airplane lovers

i. when someone asks me about you
I always seem to stutter.
it isn’t that my mind forgot your name,
rather it was my tongue that forgot how
familiar you taste in my mouth.

ii. I trip over myself constantly
correct whenever I say ‘boyfriend’
whenever I say 'lover’
have to remind myself that there’s an 'ex’
in the front of it
and I never understood how one tiny letter
could be so catastrophic until you

iii. we were never perfect
yet I grappled with the fictionality of
you mending all the scars they left me with
rather than leaving your own
but like it or not
we were akin to paper airplanes
flying into fire

—  there is peace in my mind, but you’re not there. Krys Kazik.

Valentine’s Day songs to fall in love to, whether your enjoy rock, punk, oldies, or indie.

❤ The Mountain Goats - Orange Ball of Love ❤ The Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend ❤ Be My Doppelganger - Turning Seventeen ❤ Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want is You ❤ Andrew Jackson Jihad - Love Will Fuck Us Apart ❤ Arctic Monkeys - 505 ❤ Pixies - La La Love You ❤ Cat Power - Sea of Love ❤ The Beatles - Till There Was You ❤ Team Dresch - Take On Me ❤ Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You in the End ❤ Andrew Sisters - Bei Mir Bist Du Schon ❤ The Electric Prunes - I Happen to Love You ❤ Black Flag - I Love You ❤ Chris Cappello - O Caroline ❤ Lou Reed - Perfect Day ❤ The Cure - Love Song ❤ Blondie - I’m Gonna Love You Too ❤ The Dazes - Be My Popsicle ❤ Beachwood Sparks - By Your Side ❤ The Dixie Cups - Chapel of Love ❤ Foo Fighters - Everlong ❤ The Animals - I’m in Love Again ❤ Foxboro Hot Tubs - Mother Mary ❤ Descendents - Nothing With You ❤ The Gun Club - She’s Like Heroin to Me ❤ The Kinks - You Really Got Me ❤ Green Day - Going to Pasalacqua ❤ The Ink Spots - I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire ❤ The Ronettes - Be My Baby ❤ Grouplove - Love Will Save Your Soul ❤ The Bravery - Ours ❤ The Raincoats - Lola ❤ Herman’s Hermits - I’m Into Something Good ❤ Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender ❤ Jefferson Airplane - Plastic Fantastic Lover ❤ Fifth Column - Your Love Glows in the Dark ❤ Green Day - When It’s Time ❤ The Frustrators - Prettiest Girl ❤ L7 - Hanging on the Telephone ❤ Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into the Dark ❤ The Chiffons - He’s So Fine ❤ The La’s - There She Goes Again ❤ The Network - Roshambo ❤ Pains of Being Pure At Heart - This Love is Fucking Right! ❤ Mazzy Star - Fade Into You ❤ The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet ❤ Foster the People - Waste ❤ Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - I Love, You Love, Me Love ❤ Mr. T Experience - I Fell For You ❤ Social Distortion - Ring of Fire ❤ Billie Holiday - You’re My Thrill ❤ Muse - Resistance ❤ Richard Hell & the Voidoids - I’m Your Man ❤ Cream - Sunshine of Your Love ❤ The Milkshakes - Let Me Love You ❤ The Vandals - If the Gov’t Could Read My Mind ❤ Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - …If I Had a Gun ❤ The Primitives - I’ll Stick With You ❤ The Sonics - Have Love, Will Travel ❤ The Queers - Today I Fell in Love ❤ Naked and Famous - Girls Like You ❤ REO Speedwagon - Can’t Fight This Feeling ❤ The Vibrators - Baby, Baby ❤ The Zombies - You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me ❤ The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl ❤ Richard Hawley - Baby You’re My Light ❤ The Runaways - Eight Days a Week ❤ Lipstick Homicide & Billy Raygun - Prom ❤ Screaming Trees - Look At You ❤ Weezer - Falling for You ❤ Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life ❤ The Clash - Lover’s Rock ❤ Andrew Jackson Jihad - I Love You ❤ The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes ❤

listen to here x

credit for photo: Stanley Kubrick, circa ‘46


The most IMPORTANT lyrics to Taylor Swift’s new song (about Harry Styles) "Out Of The Woods" is: 

The rest of the world was black and white
But we were in screaming color

Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we in the clear yet?

Last December, we were built to fall apart
Your necklace hanging from my neck

Remember when we couldn’t take the heat
I walked out, I said “I’m setting you free”
But the monsters turned out to be just trees

Full Song Link:


But think about it…

It is about Harry Styles because she references “Last December!” and “Your necklace hanging from my neck!” (the paper airplane necklace)

..However, this relationship was said to be a PUBLICITY STUNT to COVER UP the LARRY rumors that were flying around at the time (2012-2013)..and from the lyrics you can see why…

“Last December, we were built to fall apart!” - meaning that Taylor and Harry could of been put together by each of their management teams and because of this they knew they were going to fall apart in the end.

THIS CONNECTS TO LARRY because “The rest of the world was black and white, but we were screaming in COLOR!”- This can be interpreted in many different ways; but think about this. 
-Gay pride is usually represented with rainbows (different colors) and Harry has been seen giving thumbs up to rainbow flags and other pride signs in interviews and concerts. So why is Taylor referencing this here.

“Are we out of the woods yet, are we in the clear yet!”- this can also mean many things. But what about this, is Harry out of the woods yet, has Modest Management given him permission to be in the clear yet; as in has Modest allowed Harry to come out of the “woods” yet?

“I walked out, I said ‘I’m setting you free!’, but the monsters turned out…!”-  What if in this “relationship” both Taylor and Harry were helping each other with something and Taylor decided to advise Harry to be free and be himself since he could not take the heat anymore, but when he was about to, Modest Management (“the monsters”) turned out to set things straight.

…Also, it has been said that the paper airplane necklace Taylor was seen wearing was believed to be Harry’s but it was NOT. This is because apparently, the necklaces face two different directions and Harry’s is said to have a wider gap than Taylor’s. The part where the necklace connects to the chain is a DIAMOND shape on Taylor’s and it is ROUND on Harry’s…

Also, it was exactly around this time Louis got his Airplane tattoo tattooed on him (bottom picture). The airplane tattooed on him faces the same directions as Harry's necklace. 

Well, Ladies and Gents, what do you think???