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@sidcrosbybro asked for everyone’s favorite Pens moments so I thought I’d write mine up in a little post since we all know I’m long winded (lol).

You’ve heard this story, Aaron. I only tell it in the group chat every day of my life because it’s everything I ever think of, but let me elaborate ANYWAY. 

When I went to see the pens play in Dallas it was right before the trade deadline. I mean RIGHT before. Like the trade deadline was the next day and Flower’s situation was… tense. I brought a sign for him that read “Flower Deserves a Gordie Howe Hattrick” and stood right behind the goal line for warmups. 

When Flower saw my sign he smiled and I honestly assume the fact that I didn’t die right there is only by the grace of Marc-Andre Fleury, who could SURELY fell me with a single grin were he so inclined. 

Flower, despite not getting the start that night, despite the looming uncertainty of his future, looked like he was having just THE best fucking time. Horny started razzing on him at one point and the two of them had a laugh. I watched him smile and deflect shots from Sid, who parked himself glove side for a while. Sometimes little pieces of those memories will hit me really hard when I think back. Making eye contact with Sid (another thing that I’m SHOCKED didn’t kill me on the spot), how frigging BIG Geno is, spotting Dan Potash on the bench. Little sharp moments poke out of the larger mass accompanied by the sounds of pucks hitting the glass in front of my face like bullets. 

As players started to trickle off the ice toward the locker room, Flower tried to flip a deflected puck over his head and into the seats. American Airlines Center has netting set up to catch stray pucks behind both goal lines so it hit the netting and flopped back down onto the ice. Horny pointed this out to Flower, who tried to flip another puck, this time through the small space between the netting and the glass. I reached my hands up, ready to catch the puck as it teetered on the edge of the glass and fell back to the ice. Flower caught my eye again and proceeded to try at least five or six more times to flip the puck through. Eventually Sid signaled to him from beside the tunnel that it was time to go. 

Flower was the only player left on the ice. Trying to give me a puck. 

Marc-Andre Fleury is a gift to this world and I would take a bullet for him with zero hesitation.