airplane lavatory

I only came for the dancing

Inspired by a day-in-the-fic-life of the lovelies @mahstatins and @katie-dubHuge thanks to @swanandapirate for beta-ing <3

Summary: It’s Robin and Regina’s wedding; Killian is late, Emma’s not happy and Henry likes cake. Enjoy! 

Word count: 2k 

There were a lot of advantages, Emma would argue, to being Regina Mills’ friend.

The lavish dinner parties with the expensive champagne notwithstanding, Emma had come to admire Regina for her determination; building her own empire in a male-dominated world.

Though admittedly, “friend” was a term Emma used in the loosest sense. The two women couldn’t be more different, though they both had a stubborn streak that could rival the best of them.

And then, there was Henry. The main force keeping the Mills and Swan women in each other’s lives but Emma had to admit, there was a sense of comradeship which had developed from a mutual fondness for Henry.

It still didn’t explain why Regina had given Emma the enviable task of bridesmaid.

And that was something none of them saw coming. Regina Mills marrying Robin Locksley, the person she’d swore up and down she wouldn’t be within spitting distance of.

C'est la vie, no?

Robin had proposed, Regina accepted and Emma found herself thrown head first into wedding planning. Seven months, a whirlwind of white dresses, cake tasting, flower arrangements, the hen-do from hell and Emma was ready to fling herself off the window ledge, stiletto heels and all.

Not to toot her own horn, but she had the wedding planned to a T, thank you very much. Regina would’ve had her head otherwise. (There was that one incident with a broken ankle and a missed dress-fitting that no-one wanted a repeat of.)

No, that wasn’t the reason why Emma felt like pulling her hair out.

It was more to do with the fact that tall, dark and absent hadn’t graced the congregation with his presence, leaving Emma floundering last minute and cursing Killian Jones to the moon and back.

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Mile High Club

Rating: PG-13 

Warnings: Mentions of sex? Very very little, tho, not at all explicit in any way. (that’s why the rating’s so low, it’s …)

According to Woohyun, Kibum is one of those horrible people that sends contradicting signals all the time. Kibum usually agrees with him.

Right now he’s sitting in his seat on row 15 in the plane on his way to Los Angeles while he observes those who are still boarding. He’s silently judging the old lady and the overweight man and praying that they are going to pass him.

Kibum usually has the window seat when he flies so he can pretend he looks out the window or sleeps and doesn’t have to talk to his seat mate but whenever an attractive person passes him, Kibum can’t help but silently hope they will sit next to him anyway.

Like the man that just entered the airplane and is slowly moving towards him. He’s a little small, but his shoulders are wide and they weirdly enough match his slim waist. He has ash-blonde hair and sharp facial features, but he’s so awfully cute that Kibum almost holds his breath when he stops in front of row 15 to look at the numbers, only to pass Kibum and continue down the aisle.

Kibum sighs a little and glares at a mother with a child. Not here, he prays but the too pass him.

Kibum’s interest is awakened again when a skinny man boards the plane. He’s dressed casually, but his clothes look good on him, even if they shouldn’t. He looks like a lost child but despite the soft cheeks, Kibum can see that there is something hidden behind him. He would be interesting to get to know. But he, too, passes row 15 and Kibum sighs.

He still doesn’t have a seat mate and while 98 % of the people that has passed him so far are people Kibum doesn’t want to sit beside, he can still hope. There aren’t a lot of people left, Kibum recognises how the flow slows down as people gets seated in the large airplane that will take them across the pacific ocean.

The next person that catches his attention is a tall man with a wide smile and an aura that shines through the entire plane. Unfortunately for Kibum, he places himself in a seat two rows in front of Kibum. Kibum is starting to accept that he isn’t going to have a seat mate and while he definitely thinks it’s a loss he can’t sit next to the three people he has an interest in, he guesses it’s better than sitting next to any other passenger.

He turns his head and looks out the window while he leans back into his seat.

Then someone scrambles next to him and then plops down in the seat. Kibum doesn’t expect too much when he turns his head to look at his seat mate that is late but when he finally takes a look at him, he’s unable to say anything.

The stranger has curly, brown hair. He’s skinny but muscular if what’s beneath his long-sleeved shirt says anything. His fingers are has a certain clumsy elegance as he buckles the belt. His eyes are dark brown and captivating in a way Kibum has never seen eyes be. His lips are pink and soft with no cracks and when he breaks out into a smile, Kibum feels absolutely blinded.

Right next to him sits the most gorgeous man he has ever seen in his life and Kibum can’t believe he’s real.

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So I’m in the airplane lavatory, minding my own beeswax, when the flight attendant gets on the intercom, and she’s all, “Yeah, the captain is, like, sayin’ we’re hittin’ a patch of turbulence and stuff, so maybe y'all wanna sit down and buckle up and/or whatevs.”

And I’m all, Oh no you bettah don’t!!! And then I get tossed around a bit in the airplane lavatory, but not so badly that I couldn’t take a pic to document the situation, obvs.