Stranger Tides|| Airn x Lara

Lara looked at their boarders with vague annoyance. The wind whipped her dark curls about her face and she sighed as she waved down her bodyguards, her white gown fluttering about her like sea foam. Her eyes flashed silver. Fomoire. 

It had been a leisure cruise, well as far as her cruises were ever for leisure. Just a few guests, a couple of her sisters, and the security. Still, she was all for the the talk first and shoot second version of life. She also had no illusions about her beauty. It was her supernatural gift. It usually gained her a second glance before anyone was willing to harm her. So she stood on the deck and waited like an icy queen for someone to explain what the hell was going on. 


anonymous asked:

(If you like Harry Potter at all) would you be so willing as to tell us what Hogwarts house, wand, and patronus that Airn would have? And maybe what house he'd be in for the american school?

-lies down-

I’m sorry, friend, but I have only the very base movie knowledge of Harry Potter. I’m dead sure Airn would be Gryffindor but THERE’S AMERICAN HOUSES? wtf seriously

And the patronus is like ur guardian spirit, right? I’ve always thought of him as some sort of pack predator and a wolf’s the easiest for that. Soooo yes. A wolf.

Absolutely zero clue on wand shit. A quick google search got me Pottermore’s rundown of wand cores and wood types? If that’s all there is to it (and just from my VERY brief read over of the articles) I’d say he’d have a dragon-heartstring-cored red oak wand.

If there’s any Potterheads reading this who’d like to weigh in, please do! It’s a fun universe, I’ve gotta say. So much personalization and classification. If I wasn’t so completely inept with it, I’d like an AU, but thank you for the unique question, anon! I think you win for making me think the most about an answer before I gave it XD