Professional? [Cjamm]

Artist: Cjamm | Word Count: 2.737

I’m back with another scenario!:) This actually happened when I’m on the plane back to my country, and this little girl next to me was sleep talking. Hope you all enjoy this one


The café you were sitting at was dead empty, since you were lounging there at such an ungodly hour. The sky was dark with the stars and the moon lighting your way in, and the night was cold against your skin, unlike the warmth of your bed in your apartment. But you were meeting someone at 2 AM, and that someone said it was urgent, an emergency, he explained.

So here you were, sitting at a coffee shop in the middle of Seoul, at a time where the city was asleep. Time ticked by and the seconds moved, you didn’t even realize half an hour have passed ever since you arrived. Your mind was barely there, eyelids starting to drop as the sleepiness started to come back to you. The cup of coffee in front of you was already empty minutes ago, and the person you waited for have yet to arrive.

As if on cue, the bell on the door of the café chimed, and a guy with a suitcase strolled inside, effectively waking you up. You had to narrow your eyes to see the visitor’s face, since his hat was covering it. But when light landed on his face, you released the breath you were holding, your tense shoulders slumping down.

“I thought you were going to let me sleep here until morning, Jihoon.” Swings took the seat in front of you and took his hat off, flashing you a wide grin.

“I don’t think I could wait any longer to get you this gift, (Name).” You raised your eyebrows as he set his bag down, and rummaged through it, and pulling out a clear file filled with papers in it.

Swings slid the clear file across the table, and you took it with your mind filled in confusion. Carefully taking out the papers and reading it one by one, you got even more confused, as your mind can’t seem to comprehend or get any idea from the words printed on the papers.

“Why are you giving me this?” You whispered, raising your eyes to the Jihoon who was still grinning at you, when you were so sure his mood would be ruined because of the long flight he had.

“I’m offering you your new job!” Jihoon said, “I know you hate being jobless, and this job fits you anyways.” Your jaws went slack as the information escaping from his lips started to sink in.

Somehow, the cries of wanting to sleep from your mind had disappeared all of a sudden, and your mind was cheering in happiness, despite how you look so shocked on the outside. And your eyes that looked tired started to glimmer in excitement.

At least you’re not jobless anymore.

It was around 2 in the afternoon when you stepped inside of the JM building with Swings next to you. There weren’t many people around, but your eyes were wide when you finally got a look inside of the building. Somehow, the atmosphere felt different, unlike the old office you worked before. It was homey in here, something that you noted when your foot stepped inside.

“Everyone here is pretty chill, so I’m sure you won’t get into a fight and lose your job like before.” A punch landed on Swings’ arms as he was teasing you for the reason you lost your job last time.

“Shut up!” You groaned, “Just show me where he is and tell me what to do, and I’ll try my best to adapt to everything here.”

Swings was an angel for giving you this job, because you really do need money for your living. And you were going to give your best, because you didn’t want to let your friend down.

“Alright, he’s usually lounging in here-“ The door Swings was pointing at slammed open, and a guy casually walked out from the room, and do note that he was half-naked.

Your cheeks turned pink as your eyes landed on his toned body, tattoos painting his skin that made him look scary to you. But you really weren’t expecting to see this on the first day of your job, and you couldn’t help but gulp because his body looks so fine. He seemed oblivious of your presence, since he was already grinning at Swings.

Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

“There he is! Sungmin, meet (Name), she’ll be your new manager from now on.” Finally, Cjamm’s eyes met yours, and he gave you a smile, holding his hand out for a handshake.

“Stage name Cjamm, but feel free to call me Sungmin.” Maybe Cjamm have finally noticed how red your cheeks were, as he gave you a wink and walked away just like that.

Your eyes almost popped out of its place as your mouth hung down, pure shock written all over you. As Cjamm continued to walk and disappeared from your sight as he entered another room, you couldn’t help but question if this is the right job for you.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to him.” There was a pat in the back as Swings’ voice snapped you back to reality.

“Hell, I better do that fast.”

As time goes on, you surprisingly got close to Sungmin. The job wasn’t hard for you because you and Sungmin got along well, and you finally understood why Swings had offered you the job. Both of you had a few things in common, and that helped you get comfortable with him faster, and so does he.

Sungmin was an amazing person when you get used to his attitude. He was confident, and he had the skills, and he enjoyed being on stage, he was a great performer. Despite his flirty attitude at times, he was actually very kind, something that you didn’t imagine you would see from him.

And so you were with Sungmin all the time. Whenever he was making music, you were there for him, and sleeping in the studio became a normal thing for you. During concerts, interviews, and photo shoots, you were there for him when he needed to stand as a rapper. But slowly, you were also there when he was being Ryu Sungmin, just goofing around together. There was a great chemistry between you two that anyone can see, and thankfully Sungmin had made your job way better than before.

Waking up in the morning for your job felt easier. And you smiled more ever since you started the job. And somehow, you felt a very different feeling when you’re with Sungmin, and you always looked forward into meeting him.

That was when you stupidly realized that you like him. Seeing Sungmin laughing from the other side of the room caused butterflies tickling in your stomach. The subtle gestures like high-fives and a pat from the back made your heart race to the clouds. There was always a smile after you received a text from Sungmin, but you grew anxious when he doesn’t answer.

To sum it up, you fell for someone you shouldn’t have. You would have to put your heart aside, and you didn’t know if work would seem as enjoyable as before you realized this feeling.

You had to try to be professional.

Sungmin was going crazy with the way his manager was acting the past few days. You were clearly drawing a line between the two of you, and you were distant and cold now. He had guessed maybe you were in that time of the month, but could it really turn you into someone he barely knew?

The texts Sungmin sends you that doesn’t have anything work-related were replied hours later. And the smile that was usually there when he cracked a joke or just goofed around was long gone. You didn’t throw that pretty smile he loves so much, and Sungmin was fast to realize that why you were like this is because of him.

It was obvious how you smiled and laughed to others, but threw a cold glance at you.

But Sungmin needed to fix what was wrong with you, because he couldn’t seem to go much long without seeing the normal you. Not when his heart was beating way too fast when he’s with you, and now he’s close to falling into the pit of sadness.

“Hyung, I’ll sit next to (Name).” Swings nodded and took Sungmin’s passport, booking him at the window seat next to his manager.

Right now, the artists of Just Music were at the airport, getting ready for their flight to London. It was for their concert, and so all of them came to Incheon Airport. Sungmin thought that maybe this long flight would be a good opportunity to talk things out with you. Although Sungmin himself wasn’t so sure about how he’ll start the talk with you.

But as the minutes passed on, Sungmin felt jealousy build up inside of him as he watched you interact with the others, but when your eyes met his, you gave that cold stare at him again.

As you plopped yourself down to your seat, you breathed a sigh of relief. You felt tired because you didn’t get a wink of sleep at all, and because of today’s schedule, you had to be at the JM building in the morning. The plane will take off at night time, which is perfect for you to catch up on sleep. You couldn’t seem to sleep peacefully these past few days, because Sungmin occupied your mind a lot.

Just as you were going to close your eyes, a cough escaped from beside you. You recognized that voice too well that you didn’t need to turn your head and see who it was.

“Can you step out for a moment, please? I need to get to my seat.” Sungmin gave you a small smile, but you glared at him before moving out of your seat.

Sungmin didn’t really do anything wrong, he really didn’t. But you can’t seem to focus on work with these feelings, and it hurts more to know that you can’t even have him. So you drew the line between the two of you, and the smiles you used to give him were changed into cold glares from you. And when you’re starting to get a hang of things, you were going to be stuck a few hours beside him.

Just. Great.

Sungmin clearly saw the drastic change of mood in you. He bit his lips and set himself down nervously, eyes glancing towards you beside him. As you closed your eyes to try and fall asleep, you failed miserably of course, because Sungmin’s eyes were boring holes into you, and you were getting annoyed by the second.

“Can you stop staring at me, please?”

“What? Oh, right.” How Sungmin wanted to punch himself for being so stupidly obvious.

You were driving him crazy, and Sungmin knew well he wasn’t like this usually. You brought out the new side of him, completely shadowing the arrogant attitude that he displayed in public. And he felt like a wimp for not being able to confess to you. And the fact that you won’t even talk to him was making everything worse.

If only they weren’t connected because of work, maybe he could confess to you by now.

Night time falls fast, and your watch told you it was already 12 AM in South Korea. Your eyes were wide awake and your heart had been beating like crazy ever since the plane took off, because of the guy next to you. And now, you can’t seem to sleep with Sungmin’s head leaning onto your shoulder.

This bastard.

This was the closest you got to him, and you can smell his strong cologne and the warmth radiating from him. It was nice, and you feel all warm on the inside, but your mind was holding you back. Your thoughts kept on telling you that you can’t fall in love because Sungmin was the artist that you were managing, it would be unprofessional if you do so. But you can’t really deny that you already fell for him, and your heart craved to let him know how you feel.

And you were alone with your thoughts again tonight, not being able to move because you didn’t want to wake Sungmin up. He was weirdly restless today, he was twitching in nervousness, you thought. You didn’t have the heart to move so you could be comfortable.

What a wimp.

You were only able to show that you care for him when he’s unconscious. When Sungmin was wide awake, you would give him the cold shoulder, and you only acknowledged him as rapper Cjamm, not Ryu Sungmin. You really missed the time where you two would just fool around as friends, but you had to hold yourself. You had to hold your heart down.


Your heart stopped when Sungmin’s voice broke the silence, and your eyes moved towards his form beside you, and he appeared to be still asleep. But you were so sure it was his voice that had said your name. That only means one thing:

Sungmin sleep talks.

Biting your lips, you tried to hide the giggle from escaping your lips, afraid of waking everyone around you. But your heart was bursting into happiness, because Sungmin looked so cute now, and you were nervous as well, waiting if he would sleep talk again.


“What are you trying to say, Sungmin?” You whispered, fooling around while talking to his still sleeping form.

“I love you.”

What did he say?

You froze when you heard what Sungmin said. What in the world was going on his dream? You were freaking out right now. While Sungmin remained asleep even if you were twitching in your seat, his snores echoing around you. Biting your lips, you contemplated on whether you should ask him further or not. But it won’t hurt to ask, right? Sungmin seems like he’s too knocked out to wake up right now.

“Who do you love, Sungmin?” You asked, your voice whispering softly near his ear.

While waiting for his reply, your heart was doing summersaults, your mind couldn’t stop thinking about the answers he might spit out. You didn’t even know if what Sungmin said now is what he actually feels on the inside, since he was barely conscious. But you were way too curious to care, or you were too sleep-deprived to think in the right mind.

“I love you, (Name).” Sungmin murmured, and you swore your heart soared high to the sky now.

This idiot.

“I love you too, you idiot.” Moving swiftly, you laced your right hand with his left ones.

Maybe now you could sleep in peace.

Sungmin woke up feeling awfully nice unlike the past few days were it was so hard for him to open his eyes. He yawned and stretched his arms, but stopped when he saw that he wasn’t able to move his left ones. His eyes then noticed that he was holding your right ones, and Sungmin’s cheeks turned red, feeling flowers bloom in his heart.

This is way too early to feel like this.

Unfortunately, because of his movements, you slowly woke up from your deep slumber. Releasing a yawn from your lips, your eyes were met with Sungmin’s orbs, clear nervousness written all over him. And then everything that happened last night started to sink in, your cheeks turning red as well, and you quickly unlatched your fingers from his.

But Sungmin held on, and he laced your fingers with his. A smile was apparent on his lips, and he didn’t seem to mind holding hands with you.

“Your hands are super soft, (Name).”

“Oh, thank you.”

Silence fell between the two of you and you were having an internal battle in your mind, on whether you should just confess about what happened last night or not. But Sungmin seemed to be able to read your expression, and he knew that you were conflicted on the inside.

“Did anything happen last night that I ended up holding your hand?”

“Nothing weird happened, really. Just that you were being a wimp and confessed to me by sleep talking.” Sungmin chuckled and he looked a little embarrassed by what you had revealed to him.

“So is it a yes or a no?”

“Would I really accept the love of a wimp?”