Faerie Ransoms || Airn x Amanda


Willful. She knew of Faerie but expected a straight answer. Airn’s grin widened. “Apologies, m’lady, for the misunderstanding.”

Even though he apologized his grin and obvious amusement at the whole thing made her think the exact opposite of him. She doubted that he was sorry at all. Amanda brought in a deep breath of air before she looked away from him for the first time since they started talking. She took in her immediate surroundings, anyone else there, and looked for anything that looked familiar. 

A moment more and then she looked back at Airn. She hugged the cloth that had been wrapped around her shoulders tight, brushing wet hair out her face. “Am I guessing right that your belief in thinking you can take what ever you want, is going to completely ignore my desire to go home?”

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"Dad. I did some research and as it turns out.. I'm actually... Mom's and... Toma's.." (Aphrodite)

“as in my brother Toma!! i guess it makes alot of sense but how, when did your mom meet my brother, i had a gut feeling you weren’t my daughter by blood but I had no idea my feeling was right……….. either way I don’t care in the end I raised you as my own so to me your still my daughter even if we airn’t blood related, Ryuzaki must of been drunk when it happened then”

{tales} Welcome Home

When Airn had rescued the creature now named Jeska, the fuzzy stubby clumsy thing had been the length of his arm and the weight of a Fomoiri toddler and seemed to grow by the day. The voyage back to Mag Mell had been a joyous one. Airn kept the wobbly cub confined to his cabin and Jeska seemed pleased with this domain. Having been snatched from a vast and lonely place, he warmed instantly to this cozy space and the strange tall un-fuzzy thing who’d picked him up and carried him away. He ate twice as much as the largest sailor, and bounded around the captain’s cabin and across his bed, snuggling up at night, playing ambush with the captain’s boots at all hours.

Though the voyage was a long one, the step between a secluded but noisy place and an open, larger space seemed too big to jump for the cub. Jeska’s mischievous antics withdrew into flat ears and low body posture. Even his fur seemed duller, no more shimmering in the light. He dodged hands reaching out for pets and at any opportunity—meaning when Airn hadn’t picked him up—he’d bolt and hide under beds and other furniture, making strange trilling noises that escalated in pitch when anyone bent down to peek at him.

It took many weeks but eventually, after long hours of tempting with food and soft noises, and then even longer hours of sitting very still and letting the oversized kitten creep out of hiding to investigate on his own, Airn found a sort of balance with his newest pet and the household followed suit. It wasn’t long before the oversized housecat was back to playing ambush, this time with people’s feet as they walked past tables or around piles of cushions.

And by Balor did he grow. Yet even when his shoulders were at level with Airn’s knee, he still moved like a newborn: waddling around, wavering unsteadily, falling, occasionally picking up too much speed on the manor’s marble floors and skidding, sliding, yelping into a wall.

Airn bought and scattered a lot of rugs after bringing Jeska home.

Though they’d made leaps and bounds in progress, the little thing hadn’t quite worked out yet when Airn would like alone time with whomever was moaning in his bed. More than once he’d had the lust startled right out of him when a sixty-pound kitten landed on his back or his feet.

But he loved the little orphan creature. Immediately, on sight, and then with increasing intensity as Jeska slowly but surely made himself a fixture in the household. The worried soft trilling noises turned to pleased chuffing and headbutts, along with a fair few rumbling purrs when stroking hands hit the right rhythm. He gnawed on those hands as well, but never to draw blood. Still, his jaws were strong and even Airn had bruises.

When his coat began to shine again, Airn brought the cub to the beach.

Thankfully only children were brave enough to approach as they seemed to not startle Jeska as much as adults. Probably something to do with being closer to him in size, though the little ones could definitely still ride him if he’d allow it. Or maybe Jeska simply recognized other cubs. Either way, he stayed still for the awed coos and only yowled a little when his tail was pulled. He even gave second chances to ear-yanking hands eager to touch the shining soft coat and the little fuzz-covered horns and the strange feathered plumage under his chin. Gone was the skittish kitten, no longer withdrawn and small but preening and pouncing, headbutting small backs for more attention, rolling around on the sand, batting large paws at his new friends with claws retracted.

The water, he seemed less excited for.

They played tag and retreat with the surf for nearly an hour, Airn jogging alongside him and laughing every time the cub startled and bounded back away from the froth. Every single time. The children thought it a hysterical game at first, but eventually grew bored and wandered off.

Jeska was too fascinated, too far into play-ambush to follow them. He tried a more cautious approach, lowering onto his belly, wiggling forward as though he could sneak up on the sea. As though he stalked through vegetation instead of dragging a trench over sand. Airn laughed at this as well, though he laid down right beside him, pulling his own weight forward on his elbows and knees. This strategy, too, ended in a yelp and panicked fleeing.

“Come on!”

Laughing the words, Airn pushed to his knees and remained there, unaffected by the next wave that crashed up against his back and frothed around him. Jeska blinked, suspicious, bounced on his back paws, and made that anxious agitated trilling noise as he hadn’t for weeks. Airn beckoned at him, whistled and cajoled. Jeska lowered his head to his front paws, haunches raised in the air and wiggling with every lash of his tail. He made a sound like whining, pounced forward, and then scattered back again.

Airn chuckled, and on the next wave splashed some of the sea up at the stubborn cat. Jeska yowled and hissed, bolting back further. Fur and feathers puffed to make him larger, and he made a new kind of clicking sound. A brief spark of cyan blue sparkled along the swirling stripes on his coat. Airn laughed harder, but shook his head.

“It’s just water, baby. There’s nothing to fear, I swear it.”

He stood from the sea, trekking up toward his cowering pet and dropped to a squat a good dozen feet away, respectful of the wariness in every shivering line of the cub’s body.

“Just like the baths, only bigger. Saltier. You like the bath, aye? C'mere.”

He held out his arms and waited until his legs began to ache, calling on the patience that had him sleeping on marble floors not so long ago on the off chance a sleek junglecat kitten would creep out of hiding to investigate. Strange. He never waited for anything in life but the affection of those he loved.

Jeska eventually crawled toward him, sniffed and licked at the saltwater on his fingers, then butted his head against his knee with a short vibrating purr. Airn scooped the cub up carefully, crooning and shushing as he turned back for the water.

The cub made the same trilling noise in his chest cavity that Airn was fairly sure now was meant to be some sort of threat gesture. Maybe when he got bigger, it’d be scarier, but now it just made him sound pitiful and scared. Airn stroked over the gleaming coat and kissed his nose.

“You know this whole place is surrounded by water. You can’t get away from it.”

Jeska looked back into his eyes with a strange intelligence that made Airn pause with just his feet in the surf. For a moment they studied each other, baby and adult, divided by species but joined as orphans. Abandoned by the world until someone thought it worth their time to pick them up. Then Jeska craned his neck to look at the water below him and yowled pitifully.

Airn laughed. “I’ll not take no for an answer. Come on. We’ll go slow. I’ll be right with you.”

And they did, Airn walking into the waves with an easy, lazy stride. Jeska climbing him for higher and higher ground with a similar easiness and the occasional warning snap at higher waves. But when the water lapped at Airn’s shoulders and Jeska’s paws and the grip of tiny claws on his head proved problematic, the pirate lord carefully pried his pet off and slipped him into the water.

Jeska whined like he had at the beginning, paddling frantically, trying in vain to climb back atop Airn’s head where the sea couldn’t get him. Airn easily maneuvered just out of range, but did not leave him alone.

“There, see? It’s not so bad.”

He could’ve sworn the cub actually absorbed his words and considered them. Jeska’s ears pricked up, outmatching his baby horns in terms of height, and he paddled around in a curious circle. Briefly startled by his half-submerged tail, he nearly chomped on it to Airn’s delight. The attempt still got him a nose- and mouthful of saltwater and he sneezed mightily.

“Here, Jeska. Look at me.”

The kitten did, after a moment and a few more whistles and circles in the water, still in the process of learning his name. Airn took a deep obvious breath and ducked under the water. Above him, he saw deftly paddling paws the size of his palm and a swishing tail and then—a snout and eyes peering down at him. Bubbles erupted from the kitten’s mouth and the face disappeared above again. Airn came up laughing, grabbing his pet and heading for shore as the poor thing coughed and sneezed.

When they reached shallows again where Jeska could touch land, Airn expected another bolting retreat inland. But the cub only bounded away a bit, shook himself violently, blinked at his rescuer, sneezed again, and ran back toward the surf. The charge was sloppy and he stumbled and faceplanted into the water and Airn almost choked on a snort, falling back onto wet sand to laugh from his gut. He could hear Jeska splashing and sneezing and making that clicking noise at the water. Sitting up a bit he watched the big kitten bat his big clumsy paw at the seafoam like it were a bad playmate.

They spent the rest of the day there, at the edge of the beautiful ocean, darting in for longer and longer stretches of time before bolting back out. The children returned at some point, overjoyed when Jeska chased them along the tideline, splashing through pools and kicking up sand. The day passed quick and eventually happy exhaustion and hunger drove Airn from the beach. He called for Jeska, but the kitten hesitated, blinking at him.

“Come on.” Airn jerked his head with a click of his tongue. “What? Now you don’t want to leave?”

Jeska looked between him and the gentle sea, the lapping waves, the light of sunset bathing the water bronze. Most of the children had gone. Jeska tried a few more playful bounds, looking back at Airn hopefully. The pirate laughed.

“We’ll come back tomorrow, how’s that?”

Again, that strange flicker of understanding and consideration in purple eyes. The cub performed one more back-and-forth glance, then seemed to decide his friend was more important than the fun of the water and trotted to follow. Airn bent to scritch behind his horns, smiling at the rumbling low trill that edged his fingers like a purr.

“I knew you’d like it.”