What the fuck United Airlines????

I just watched the video of them assaulting that innocent passenger who was forcibly removed from his seat that he already paid for just so one of their fucking employees could fly on that flight because their moronic asses overbooked. They drag away the unconscious, bloodied elderly man like a sack of garbage after forcing him out of his seat that he shouldn’t be forced to give up BECAUSE HE FUCKING PAID FOR IT AND WAS NOT POSING ANY THREAT ANYWAY. To demean a human being like that just because they use their power to say “no” and you don’t happen to like it is fucking disgusting and disgraceful.

My family has a SHIT ton of miles with them but we’ve just decided to never fly with them again. My dad even called them this afternoon and asked, “So when will it be my turn to be forcibly removed from my paid seat, beaten, and degraded?”

Fuck them. And fuck anyone who thinks what United did was okay.

Modern Thedas

Airline Headcanons:

Air Ferelden lets mabari travel in the cabins, treating them like children. Lap pup? No extra ticket required. After a certain size, they need their own seat booked.

AerOrlais advertises using this fact to remind its customers that their planes don’t smell like dog. “Fly in Fresh Air, Fly AerOrlais.”

TevintAir ignores the rivalry and focuses on luxury. “Why Fly anything less than First Class?”

We don’t talk about the Nevarran Airline after it came out that they were hiring undead pilots.

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If United Airlines Was A 1980s PC Game

A review of the 1980s game Unite Against Airlines.    

The FBI has released previously unpublished images of the devastation and grim aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Pentagon.

American Airlines Flight 77, commandeered by al-Qaeda terrorists, slammed into the side of the building, killing 184 people, including 59 passengers and crew and the five hijackers.

The plane hit between the first and second floors of the Pentagon.

The new photos show firefighters battling a huge fireball, on-scene FBI investigators, whose faces were blacked out for security reasons, and mangled debris and charred ruins. (Photos: FBI via epa)

But what if someone really wants to talk to you, Rober—pffffHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m sorry I tried but I just can’t hahahahahaaaaa


American Airlines by Job Garcia
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departing from LAX
How Flight Attendants Are Set Up to Fail - The Atlantic

The public wants to blame us, shame us, and treat us like trash. We did not make the rules. We did not design your seats. We did not decide who gets to sit in first class or what you paid for your ticket. We didn’t decide what you get to or didn’t get to eat on a flight. We understand you want a blanket. We don’t overbook- the people waaaaaay above out pay grade do that. Most of us agree and hate that our airlines are overbooking passengers. We are only given a small amount of resources to do our job- a job that is becoming harder by the day. The United incident had NOTHING to do with the flight attendants, but since that incident flight attendants everywhere have been bullied, harassed, filmed without their consent, and treated like criminals.
The flying public needs to grow up. Treating a crewmember bad will NOT help you. Filming a crewmember without their consent can get you fined and sued. Harassing or threatening crew could land you in jail. Is it worth it? Dose it make you feel like more of a man to call us names when you don’t get your upgrade? Think hard about it. We have to deal with 600+ passengers day day sometimes. We would love to give you a blanket, pillow, free meal, and whatever else you’re complaining about. Our Airlines don’t give us those options. Know beforehand what you’re paying for. Read that fine print on your ticket. *Be a knowledgeable traveler and your experience will be much better.*
There is never a reason to harass flight attendants. The stories I’m hearing from my friends are absolutely appalling and many of them are taking time off work. I love my job, but I’m thinking about taking a leave as well. I had a grown man call me a “dumb fucking bitch” in the airport the other day. Why was I called a dumb bitch? The man’s flight was delayed and I just happened to be walking by his gate. That’s it.
We are people who get up and go to work everyday just like you. Unlike you we don’t get to go home at the end of the day. We work 16-18hrs a day and get relatively no sleep. We are permanently jetlagged and hard working people. We are trained to save your life on and off the plane. We do MUCH more than you see every single day. Treat us with respect. We’re just as frustrated with the flying experience as you are. Try to understand that. Remember that your flight can’t take off with out us showing up to work. If you want to be a vulgar human- stay home. Otherwise, we’re here to help you.

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