Stranger Tides|| Airn x Lara

Lara looked at their boarders with vague annoyance. The wind whipped her dark curls about her face and she sighed as she waved down her bodyguards, her white gown fluttering about her like sea foam. Her eyes flashed silver. Fomoire. 

It had been a leisure cruise, well as far as her cruises were ever for leisure. Just a few guests, a couple of her sisters, and the security. Still, she was all for the the talk first and shoot second version of life. She also had no illusions about her beauty. It was her supernatural gift. It usually gained her a second glance before anyone was willing to harm her. So she stood on the deck and waited like an icy queen for someone to explain what the hell was going on. 





full name: Genevieve
gender & sexuality: Female / Bi-poly
ethnicity & species: French / human
birthplace & birthdate:  Marseille, France, 1638

guilty pleasures: swordfighting, violence

phobias: losing Airn

what they would be infamous for: despite not being anywhere near the first of Airn’s living collections, she’s somehow become their leader

what have they / would they have gotten arrested for: nada, she’s squeaky clean aside from mayyyybe assault but it could be termed self defense; Airn does all her violence and illegality for her XD

character you ship them with: Airn and several members of the harem and also @russiasartfuldodger

character most likely to murder them: nobody unless they wanted to spite Airn

favourite book genre: epics

least favourite book cliche: sad endings, especially sudden character deaths for nothing other than drama/shock value

talents & / or powers: If you know Airn’s MO when it comes to people-collecting, Gen might seem a strange choice. She’s no painter or singer or dancer. She didn’t quite fit in the world she’d been born. But if she’d been born in another time, she might’ve made a brilliant politician or diplomat. Her art is herself, her voice, her personality. She puts on dresses that flatter her perfectly, designs her hair just so, and she smiles and talks and she directs the flow of a conversation nearly as artfully as a fae.

why someone might love them: If you like affection, Gen is your gal. She’s very touchy-feely even with perfect strangers. She has an exceptional talent for making a person feel loved, cared for, and important. She will snuggle you when you’re sad and subtly manipulate the world to destroy anything that would harm you. She also has very little in the way of inhibitions and is almost always smiling.

why someone might hate them: She can be a little…much. XD If you don’t like socializing, she can be overwhelming. And even if you do, she can lean a little overbearing. She has a huge personality and it tends to push on others. While she knows how to be diplomatic and polite to avoid confrontation, other big personalities might find a little friction with her in a room.

why you love them: She’s such a snugglebutt; she’s perfect for Airn. Also I love that she’s made this entirely new life with the opportunity given to her. She made the most of her old life, but never really fit. But now, running Airn’s house whether he’s there or not, she’s found a purpose and it warms my heart to see her so in her element and glowing with it. :3333