airplane security

Do you stress about flying on an airplane?
Is that thought only going on in my brain.

I’d like to travel across country by train
In a sleeping car speeding through the rain

Pack my car for road trip fun and game
Or cruise across the sea, I find perfectly sane.

Something about flying so high in the sky
Makes me uneasy. Always thinking, “is this goodbye?”

anonymous asked:

Semi-urgent: Is it safe to bind while flying? Do airport security systems tend to have problems with binders? I didn't think much of it until my friend told me that I shouldn't bind on the plane because of pressure stuff and security

Kii says:

Flying with binders is fine. Wearing one through security can be a problem, because how your chest is compressed can set off the body scanners, but it depends on the scanner and the binder. This isn’t enough to stop you from flying, but they may need to do a pat-down (either full body or just your chest area).


With the fall of HYDRA and SHIELD, Washington was not the place to be. Authorities would be on high alert for anyone to do with the incident and he didn’t exactly had a clean file to present. If captured the best option he could bargain for would to be thrown into a mental health institute. It would take them years to untangle the damage HYDRA had done to his brain.

Anywhere but America seemed ideal. With a metal arm and airport security, airplane wasn’t an option so buying his way onto a ship was his way across the Atlantic. Europe was home in some sense after all the years he’d spent there during the war and after. It only seemed right to go back.

It had been a year since the fall of the helicarriers and although a free life sounded good, it was rough when you had nothing to your name, and you’d only just learnt your name. Still, he had a roof over his head and food which was more than some had. He’d learnt that the hard way, those first few months on the streets weren’t pleasant.

His life was far from quiet with the scream filled nights and paranoid days. There was always something in control, if not HYDRA it was the nightmares. He’d learnt to stay awake for a few days. Eventually he’d succumb to sleep but that would last for a few hours if he was lucky. Dreams littered with memories others couldn’t even imagine. Thankfully he’d taken the reigns back to some extent the past month or so. An improvement maybe? He wasn’t sure.

That night was like any other except the sound of footsteps caught his attention. Bucky wasn’t intending on sleeping that night and he’d spent the hours with coffee and empty notebooks. He had neighbours, but these footsteps were closer. They were inside his apartment. As an assassin you know the tricks of the trade, anyone else might not have heard the gentle creak of the floorboards in the kitchen but he did.

Calmly walking through as he peered around the wall and caught sight of the shadowed figure before hesitating. The realisation he had no need to reach around for the gun tucked in the back of his jeans. At least not yet.

“How long have you known?”

Airline Racial Profiling

Years ago, I flew El Al (the Israeli national airline) to Tel Aviv for a Birthright trip. A whole bunch of young adult Jews flying together.

El Al has check-in people who are highly trained to read body language, vocal cues and whatnot to determine whether or not you are a risk. They question you before you even approach the desk and look like they are boring into your brain with their eyes.

For Birthright trips, it is no different. They go in pretty deep trying to find out if you might not be what you say you are. If they have doubts, you are taken aside to be examined further and have your baggage searched before you can check in.

It seemed very impressive. Until I left for the gate and realized that the only people from our group who were taken aside were all the blondes and all the Jews of mixed racial background (a couple of half-Asians).


Still, El Al is widely acknowledged as the world’s most secure airline, having only ever had a single plane hijacked (which is saying something for an Israeli airline).