On March 31, 1943, while stationed in British India, Baggett’s squadron was ordered to destroy a bridge at Pyinmana, Burma. Before reaching their target, the B-24 bombers were intercepted by Japanese fighter planes. Baggett’s plane was badly hit, and the crew were ordered to bail out. The Japanese pilots then attacked U.S. airmen as they parachuted to earth. Two of Baggett’s crew members were killed. Baggett, though wounded, played dead, hoping the Japanese would ignore him. One Zero approached within several feet of Baggett. The pilot then nosed up, almost stalling, and opened his canopy. Baggett shot at the pilot with his .45 caliber pistol. The plane stalled and plunged to the earth, and Baggett became legendary as the only person to shoot down a Japanese airplane with an M1911 pistol.


Airmen from the 315th Airlift Wing work to prepare a C-17 Globemaster III for an airdrop mission with Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division during exercise Crescent Reach 16 on May 26, 2016, at Joint Base Charleston, S.C. Crescent Reach is an annual exercise designed to test and evaluate Joint Base Charleston’s ability to mobilize and launch a large-scale aircraft formation in addition to training, processing and deploying Airmen and cargo in response to a simulated crisis abroad.

A Letter of Apology to Onision From The USAF

Dear Gregory, 

Please accept our apologies for the bad experiences you endured during your voluntary employment with us. We cannot convey how sorry we are that you did not enjoy the hospitality, tranquility & sensitivity we strive to extend to our new Airmen. First, let me say I understand that our instructors can be a bit harsh & appear to be insensitive when giving orders, however after hearing how this hurt your feelings, we have directed them to undergo sensitivity & etiquette training. As for your complaints about being made to walk long distances with a heavy backpack on (during survival school), we are so sorry for this inconvenience, however when military personnel are in real life survival situations, they typically have to walk long distances, with considerable weight on their backs, often shot up, with broken bones. & other serious injuries, typically in the sand, snow, jungle or in swampy areas. Thanks to your complaint however, we have decided that from now on we will be sending an Über driver to pick up any downed pilots or lost/stranded Navy Seals. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for them to establish Über Taxi services in war zones such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria & Iraq. 

Finally, as for you almost getting bit by a snake when you decided to separate from the group, we will not apologize for you trying to be a macho dumb-ass. This is actually the military’s way of speeding up the selection process, as it’s best to identify the idiots early in training process, thus ensuring they do not kill those around them.



today is such a good day imma talk about hard of hearing airmen

  • so in dragon soul thom makes this comment “Whether he’d lost the best of his hearing during his time with the Dragon Corps, or rather he just didn’t care who heard him, I’d never been able to ascertain, but Rook was loud and it carried” (this is just before the stables where the innkeeper’s daughter brings them food and is generally charmed by Rook’s dashing good looks, im so sorry I’m reading off an e-reader so i have no page number for you)
  • but the thing is, thom, rook is both hard of hearing AND doesn’t care who hears him.
  • in fact rook’s hearing is like the worst out of the dragon corps surviving members except maybe adamo, due to the fact that adamo’s been doing this the longest, but also rook takes like triple the amount of raids as the rest of them so it evens out a bit
  • ballfour’s hearing is the best since he’s the newest member of the dragon corps but he still gets some of the warning signs like tinnitus (ringing ears) and anyways most of it doesnt hit him until old age anyways because hearing loss can hit you decades after the thing that started all that mess in the first place
  • thom eventually mentions his theory that rook is HoH and Rook is defensive because he’s Rook, but thom is like “No i don’t mean that you aren’t listening, well that too actually, but i mean medically i think you aren’t hearing me”
  • actually once after they return to volstov thom tests each of the first waves by doing the CALFRAST thing and every single one of the airmen were shocked by how poorly they did except adamo who was like “well yeah i guessed this cause royston’s so quiet these days and he definitely didn’t do that by choice it had to be a problem with my ears”
  • this also explains some of adamo’s lack of volume control mentioned by laure. its not his fault he’s an old deaf man let him yell.
  • so basically they make the bastion pay for hearing aids which im assuming can be made given that a normal sounding voice could be created for malahide
  • rook h8s them and never wears them without a strict lecturing from thom
  • the good news is when their all old and totally deaf they had no problem understanding each other because with wind blowing at a hundred miles an hour past their heads and yelling meaning taking the risk of their voice echoing off the mountains and alerting their enemies to their presence, i decided they knew rudimentary sign language back in the days of the dragon corps’s first wave
  • it might not be an official sign language but maybe just one that’s military specific or something
  • but if balfour comes back from recon and has to inform the others “there are 5 trebuchets” and they have to adjust the plan accordingly then they got it
  • hard of hearing airmen thanks for your attention

Stephen posted a video to Instagram: Airmen assigned to the 340th EARS deliver fuel to U.S. Air Force F-16’s from a KC-135 Stratotanker during a refueling mission over Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. #military #armedforces #aircraft #airforce #aviation #usaf #f16 #fightingfalcon #kc135 #stratotanker

anonymous asked:

Funny that you're an Air Force vet, and you have little to no integrity, if you new anything about USAF values this horrible blog wouldn't exist but I guess it's up to my gen of AirMen to make us look good, you're obviously are doing a bad job at it.

You’re lying, child. It’s Airmen, not AirMen.

You’re butthurt over the things I say. That doesn’t mean I lack integrity; it just means you’re a pussy.

Go play, kid, and stop lying about being in the Air Force.


Tonight I watched Prisoners of the Sun aka Blood Oath in my Russell Crowe marathon.  I discovered from a short interview with Russell and Bryan Brown in the bonus material that Prisoners of the Sun was Russell’s first movie, not The Crossing.  He had gotten The Crossing, but they put off making it, so he did PotS first.  His role is minimal, but it’s an excellent film.  

Summary from IMDb:   The island of Ambon in Indonesia, 1945. During the War, the number of Australian POWs on the island had dropped from 1100 to less than 300 due to abuses by their Japanese captors. Capt. Cooper is the chief prosecutor. In a mass grave, the bodies of 300 executed servicemen have been unearthed. Cooper assumes that the massacre was ordered by Baron Takahashi, Japanese commander on Ambon. But the one potential witness has gone mad and is due to be shipped back to Australia. No captured airmen were found alive on the island at all, not even the four-man crew of a reconnaissance plane shot down late in the War. Takahashi is returned to the island in the custody of an American officer, Maj. Beckett. But there is little evidence with which to prosecute the Baron. Cooper thinks he could make a case for the missing airmen if only their bodies could be located. And why does Maj. Beckett appear interested in not seeing Takahashi convicted? Cooper gets a break when Lt. Tanaka, a communications officer and a Christian, surrenders himself…

Dear servicemen and women, firefighters, EMTs, and police officers:

Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for us. It means so much. We live in such an ugly world now that it takes a special kind of man or woman to stand up for people, even the people who don’t care, even the people who protest against you, even the people who want you dead, even the people who are trying to hurt or kill you.

You Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and women, Marines, are so brave to dedicate your lives to keeping us safe even if you are countries away. Some of you going off to die for me are barely older than I am. And that touches me. I have a strong respect for all of you.

You Firefighters are so strong, so devoted. It takes some guts to go into the flames to search for survivors. I know how terrifying it must be, as I am terrified of fire myself. But you do what I never could. You battle it. And I hold you in my respect.

You EMTs, rushing to the aid of someone in trouble when you would much rather be in bed, or drinking a cup of coffee, are brave as well. Though some days may not be your days, and though some days may go wrong, it takes a heart to do what you do. I respect your decisions.

And you police officers, the protectors of the country at home, are some of the most scorned and hated of all those serving their country. Why does one hate you for trying to do your job? You kill a criminal who is threatening the lives of you and those around you, and the country erupts into chaos and protesting. And I want you to know that I am not one of those protesting you. I protest against violence and hatred towards you. You are no pigs. You are heroes and heroines.

I want all those protecting us, caring for us, keeping us safe, to know that you mean something very much to me. Not just those I mentioned, but everyone who does all that they can for their country. For I will be the one to visit you when you are sick, aging, crippled, even to the very last days where I move among the gravestones to place flowers or flags there, to sit by you while you rest in eternal sleep, to pray for you until one day I may meet you in Heaven. There truly is no greater love than for one to lay down their life for another.  Not just to die, but to give everything—your time, effort, talents. And you are willing to do that.

So I pray for all of you. You heroes. You are the people who never ask what their country can do for them, but the people who ask what they can do for their country.

    Thank you so much for being there for us when we need it.

“…And to add stinging insult to irreparable injury, America even treated Nazi German POW’s better than it did her own Heroic Black soldiers!

‘According to Mitchell Hugginbotham, [a retired Tuskegee Airman], the Black airmen were confined to quarters while German POW’s held at the base were allowed to roam outside.’

Another example is when Black soldiers who had returned stateside from war had to ride in the back of the train while Nazi officers who were POW’s sat in the front being served hot tea with the best china.”
-Germany’s Black Holocaust, by Firpo W. Carr, pgs 46-52.
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