airplane (that one's for you will)

Relationships are like flights and people are like airplanes and sometimes it’s so smooth and there’s a great movie on and sometimes there’s turbulence and you have a middle seat and sometimes the plane malfunctions and decides no one’s making it out of this flight alive and that might not even actually be on purpose. But the point of this was that if relationships are like flights and people are like airplanes, you’re the tornado that came by and destroyed the entire airport before the flight even took off.

a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety

the signs as skies
  • Aries: Fiery, passionate red sunset with yellow clouds. Looks like the world is going to end.
  • Taurus: Sunrises, pinkish-orange with loose clouds, that look like a painting.
  • Gemini: Peaceful, white snowy skies in the mornings, where you can see all the stars.
  • Cancer: the sky at noon, bluest sky with animated, puffy clouds. Filled with trails of departing airplanes.
  • Leo: The sky right before night fall. Dusk. Purple sky that forcefully merges into pink.
  • Virgo: Very pale, frisky morning sky. Splattered layers of clouds that mix into pale yellow.
  • Libra: Clear, blue sky with the
  • Scorpio: strange purple apocalyptic sky with swooshed cloud. Looks like the sky is going to fall.
  • Sagittarius: Pink, hazy mist in the morning sky. The clouds all seem to to be pulled towards one spot.
  • Capricorn: Empty, dark grey sky at 12 a.m where you can see all the stars and the moon radiating.
  • Aquarius: the sky in the north, where you can see the aurora borealis hanging above in the sky
  • Pisces: Bright blue sky which gradually turns into pink, then orange and then red. Heavy purple clouds.
the signs as words
  • aries: temul (mongolian) - (v.) signifies a sense of creativity and passion; to rush headlong, to be inspired, to have creative thoughts, and even to take a flight of fancy
  • taurus: promaja (serbian) - (n.) the wind flet when standing between two windows left opened
  • gemini: donaldkacsázás (hungarian) - (v.) lit. "donald ducking"; wandering around the house while wearing only a shirt and no trousers or underpants
  • cancer: querencia (spanish) - (n.) a place from which one's strenght is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self
  • leo: sillage (french) - (n.) the "wake" or the trail left in the sky by an airplane or on the water by a boat; the trace of someone's perfume; the scent that lingers in the air after something or someone has been there before you and gone
  • virgo: onsra (boro {india}) - (v.) to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing that a love won't last
  • libra: shinrin-yoku (japanese) - (n.) a visit to the forest for relaxation, a change to stroll through nature and take in the atmosphere for one's well being.
  • scorpio: fensterln (german) - (v.) climbing through the bedroom window secretly in the night to woo their sweethearts or pursue amorous desires
  • sagittarius: ujut (bulgarian/russian) - (n.) a moment where one is in peace, cozy, relaxed and at ease with one's self or being with friends experiencing belongingness and acceptance
  • capricorn: finifugal (english) - (adj.) hating endings; of someone who tries to avoid or prolong the final moment of a story, relationship or some other journey
  • aquarius: wispelturig (dutch) - (adj.) quick to change one's mind and feelings; marked by impulsiveness and unpredictability in behavior, decision or affection
  • pisces: ilunga (tshiluba) - (n.) a person who is ready to forgive and forget any abuse for the first time, tolerate it the second time, but never on the third offense
  • *inspired by wordstuck posts
Unusual Song Lyrics for the Signs
  • Aries: "Show me someone who says they've got no baggage, I'll show you somebody whose got no story, nothing gory means no glory but baby please don't bore me" (Sloppy Seconds, Watsky)
  • Taurus: "I'm a princess, cut from marble smoother than stone, and the scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold" (Yellow Flicker Beat, Lorde)
  • Gemini: "One more sad movie star divorce, three hundred died in an airplane wreck and you think of all the people suffering and you bury that pain, but you can tell me everything, and we’ll ride on that wave" (King of the world, Weezer)
  • Cancer: "And I know what it feels like, what it feels like being alone. You let them take, you let them take you home, and I know what it feels like to wanna be held, you get so tired, you get so tired of being cold" (Fragile, Rozes)
  • Leo: "This chest is full of memories of gold and silver tears. I'll give you more to own than all of this, I'll give you more than years" (Slow Your Breath Down, Future of Forestry)
  • Virgo: "So what are you waiting for, cuz someone could love you more, I'm just a lost boy" (Lost Boy, Troye Sivan)
  • Libra: "When I wake up, the dream isn't done. I wanna see your face and know I've made it home" (Painting Flowers, All Time Low)
  • Scorpio: "I feel like I could die beside you, with anyone else it's not the same. And I would do anything to last, when you undo my belt, I melt" (Melt, Heyrocco)
  • Sagittarius: "I can't keep my feet up off the edge, I kinda like the feeling of standing close to death, like when you're driving me crazy" (After Midnight, Blink 182)
  • Capricorn: "Gave you a minute when you needed an hour. Chose to push it aside instead of leaving behind you. If any word that I said could've made you forget I would have given you them all, but it was all in your head" (Bridges, Broods)
  • Aquarius: "Give me a pen, call me Mr. Benzedrine, but don't call the doctor, I wanna blow off steam" (20 Dollar Nose Bleed, Fall Out Boy)
  • Pisces: "Please use discretion when you're messing with the message man, these lyrics aren't for everyone only if you understand" (Message Man, twenty one pilots)

Sirius takes Muggle Studies starting in third year to annoy his family. At first he plans on only taking it the one year before switching, but it grips his attention and won’t let go. Learning about muggle medical science, electricity, airplanes, the space race… every new topic felt like a new discovery.

It’s at the end of fifth year that the professor offers an extra credit project. Find something muggle that interests you and document your findings. Sirius feels stuck until halfway through summer holiday when he spots the bare bones of a motorcycle about to be hauled off.

At first his focus is figuring out what kind of bike it is (a 1946 Triumph 3T) and how to identify parts, but it quickly turns into a full restoration. The summer was spent mostly with James as they searched junkyards for missing parts, several times one repair leading to something else breaking and Sirius swearing up a storm. By the time school starts again he has 3.5 feet of parchment written front and back.

Two weeks before seventh year starts Sirius finally has it fully restored, crowing with joy as he rides down long stretches of empty road, already planning on what charms he could add to make it run better or make parts last longer.

It’s when Gryffindor wins the quidditch cup that year that sirius begins wondering what it would take to make the thing fly.

Go. See the things. Risk the flight delays and worn out mornings and hours spent on airport floors. See the things you didn’t think you would, the elusive items that always sink lower on your bucket list. Get up and pack a bag, say Yes more and use your feet. We get one shot at this in these skin suits, with these eyes, then it all changes, again. Go. See the things.

You don’t love girls on the playground, or long for them from afar.
Instead you stay inside with the teacher and build card castles from an incomplete deck and wish that you had blonde hair and aeropostale sweaters

You don’t love girls in middle school. You don’t love anyone for that matter, especially yourself. You think of boys destroying you and call it love. And when that fails, you destroy yourself slowly and invisibly. No one notices.

You don’t love girls when you finally get to high school. You don’t know anyone and don’t want to. You excel and you strive and your words are so sharp and sure no one questions anything you do. You still haven’t gotten used to being lonely and you suffocate on your thoughts.

You meet a girl halfway through your freshman year and you don’t love girls, especially that one. You wish you could say she wasn’t like the sun or the endless depth of the ocean or a city at night viewed from an airplane or the cup of coffee that revives you in the dead of winter at 4 am while you’re buried in textbooks. You wish you could say she wasn’t every cliched word spilled from the pen of an amateur poet’s bleeding heart because you don’t love girls. You don’t love girls. You don’t love girls. You can’t love girls. Not this girl, not the best and only friend you’ve ever had. Your faux confidence compliments her Libra sensibilities, You are passionate, while she is kind. She is made from the things you lack, and she is built to break your heart in the worst way possible. And you know she loves you, everyone does. In the end, you can’t say no to the words she never asked. You give in to her but you still don’t love girls.

You kiss her and you love her so much you forget to hate yourself. You love her more than this life and whatever comes after and if the sun exploded today you would fight it just to preserve this feeling. You would denounce any philosophical ideology, personal belief, or relationship to hold her. You don’t realize it in time. You don’t realize you love girls until the girl you claimed you didn’t love left you. You see your love for girls at the bottom of a bottle and the burning embers of a joint. You see it when you push your bed against the wall so you don’t have to look at the side that she use to sleep on. You see it when you sob for Orlando and also when you attend your first Pride. You love girls, because it wouldn’t hurt this much if you didn’t.

You love girls, you know you do. Not because you’ve known since you wore light up sneakers and had gaps in your teeth. Not because you dress like a tomboy and later like a frat boi even though you have long, beautiful hair. You love girls because you have suffered and loved and lost. You love girls enough to write shitty poems about the girl that enlightened and left you. You love girls and wait for the day they love you too.

—  what i learned in the years before i knew i was gay

I love how the “s” in “sorry” got folded in so now it just looks like I’m wearing a shirt that says “I’m not orry" 

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anonymous asked:

Hi hi! I was wondering if you could do/have done a list of counters. I know the basic ones such as 멈, 개, 병, 권 but I know there are a ton more. THANK YOU!

List of Counters in Korean:

  • 개  Most items, small objects, ‘things’ in general
  • 분  People (honorific)
  • 명  People (informal)
  • 척  Boats and ships
  • 채 Houses 
  • 대  Vehicles (cars, airplanes) and machinery (incl. computers)
  • 단  A column (in a newspaper)
  • 동 Buildings
  • 그루  Trees
  • 과  Lessons (if paired with Sino-Korean numeral, lesson number)
  • 권  Books
  • 장  Paper
  • 자루  Things with long handles (writing instruments, shovels, swords, and rifles), and by extension, knives and pistols
  • 줄 Things aligned in a row (desks, chairs) 
  • 필 Uncut fabric, horses, cows
  • 포기  Chinese cabbages
  • 푼  Pennies
  • 살  Years
  • 톨  Grains of rice (not cooked), stones 
  • 통  Letters, telegrams, telephone calls, and e-mail tong 
  • 점  Paintings, sliced or ripped off flesh, small amount of something (cloud, wind)
  • 벌   Items of clothing
  • 잔  Cups and glasses, [drinks]
  • 마리  Animals
  • 송이   Flowers, (bunch) of bananas, (bunch) of grapes
  • 켤레   Gloves, socks, shoes (a pair)
  • 병   Bottles
  • 층 Floors (of a building), layers
  • 그릇 Bowls
  • 곡 Songs, music pieces 
  • 마디 Phrases, joints, and musical measures
  • 도 Degrees (temperature)

That’s not ALL of them, but it is a lot, so I’ll leave it there. If there are any mistakes or other counters you can think of adding, please let me know - I rushed this post together so I’ll make the appropriate changes as soon as I can :3

Enjoy making decisions. You must know that in any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever: the very next person you stand behind in line or sit next to on an airplane, the very next phone call you make or receive, the very next movie you see or book you read or page you turn could be the one single thing that causes the floodgates to open, and all of the things that you’ve been waiting for to fall into place. If you really want your life to be passionate, you need to live with this attitude of expectancy.

how tøp got their name.

“we’ve always been intentional about every aspect of the band, especially the band name.
i was studying a play, in that play, someone made a decision to send out faulty airplane parts and twenty one pilots died.
he tries to justify why, he ends up committing suicide at the end of the play.
it’s a constant reminder that you have to make the right decision, even though it may be the hard decision.

my mom always told me
“you just gotta do what you don’t feel like doing.”

that’s just something we live by.”
- tyler joseph, november 2012

Troubled Flight
Seth Rollins x reader

They’re going to Europe with WWE and they have sex in the airplane, because they need to be entertained in that looooong trip.


#15 “I don’t know if you know how the silent treatment works, but laughing at my awesome jokes defeats the purpose.” Seth Rollins

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I actually forgot to come up with a title for this one and scheduled it anyway. OOPS.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 2,676
Summary: You can sleep through anything, literally anything, except for the banging of your neighbour’s pipes when they decide to shower at three in the morning. You decide to say something, and well, it doesn’t necessarily go as planned.
Warnings: language, alcohol, Steve Rogers in only a towel
Author’s Note: This is based on the prompt: I SWEAR to GOD if I hear you showering at THREE IN THE MORNING again, I will seriously fight you, the pipes in this building are RIGHT above my bedroom, WHY are you taking showers at THREE AM. As always, it’s for @rogersxbarnesx who can see herself dreaming about the Avengers fighting crime in terrycloth.

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You’re usually a heavy sleeper. You’ve slept through thunderstorms, house parties, neighbours yelling at all hours of the night, and even a tornado that one time. You’ve slept through screaming babies on airplanes and your old roommate’s extremely loud sex noises. You pride yourself on being able to sleep through anything, but you can’t sleep through this. You can’t sleep through these fucking pipes.

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First Interactions Meme


Send ✗ for my muse to come to yours out of concern for a mutual friend
Send ♧ for my muse to meet yours at a mutual friend’s birthday party
Send ☺ for our muses to strike up a conversation on an airplane or boat
Send ☂ for my muse to find yours injured and offer their assistance
Send ☼ for our muses to meet when their pets take a liking to one another
Send © for our muses to meet at work as colleagues for the first time
Send ♔ for my muse to meet their new boss - who happens to be your muse!
Send ♫ for my muse to meet yours in a bar
Send ♤ for our muses to be assigned as partners for a mission
Send ღ for my muse to offer yours a compliment as they pass eachother.

(Add ‘reverse’ for our muses’ positions to be switched, where applicable)


“Hey! Hey you, I need your help!”
“Have you seen my dog/cat/pet? Would it help if I showed you a picture?”
“Oh, you know (other muse) too?”
“It’s good to meet you. (Muse) never stops talking about you.”
“Can I have your number?”
“Uh, not to be rude, but we literally just met.”
“Hey, is this person bothering you?”
“Sorry to bother you, but are you okay?”
“You look a little lost. Need help?”
“Here, you can borrow my phone.”