airplane take off

As a child, running was glorious. Wind in your hair, tingling on your skin, billowing back your clothes. But at some point we slow down; we stop running. Why? Because we’ve learned that we’re more likely to fall if we run, and it’s not worth it.

How does an airplane take off? It needs a runway. It needs a head-start. It builds up speed and power.
When we start to grow in the Lord, the devil and our own flesh fights us, and we fall. And sometimes we wonder, why try? Is it really worth it? We’re afraid to try running, growing, by leaps and bounds because we know the higher we are, the farther we’ll fall. So the question you could ask is, is flying worth it? Is it worth that struggle just to get off the ground? “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief,“ (Proverbs 24:16, KJV). But I would ask you to take your question further, and ask isn’t God worth it? The Lover of your soul, the One that died for you, Creator of all beauty, the Giver of love, joy, and peace. He is amazing.

Starting that growth, that takeoff, is hard. The fear of falling is strong. But the running, and the flying, and yes, even the falling is worth it; because you’ll be farther than you were before, and God uses even those falls to bring about good things.

As you begin to fly, it gets easier. Not because we are stronger, but because He has already begun changing us, and we learn to rest on Him, and His Holy Spirit, who is the wind that pushes up our wings. Will you let Him lift you off the ground? Will you, not walk, but run?

Seek, chase after God, and revel in the glory of feeling Him lift you off the ground.

“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”
-Proverbs 4:18 (KJV)

- by Liz Rigby

Why did Gabriel hug Adrien? Part 1 of 2

I was watching Simon Says tonight and at the part where Gabriel hugged Adrien, I remembered how insane everyone went over it. Gabriel suddenly a caring father to his son??? Where’s the logic in that?!
Well my friends, let me shed some light on this.

Simon Says had hypnotized Gabriel, making him think he was an airplane and needed to take off, so Gabriel went to the roof to do just that.

When Simon Says is defeated, he regains his own self control just as he was about to jump off the ledge. When he realizes where he is, looks scared and nervous. If you woke up with no memory of ending up here, seeing you could’ve very well died, what would you do?

We also saw Adrien’s mother for the first time in this episode. This is very crucial to the theory as we saw her MULTIPLE times through the episode.

Now I know we rat on Gabriel for being overbearing, controlling, overprotective and neglectful. But I think he really does care for Adrien.

Think about it.
Adrien is his son and his wife is gone.

Gabriel almost died.
And even worse, he almost left his own child parentless.

Not only that, but Adrien is possibly the closest thing Gabriel will ever have to his wife, after she has disspeared.

And in the Origins Part 1, we see Hawkmoth in civilian form covered by shadows with a locket, containing a photo of Adrien’s mother. We are given the information that the ladybug and the black cat miraculous are the most powerful miraculous of all, with the power to create and the power to destroy, when combined they will have the absolute power. (My definition of this, is to have god-like abilities.)

He says he wants this absolute power. After a little more dialogue, he strokes the locket affectionately, and tells Nooroo to remind him of the powers he has obtained with the moth/butterfly miraculous again. More dialogue, he stomps his foot in frustration, rephrasing to he MUST have this absolute power. It changed from a want, to an absolute need.

All villains have a motive. Whether is be money, power, revenge, or something else more personal. Assuming here Hawkmoth is Gabriel and Adrien’s mother is in fact deceased, what would Gabriel, the man with everything, want with ultimate power?

The one the he DOESN’T have.
His wife.

Now, on with the peacock miraculous and the Agreste’s ties to it.

(Continued in Part 2)

(Part 2: Coming soon)

Now Samsung’s replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones are exploding

They were supposed to be safe, but over the past few dew days as many as five replacement Galaxy Note 7s exploded or caught fire — including one on a commercial airplane preparing to take off. Facing yet another PR disaster Samsung is taking a drastic measure to keep customers safe.

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“I hate planes.” He says it under his breath, expecting that you won’t hear. After you hand him an Americano you’d just bought at the Starbucks next to your gate, you stand quietly next to him at the airport window, looking out on the runway.

Your voice is soft when you speak, still looking out at the cold, grey day and airplanes taking off at a steep angle. “Want to join the mile high club?” The suggestion is an attempt to make him more comfortable on the plane, forget about the height at which they’re flying, allay his anxiety.

There’s barely any room to move in here and you have to bite your lip hard to keep silent and avoid unnecessary suspicion. It’s uncomfortable with your ass up on the sink ledge and your legs wrapped around his waist. Your shoe nudges against the wall with each jarring roll of his hips, his hand braced against the mirror behind your head. He pants heavily, though doesn’t make any other noises, everything else forgotten in the haze.

- Admin J

Imagine looking out of the window and while waiting your airplane to take off when you notice a tall man in a suit is putting his stuff to the compartment above your head. When he finishes and sits to the seat next to yours you see that he is Tom Hiddleston. He notices that you are looking at him and introduces himself while smiling charmingly.