airplane sale


So… Like 3 days ago, I did this kind of promoting “1989” and “Out Of The Woods” thing. Y'all know that, in the song there’s this line that says “two paper airplanes flying” right? So, I made 25 paper airplanes (since Taylor will be turning 25 on December 13th) and wrote in each and one of them “Pre-Order "1989” on iTunes" and “Buy "Out Of The Woods” on iTunes" and signed with a T.S. In some of them I wrote lyrics or quoted “There’s no album like a pre-sale album” and things like that lol. It took me kind of 3 hours to make them. After I had them all ready I went to this mall and putted them in different places all over it (ex: between Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough since it’s Taylor’s favourite ice cream flavour, or in a Christmas tree since that’s Taylor’s favourite holiday, or even between some plants like the airplane isn’t out of the woods yet, get it? (Sorry I know I’m lame), next to elevator boutons…).
I personally think it was a good idea and I had so much fun putting them in different spots ya know. So… Yas, that was my adventure of the week 😳. I really hope it worked promoting “1989” even if Taylor don’t need any promotion since she’s the queen already 😏👸👑💁. @taylorswift

anonymous asked:

How does suicide squad need to earn 750 million to break even if it only cost 175 million?

‘Suicide Squad’ had an original production budget of $175million, but that doesn’t include the $100million promotion budget, plus extra costs for all the reported reshoots which likely were not budgeted for originally. So the movie cost at least $275million to make and promote, likely more. 

Most film studios only receive around 50% of total Box Office revenue. For some movies the studio keep more but for most it’s around 50%, especially Blockbusters. The other 50% goes to the theatres, international distributors, international government taxes, back-end deals for the cast, and so forth. That means if ‘Suicide Squad’ earns $600million worldwide, Warner Brothers would only receive $300million of that, which would barely cover costs to make the movie. WB need ‘Suicide Squad’ to hit around this number ($600million) to break even. 

I don’t think the $750million estimate is to break even, I think that’s the number WB need it to reach to consider it a success. With a total budget of $275million and a 50% intake rate, that means that if ‘Suicide Squad’ grosses $750million worldwide, WB would receive $100million profit from the Box Office (750/2 = 375 intake - 275 budget = 100 profit). 

Of course they still stand to make money from Bluray sales, merchandise, airplane viewings, etc but it’s small change compared to what they can make at the Box Office, and having a Box Office hit means more people are willing to buy the BluRay and merchandise.