RAM House: Does your home have an airplane mode?

Space Caviar & PROKOSS ask: “Does your home have an airplane mode for complete electromagnetic privacy?”

RAM House is a domestic prototype that explores the home’s response to a new definition of privacy in the age of sentient appliances and signal based communication. As the space of the home becomes saturated by “smart” devices capable of monitoring their surroundings, the role of the domestic envelope as a shield from an external gaze becomes irrelevant: it is the home itself that is observing us. The RAM House responds to this near-future scenario by proposing a space of selective electromagnetic autonomy. Wi-Fi, cellphone and other radio signals are filtered within the space’s core by various movable shields of radar-absorbent material (RAM) and faraday meshing, preventing signals from entering and—more importantly—exiting. Just as a curtain can be drawn to visually expose the domestic interior of a traditional home, panels can be slid open to allow radio waves to enter and exit, when so desired. RAM house is a proposal of cohabitation with technology other than by a constant default presence.

It’s a thought-provoking concept, following some thoughts from Rem Koolhaas who predicts that “a Faraday Cage will be a necessary component of any home – a safe room in which to retreat from digital sensing and pre-emption.”

The RAM House will be displayed at the Atelier Clerici in Milan from April 14-19.

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