’re in the woods.

“Where are we?” you croak, your voice hoarse from the lack of fluids since getting off of the plane.

Feeling Spencer slip out of the car, your head whips up as you see him dash off into the distance, your hand reaching for your belt buckle as you feel a hand clamp down around your wrist.

“Uh, uh, uuuuuh,” Garcia drones out, “you’re coming with me.”

“Loopy!” you screech, throwing your arms around her and hugging her close, “God, I missed you.”

“I missed you too, cherry pie,” she giggles, wrapping her arm within yours and dragging you off towards a cabin, “Now, we have to get ready.”

“Get ready for what?  Is anyone going to tell me what’s going on!?”

“It’s all inside,” she beckons, dragging you by her side as you stumble into the cabin and up the stairs.

Throwing open a door, you see a room filled with blue tulips, the sunlight creaking through the windows as it casts it’s shade upon a champagne-colored ballgown.

“W-what is this?” you stammer, walking into the room.

“Here,” is all Garcia says, handing you a little box with a note attached.

Opening the note, your hands shaking, it reads:

My Dearest Y/N,

We always talk about our future as if it hasn’t happened yet, and every time you leave, it makes me wonder if we are allowing our future to slip away by attempting to do everything by the book.  In your last letter, you cringed at the idea of your life always being planned, and never being able to do something spontaneous.

If you accept my proposal, I not only promise to give you a life of love, happiness, and fulfillment; but I promise that you will always enjoy the present as your gift from me. I promise that you will never feel the need to look back, and I promise that our lives will be as spontaneous, or as mundane, as you wish.

Will you marry me?

All my love,


Opening the tiny box, a light gasp escaping your lips, you look down at the pearl ring, set in a rose gold band that was lined with chocolate-colored diamonds.

Tears filling your eyes, you slowly lift your gaze to the dress, realizing what was happening.

You were getting married.



Smoothing your dress down in the mirror, you smile as Garcia places your veil down onto your head, flipping it over your face.

“How do I look?” you sigh, your hands shaking as you continue to stare at the ring on your finger.

“You look stunning, Y/N,” she says, kissing your cheek through the veil before applying her lipstick.

“You ready?” she asks, ushering you towards the door.

Hesitating, Garcia takes your hand, turning your face towards her as she reads your mind.

“I know you’re estranged from your family, and I can’t imagine how hard this is for you, but there’s someone behind this door that would give anything to have the honor to give you away to Spencer.  That is, if you’ll let him.”

Furrowing your brow, you grab the doorknob, swinging the door open to reveal a wide-eyed, raised-eyebrowed Jason Gideon.

“Wow,” he says, his eyes gazing upon you in your dress.  “You look…incredible,” he says, holding his arms out as he shakes his head.

“Oh, my god,” you whisper, your cry caught in your throat as you throw your arms around him.

“Does Spencer know you’re here!?” you squeal, pulling back to look him in his eyes.

“Not yet,” he smirks.

“Gideon…will you give me away to him?”

And as tears crest his eyes, his cheeks turning red at the attempt to quell his emotion, he takes your arm and wraps it within his, positioning you to walk down the hallway with him.

“I would be honored.”


Watching Penelope walk down the aisle as your maid of honor was incredibly emotional.  In the year that you had known her, she has become the only woman that you had ever considered a friend.  She had been there for you during your emotional times with Spencer, and she was the one that created the atmosphere in which your relationship with him blossomed.

It was only fitting that, now, she look upon the two of you at the most important time of your lives from the most prestigious seat in the house.

“You ready?” Gideon dips down into your ear, squeezing your hand as you start down the aisle.

As Spencer lifts his head to take in your sight, his jaw drops as he sees who is on your arm.  Watching Morgan hold out his hand to catch Spencer’s elbow, you smile emphatically as Gideon walks you down the aisle.

As the two of you reach the end, Spencer staring at Gideon in shock, he throws your veil over the back of your head and gives you a kiss on the cheek.

“Remember, Y/N: change is inevitable…what makes the journey worthwhile is your constant ability to mold and adapt.”

Nodding at him as a tear runs down your cheek, you hear the team down in front sniffle as Spencer wipes the tears cascading down his own.

Turning to Spencer, Gideon takes his shoulders and pulls him taught, his eyes stern and his glare apparent.

“This woman is beautiful.  Treat her with respect, show her off with pride, and always remember to kiss her goodnight.”

And as Spencer throws his arms around Gideon, the entire team in tears at the sight of their old teammate emerging from the shadows, Spencer pulls back and looks at you, shaking his head in amazement as he takes your hand, leading you up the couple of steps to the magistrate of the wedding…

…who is none other than Hotch.

“If there is anyone here who objects to the union of these two, shut up and sit down,” Hotch commands.

And as the audience laughs wholeheartedly at the sentiment, the ceremony proceeds, and as the rings are exchanged and the vows are taken, Spencer dips you down, placing a light, beautiful, soft kiss on your lips, his eyes lingering on you before placing you back on your feet.

“‘Til tomorrow comes no more,” he says lowly, a grin across his face.

“‘Til tomorrow comes no more,” you repeat, your hand caressing his cheek.

Bird of Passage

Originally posted by semiconductorwave

character: you x chanyeol

genre: angst, minor fluff idk

warning: nah

a/n: in which tour life gets hard and all chanyeol wants is to be by his girl’s side. it was actually inspired by some personal experiences and emotions while being miles away from my loved ones for a period of time. enjoy!

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Switch Points

This is built on the assumption that Twincer exists, but Spencer, our Spencer from past seasons, is the girl at the airport, cabin, etc…

-Season 3. Spencer snapped and went over to the A team. The girl who checked out of Radley was Twincer

-Dollhouse. Spencer went in, Twincer came out. It took Spencer years to escape and now she’s trying to return.

-Time Jump. Twincer returned to Rosewood, Spencer is either property of the A team or returned when she got wind of what was happening. Twist within that: they were both at the school for the blind and Spencer shot Twincer or vice versa.

Other ideas?

Quite a while without posting a new Cabin Pressure inspired drawing. Although this is a little bit of a crossover! I couldn’t help it… ;-D

Aaaaahhh “Those Black & White TIMES”!!! 

…and Happy Birthday Mr. Allam! all-allam :-)