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“of course, it’s been my experience, when you hit bottom, the only place left to go is up.” 

happy 16th birthday, atlantis the lost empire!! (15th of june, 2001)


BTS Airport Fashion: Yoongi

Even though here in America it’s technically not yet, I want to wish Min Yoongi, aka Suga, aka Agust D, aka Rap God a happy birthday! Hope you had a great day and many more to come. ❤️🖤 Fighting!!

Ok, I know I already mentioned this, but I love love LOVE that this is Mello’s covert, super-secret, undercover outfit. Like a flashy leather jacket with studded embellishments, leather pants, wearing sunglasses inside an airport terminal, AND the black lipstick, I mean WOW what a guy. Mihael Keehl, everyone. Very subtle, no witnesses would remember you or be able to describe your appearance.

ALSO, side note, the fact that Mello sat on a plane from NY to Japan in leather pants is, wow, something else. Like, how long is that flight? Update: I CHECKED. It’s 14 hours, guys. Wow. I love him.

I feel like this moment doesn’t get enough love and there’s so much that happens in the 2.5 seconds.

First: Kat kissing Adena’s shoulder is the sweetest thing, and it convey’s just how happy she is in that moment with Adena

Second: Adena kissing Kat’s hand. It’s literally the only thing she can reach and in that moment she just has to kiss Kat somewhere (I totally swooned)

Finally (and My Fave): The wiggle. just look at that little wiggle, they’re already so close together yet it’s not enough, thus the wiggle to get closer and it totally melts my heart

protect louis protect louis protect louis


Off to Hong Kong from Seoul!! Look at these guys - beautiful, handsome, or otherwise fairly classic airport fashion from the dongsaengs.

Then, behold leader Gyu:

Here he is at Haneda airport, Tokyo, last night (171001).

And then he turns up this morning in Kansai airport (enroute to HK) looking great! Love this look. I’m thinking that he wants to match the others. That’s nice.

But then on closer inspection….

Photo credits:

Sungjong: romanholy93

Dongwoo: Joyful_dw

Woohyun: wh_honeytree

Sungyeol: Dalbodre0609

Myungsoo: FallinL0313

Sunggyu: douerky

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