I’ll only say this once. The pretty things you see within these walls are called art. Not meant to be touched. And if you see a pretty thing walking past and you feel the urge to grab, just remember: 
They’re not whores. They’re mine.
—  Lord Captain Airn Rhymer, upon receiving guests at his home, said whilst holding an offending sailor’s wrist in a rather painful grip by all accounts
Faerie Ransoms || Airn x Amanda


Willful. She knew of Faerie but expected a straight answer. Airn’s grin widened. “Apologies, m’lady, for the misunderstanding.”

Even though he apologized his grin and obvious amusement at the whole thing made her think the exact opposite of him. She doubted that he was sorry at all. Amanda brought in a deep breath of air before she looked away from him for the first time since they started talking. She took in her immediate surroundings, anyone else there, and looked for anything that looked familiar. 

A moment more and then she looked back at Airn. She hugged the cloth that had been wrapped around her shoulders tight, brushing wet hair out her face. “Am I guessing right that your belief in thinking you can take what ever you want, is going to completely ignore my desire to go home?”

Stranger Tides|| Airn x Lara

Lara looked at their boarders with vague annoyance. The wind whipped her dark curls about her face and she sighed as she waved down her bodyguards, her white gown fluttering about her like sea foam. Her eyes flashed silver. Fomoire. 

It had been a leisure cruise, well as far as her cruises were ever for leisure. Just a few guests, a couple of her sisters, and the security. Still, she was all for the the talk first and shoot second version of life. She also had no illusions about her beauty. It was her supernatural gift. It usually gained her a second glance before anyone was willing to harm her. So she stood on the deck and waited like an icy queen for someone to explain what the hell was going on. 



Familiar Faces

A couple of Airn’s captains who have been featured in threads and/or prose thus far. Unlike Corvan’s inner council or even Diera’s method of gathering all of her captains regularly for meetings, Airn mostly leads in a reactionary fashion. His captains are highly independent and only come to him with issues they cannot resolve themselves. And he treats them more as friends than employees. As such, they’re probably just gonna continue to pop up in writing and I’ll find them faces as I can. XD

Captain Ulathra (fc: Hannah John-Kamen): The captain of Red Sky at Morning took her command with the incidental help of then-Captain Airn Rhymer when her own captain made a grievous miscalculation in facing the young tempest. She is much more levelheaded than most of the rest of Rhymer’s fleet, who tend to range from recklessly brave and earnest to bordering on completely crazy. In contrast, she is calm, considering, and sharp in more ways than one. Infamous both for her unreadability and the iron claws she wears over her fingertips, she cares for her crew above all else when making decisions, even sometimes at the expense of larger reward. Despite this natural caution, her absolute favorite pastime is gambling. Given her natural poker face and expertise at five finger fillet, she’s won quite a lot. (first featured in this drabble if you’d to know how she met Airn)

Captain Keen (fc: Ben Mansfield): Keen is the youngest of Airn’s captains, having not even turned 200 yet. As such, he has a chip on his shoulder the approximate size of Balor’s Tower. Though very talented—especially for his age—and considered by most to be a command prodigy, he has faced extreme amounts of prejudice from both fellow captains and random citizens. Being a fairly serious and intense person by nature, this community bias makes him hair-trigger ready to fight anyone who looks at him crossways. Generally overeager in most things, his chief goal in life is to prove all the haters wrong. Better with a pistol than he is with a sword, he tends to get too amped up in close combat to retain his skill, becoming a flurry of damage rather than a weapon. But at a distance or commanding naval maneuvers, he can match with the best. Airn has taken a particular liking to the kid and often drags him out to parties or on voyages. He captains Conmara, the dreaded hound, and will take exactly no shit from anyone but his lord. And even then he’ll grumble.

5 Cute Things Your Muse Does

Exactly what it says on the tin! Do not reblog. Repost and tell your followers five cute facts about your muse then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do!

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  1. He talks to his ship. Complete with reassuring stroking.
  2. Becomes a pacing mess when his harem is sick or hurt and he can’t do anything.
  3. Airn the octopus. It has its own tag. He’s impossible to sleep next to without being glommed onto at some point.
  4. Occasionally falls asleep in court. Pulls his hat over his eyes. Thinks no one’s the wiser.
  5. Will actually chinhand and hearteyes for artists at work.

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