I really missed this.

Not that the addicting noises of the PT6 weren’t addictive enough… but the sound of the Continental IO-520BB has always hit that special auditory “spot” that just makes me happy.  Especially at start, when it lopes and stumbles as it warms, and eventually mellows out to a smooth gait.  It’s similar to (not quite as good as) a radial, but without the smoke blowing shenanigans.

I had definitely underestimated what it would be like to go from 10,000lb airplanes back down to 3,000lb airplanes though.  Holy light control forces batman. 

It’s sort of reignited my spark for training.  I’m ready to get my CFI done, to teach others how to fly and love the sky.  It’s a little like cocaine.

I just went there.

But still.  Seriously.  I can’t imagine having a job where I didn’t wake up in the morning and walk out to a magical machine that soars with the birds. Really people.  We’re flying!  THAT’S AWESOME!

….and I’m out of coffee again.  Drat.