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Traveling vocabulary in Japanese

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旅行 [りょこう] - travel, trip
旅 [たび] - travel, trip, journey
観光 [かんこう] - sightseeing, tourism
休み [やすみ] - holiday
旅行する [りょこうする] - to travel
乗客 [じょうきゃく] - passenger
旅行者 [りょこうしゃ] - tourist
外国人 [がいこくじん] - foreigner
国 [くに] - country
言語 [げんご] - language
通貨 [つうか] - currency
文化 [ぶんか] - culture
旅行先 [りょこうさき] - travel destination
旅行日程 [りょこうにってい] - itinerary
旅行代理店 [りょこうだいりてん] - travel agent, travel agency
パンフレット - pamphlet, brochure
旅行保険 [りょこうほけん] - travel insurance
注射 [ちゅうしゃ] - injection
予約する [よやくする] - to book, to reserve
キャンセルする - to cancel
遅れる[おくれる] - to delay
乗り換える [のりかえる] - to change; to transfer
借りる [かりる] - to rent
荷造りする [にづくりする] - to pack
荷物 [にもつ] - luggage, baggage
手荷物 [てにもつ] - hand luggage, carry-on bag
パスポート - passport
ビザ - visa
チケット - ticket
地図 [ちず] - map
飛行機 [ひこうき] - airplane
電車 [でんしゃ] - train, electric train
列車 [れっしゃ] - train
汽車 [きしゃ] - train, steam train
新幹線 [しんかんせん] - bullet train
地下鉄 [ちかてつ] - subway
車 [くるま] - car
バス - bus
タクシー - taxi
船 [ふね] - ship, boat
フェリー - ferry
自転車 [じてんしゃ] - bike
バイク - motorcycle
空港 [くうこう] - airport
便 [びん] - flight
パイロット - pilot
客室乗務員 [きゃくしつじょうむいん] - cabin crew, flight attendant
エアライン - airline
航空会社 [こうくうがいしゃ] - airline company
ターミナル  - terminal
ゲート - gate
時刻表 [じこくひょう] - timetable, schedule
到着[とうちゃく] - arrivals
出発[しゅっぱつ] - departures
税関 [ぜいかん] - customs
チェックイン - check in
搭乗券 [とうじょうけん] - boarding pass, boarding card
保安検査 [ほあんけんさ] - security control
セキュリティチェック - security control
入国審査 [にゅうこくしんさ] - passport control
手荷物受取所 [てにもつうけとりしょ] - luggage reclaim
インフォメーション(カウンター) - information (counter)
両替 [りょうがえ] - money exchange
駅 [えき] - station
切符売り場 [きっぷうりば] - ticket window, ticket booth, box office
券売機 [けんばいき] - ticket machine
(プラット)ホーム - platform
停留所 [ていりゅうじょ] - stop
港 [みなと] - harbour
駐車場 [ちゅうしゃじょう] - parking space
宿泊 [しゅくはく] - lodging
ホテル - hotel
受付 [うけつけ] - reception desk, information desk
フロント  - reception
チェックイン/チェックアウト - to check in/out
部屋 [へや] - room
旅館 [りょかん] - ryokan
ゲストハウス - guesthouse
ホステル  - hostel
コテージ  - cottage
コインロッカー - coin-operated locker
ガイド  - guide
通訳者 [つうやくしゃ] - interpreter
観光案内所 [かんこうあんないじょ] - tourist information office
観光名所 [かんこうめいしょ] - sightseeing spot, tourist attraction 
ツアー - tour
カメラ - camera
写真 [しゃしん] - photo
お土産 [おみやげ] - souvenir
ポストカード - postcard
時差ぼけ [じさぼけ] - jetlag
乗物酔い [のりものよい] - motion sickness

Right now the instinct of law abiding second amendment supports is to think of a way to match the “Marchforourlives” rally. And to be totally honest we couldn’t. Not even close. We do not have privileged millionaire celebrities on our side , airline companies to give us free tickets to fly us to the capital, we don’t have a government ran school system that wants to acknowledge any of our ideas, and we sure as hell don’t have the main stream media on our side.

What we do have however is purchasing power. We have shown this for the past decade by purchasing more firearms, ammo, and training then ever in history. Just think of the amount of money we would spend to travel to DC, food, hotel costs per person. Think of the legal firearms we could buy with that money. Instead of trying to beat the anti-gunners at their own game, let’s make our own. Let’s set a date in the future where all gun advocates go out and set ourselves a record. We go out and purchase a new firearm or more ammo prove to them we match and beat their protest dollars. While the anti-gun crowd tries to scare us with massive demonstrations, think of the message it would send seeing millions of American buying guns all at once.

| Fire & Frostbite | Jongin X Reader Oneshot | CEO!AU |

CEO!Jongin X Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Heartbreak? Mean old ladies.

Word Count: 3,522

Synopsis: Working as a flight attendant, you’re forced to attend a corporate meeting in the Alps as a representative. You don’t expect it to be warm, nor do you expect to find the mistakes of the past gazing back at you with warm brown eyes. A past that scarred.

A/N: This is my secret santa gift for the lovely @kookiie-bear!! I was told you requested a snowed in/electricity going out tale of epic proportions, so I did my best on it with the god-awful mountain wifi I had ^^” I hope you like it! And Merry Christmas!!

“If given the choice between being sacrificed as a virgin off a thousand foot high cliff into a fiery volcano to liquidate my organs, and attending this conference…”

You jerked on the handle of your suitcase, yanking it past the curb of the sidewalk.

“-I’d take the former.”

Your sister whined on the other side of the call.

“You always make everything out to be worse than it is,” She grumbled. “Always so pessimistic.”

“Call me a cynic.” You deadpanned back, holding your phone to your ear with your shoulder as you struggled to get the wallet from your bag.

“How much do you wanna bet he doesn’t even remember you.” Your sister sounded like she had taken too large a mouthful of something before speaking.

You sighed, pulling down the pencil skirt you were required to wear as a flight attendant.

“I don’t know whether to be comforted or disgusted by that thought.”

“I’m sure it’s wishful thinking.” She still talked with her mouth full. “I know in reality you’re both swooning over each other, waiting for the right moment before the two of you can just rip each others’ clothes-”

“Huh? What was that?” You interrupted her, bringing the phone in front of your face. “Sorry, I can’t hear you, I think the signal up here is dead-”

Without giving her a single moment to respond, you hit the end call button.

“God that was painful.” You groaned to yourself, referring both to the long flight and the conversation with your sister.

The cacophonous noise of planes you had grown accustomed to was soon drowned out as you entered the back seat of a taxi.

“Where to?” The driver asked in a heavy accent.

“The Arosa Kulm Hotel, please.”

The driver’s eyes widened, scanning your sad appearance up and down through the mirror before clearing his throat and peeling out of the driveway.

Here you were, in the Alps, volun-told by your boss in the airline company to attend Lavish Travel Company’s debut conference. Said company had just recently bought out the airline you worked under, so a few workers and head company officials were sent to attend as ‘representatives.’

Oh, how you would rather sell your soul to the devil than have to face the reality of your current predicament.

What your boss had been negligent in telling you was that the owner of Lavish Inc. was none other than Kim Jongin.

Young, wealthy, handsome, with enough charisma to earn himself a quick CEO position in just a few years after college.

Saying that the two of you knew each other was an understatement.

He was your first love in high school.

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在机场「在機場」at the airport

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机场「機場」ji1 chang3 airport

飞机「飛機」fei1 ji1 airplane

起飞「起飛」qi3 fei1 to take off

目的地 mu4 di4 di4 destination

航空公司 hang2 kong1 gong1 si1 airline company

机票「機票」ji1 piao4 plane ticket

登机牌「登機牌」deng1 ji1 pai2 boarding pass

行李 xing2 li luggage

座位 zuo4 wei4 seat

靠 kao4 near

靠窗户「靠窗戶」kao4 chuang1 hu by the window

靠走道 kao4 zou3 dao4 by the aisle

中间「中間」zhong1 jian1 middle, center

头等舱「頭等艙」tou2 deng3 cang1 first class

商务舱「商務艙」shang1 wu4 cang1 business class

经济舱「經濟艙」jing1 ji4 cang1 economy class

乘机手续「乘機手續」cheng2 ji1 shou3 xu4  check-in

询问处「詢問處」xun2 wen4 chu4 inquiry desk

海关「海關」hai3 guan1 customs

行李领取处「行李領取處」xing2 li ling3 qu3 chu4 luggage claim

洗手间「洗手間」xi3 shou3 jian1 bathroom

候机室「候機室」hou4 ji1 shi4 airport lounge

自动电梯「自動電梯」zi4 dong4 dian4 ti1 escalator

***according to my teacher, the taiwanese word for escalator is 手扶梯 shou3 fu2 ti1

入境 ru4 jing4 arrival, to enter (a country)

出境 chu1 jing4 departure, to leave (a country)

转机「轉機」zhuan3 ji1 to make a transfer

准时「準時」zhun3 shi2 on time

误点「誤點」wu4 dian3 delayed

取消 qu3 xiao1 canceled

国际「國際」guo2 ji4 internation

国内「國內」guo2 nei4 domestic

班机「班機」ban1 ji1 scheduled flight

国际班机「國際班機」guo2 ji4 ban1 ji1 international flight

国内班机「國內班機」guo2 nei4 ban1 ji1 domestic flight

EXCLUSIVE: Inside source reveals L-corp executive Lena Luthors scandalous entanglement in business and pleasure with up-and-coming college soccer star

By: Kim Spencer. CatCo Magazine


Lena Luthor has been an item in many media outlets for some time now. She’s already done remarkable things in her position as first-line executive in her family company L-corp at the ripe age of 25. Fresh out of business school and plum-faced, her division launched a successful eco-friendly bio-fuel for commercial airlines that propelled the company to a top ten position in the stock market.

But Luthors adventures don’t stop with just business. Since november last year, numerous speculations have surfaced concerning her relationship with a very special college soccer star: Kara Danvers. Luthor herself has declined an interview, but an inside source reveals all you need to know about this gal pal entanglement. Spoiler alert: it’s a little bit messy, and all kinds of juicy.

The story seems to begin during kick-off for college soccer season in 2016. Kara Danvers was a young and promising box-to-box midfielder for Stanford college, playing in first division, and in the spotlight from media and scouts for professional teams like. There were rumors about calls from both Bayern-München and Toronto FC. Renowned international clubs wanted Kara Danvers on their team.

Then it happened. Danvers tore her ACL. The dramatic injury occurred during a forceful tackle in the second period of her first match in the season. Even though her team wins, Kara Danvers stands to lose everything.

Soccer facts:

ACL tears are one of the most common injury in soccer players
An ACL tear is a tear in the ligament of the knee
The severity of the injury greatly varies, and some recover after a short break and physical therapy
Danvers’ tear was severe, and she needed surgery to ever dream of returning to the field. claims her entire career is on the line. she risks losing her scholarship, and in turn her college education. “Surgery can fix her knee, but the window into professional leagues is small, and she’ll be on the bench for a long time.”

Although this article isn’t backed by a source, it’s plausible to believe. Danvers is from a small town called Midvale. She was raised by a single mother, and her older sister Alex Danvers is on the rocks with several drug convictions over her head. The young protegee has always been avoidant of the press, but during this time she full-out disappears. Some believe she’s already left Stanford and is living life back in Midvale. Stanford college refuses to comment on the situation.

We can only imagine how difficult such a time is for a young journalism student. In a rare interview after her team won the league last year, she proclaimed with excitement that her dream was to play for the national team in the 2020 olympics. Now she may never play professionally.

But then a white knight sweeps in. L-corp suddenly awards Kara Danvers with a full scholarship, even though they had previously filled all their spots for “Influential young voices”. L-corp denies any correlation between the scholarship and the injury, stating that “Danvers application had been lost by an intern, but was too strong to pass up. We see a good investment in Kara Danvers.” This could be a plausible explanation, save for the fact that Danvers already had a soccer scholarship paid in full, and the fact that Danvers’ cousin and reporter Clark Kent is a well known friend of L-corp CEO Lex Luthor.

Here’s the juicy part you’ve all been waiting for: During summer break Kara Danvers was spotted on a private beach with Lena Luthor herself. At the time, it was attributed to Danvers’ cousin and his involvement with the Luthors, but upon further investigation it doesn’t seem like he was present at all. In fact, the day after this photo surfaces Clark Kent released a political think peace as a corresponder in Brüssel concerning Brexit for The Daily Planet.

The scholarship seems to be the rescue. Stanford releases a much awaited press statement concerning Kara Danvers, informing the world that her spot will be waiting for her when she is ready. Coach for Toronto FC tweets: “The best players of all times are the ones who didn’t give up.” And: “Good luck with your recovery @Kara_Danvers, and don’t mind the speculating press.”

Lena Luthor is spotted one wednesday in december wearing a Stanford soccer sweater at a store downtown, picking up ice-cream, eggs, toilet paper and protein powder. Photo: James Olson. Our inside source, who wishes to remain anonymous reveals Luthor has never cared for sports, much less college soccer.

Our source has also seen Kara Danvers in the L-corp office “more times than she can count. The higher-ups says it’s always because of Clark Kent, or L-corps business investment in her journalism career. But we all know better. They’re dating of course!”

We can’t say for certain. In an e-mail Kara Danvers’ agent discloses that “[she] will happily talk about her football career with serious press, but will not have her personal life scrutinized and on display in a [redacted] tabloid magazine.” There have been numerous sightings of the two throughout the city, seemingly just enjoying each others company.

Kara Danvers played her first match after her recovery yesterday, the closing match for the season. And for some reason Lena ‘doesn’t care about sports’ Luthor was seated right in the VIP lounge. Makes you wonder.

If the two stars, one corporate and one soccer, are involved in an intense lip-lock, it sure is scandalous, and a serious conflict of interest. Some eyebrows will be raised. But we guess love conquers all.

Talk about power couple.

RFA: MC Is Gone Pt. 2

Here’s part two with Jumin & Seven~

Part 1


The future chairman was often coveted by ladies, and could have had anything with the flick of the wrist. But he didn’t want those overly extravagant dinners with overly flirty women. He wanted the first woman he could confide in, and shared interests with. MC. 

He was always a bit too blunt, a bit to insensitive, but she always understood. Every time he went on the chatroom, he hoped that she would be there. And whenever his phone rang, he hoped it was her. But happiness never lasted. That was the one thing life had taught him. And just as quickly as she came, MC left. It just took one message, just one simple goodbye. After that, the chatroom was devoid of her. 

[Jumin Han joined the chatroom]

Seven: Its the chairman-to-be +_+ 

Jumin: Stop joking around, and look for MC. She hasn’t been on for a day now

Zen: Dude… I don’t think you should do that

Seven: Ya… She made it pretty clear that she was leaving…

Jumin: One goodbye is not enough to confirm that she is leaving forever. Check the cameras, make sure she’s safe. 

Seven: She taped over them or broke them, I can’t see anything. 

[Jumin Han left the chatroom] 

He let out a sigh. She was gone, and he knew it. But for some pathetic reason, he was clinging onto the hope that MC would come back. 

He looked at Elizabeth the Third. She had her charms, but he missed MC’s charm. He took out a bottle of wine and poured himself a glass. She won’t come back. He drank the whole glass, and stared down at the phone on the table. She’s never coming back. Jumin reached for the bottle again. Another glass, and then another, goddammit why am I not getting drunk? The bottle was empty, and he was still clearheaded. The phone was still silent, and for a second he could have sworn that he saw MC in the chatroom. He tapped on the private chatroom he had with MC. Cats, cats, cats. Was that all he could talk about? Is that why she had left? His vision became blurred. He blinked once, twice. It wouldn’t go away. Then a tear fell down his cheek. 

[Jumin Han joined the chatroom]

Jaehee: Mr. Han, have you contacted the airlines company? We have a meeting tomorrow. 

Jumin: I don’t care. 

Jaehee: Mr. Han, it’s a very important meeting.

Jumin: Push it back, I’m not in the mood to deal with this. 

Zen: Aren’t you being a bit too harsh on Jaehee? 

Jaehee: I’m fine. I assume he’s still shaken over MC leaving. I’ll ask you again when you are less… emotional…

Zen: Him? Emotional? Gosh… You’re too nice 

[Jumin Han left the chatroom]

The next morning, he awoke to a headache and tear-stained cheeks. Since when was he an emotional drunk? He sighed, preparing for work. Nothing made sense. Numbers, numbers, endless phrases and verbose documents that once made sense to him seemed to be a completely different language now. Jumin felt. He felt all the bottled up emotions from his life threatening to spill out. And all it took to release the floodgates was the loss of someone he cared for. MC was gone. Jumin drank another bottle. He felt tears again. He cried again. Cried because he missed MC, cried because he was so pathetic, crying for someone who clearly didn’t want him. But then again, maybe you will be back. Back to fall in love with Seven. Because after all, I’m not the true end, am I? 

I would give up everything for you. Stay with me. 


It wasn’t surprising to him. Really, he expected you to leave earlier. Eleven days in a route. Thirty Three days to finish just the casual story. And that didn’t even count after endings and the possibility of yo- MC waiting after playing a route. So when MC decided to leave the app, and delete it, he wasn’t taken by surprise. But it did hurt. 

[Luciel joined the chatroom]

Yoosung: I cant believe she left ㅠ_ㅠ 

Jaehee: Yes, it was so sudden….

Jaehee: Ah, Seven, do you know what happened? 

Luciel: Lolol she probably just had other things to do~ 

Yoosung: Your name’s Luciel… Are you okay?

Luciel: Lolol what? That’s my real name~ Speaking of work, I should get back to that! 

But there was no work. Seven knew he had buried himself in work as soon as MC deleted the app, and had finished way ahead of schedule. He had changed his name to Luciel later, hoping maybe she would come on and remember. Remember what his real name was. The one you found out through spoilers on the wiki. 

Luciel: Agent 707, signing off~

[Luciel left the chatroom]

And days passed like that. I wonder what route she was aiming for? Saeyoung knew it wasn’t him. But a little voice inside his head told him just maybe, just maybe she was going to try and get his route. No point brooding over that now though…She’s gone.

Saeyoung sank into his unhealthy schedule once again. Can after can, bag after bag, and he could feel his eyesight deteriorating even more as he stared at the screen in his dimly lit room. 

He rubbed his eyes and glanced at the clock. It was four am already. He missed the times when he could log onto the messenger and blabber on about nonsense with MC. But she was done. All he could do was wait for her to sign back on again, and then he would have to pretend nothing happened as the world reset. 

Saeyoung collapsed onto his bed. Grabbing a can of Dr. Pepper, he took a gulp and stared at the ceiling. He knew the caffeine would prolong his consciousness, but at this point he didn’t care. He wanted the sweet delirium that alcohol brought on, but it was too early at dawn to go to a store. So he took another swallow, and enjoyed the light pain of the fizz going down his throat. He sighed. 

Grabbing a handful of chips, he went onto the messenger. Opening the apartment’s security feed on another monitor, he changed his name again. 

[707 joined the chatroom] 

I guess I should pretend I finished work now, huh? Guess I shouldn’t make the members worry… 

707: Finally free from the shackles of being a secret agent for today ^^ 

707: I can finally rest now! 

707: Oh, but it looks like MC still hasn’t untaped the security cameras…

He typed as he looked at the empty apartment. There was never any tape. Just an excuse to make them feel less sad about her leaving. Just an excuse to make them feel like her desertion was temporary. 

707: MC~ I only installed them to keep you safeee.. you don’t think to think of me as some creep ㅠㅠ 

Good. Maybe this will make the other members joke around later… 

[707 left the chatroom]

And every day, Saeyoung retreated further into his 707 personality. Everything he said became an attempt to make the other members laugh. Once or twice every day, he even logged on with a fake account with MC’s name. Just to keep them thinking that everything was alright. And everything was alright, except for himself. Tear filled nights, and rage filled nights, nights he couldn’t remember. Nights that made him go from laughter to tears to screams in seconds. Nights that left his mind blank except for one name, and one person. MC. 

It’s okay, I forgive you. I’ll still love you. 

Lucky Strike

Poe Dameron x Reader Modern Setting!AU

Summary: Your excitement to meet the company’s most requested pilot was nearly zero. Little did you know you were going to swallow your words.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
7,279 words

Notes: Here it goes the AU I’ve been talking about! FINALLY. Risking a Poe fic request on the way! Hope you guys enjoy out favorite posterboy being the pilot of an airline company. I ALSO HOPE I MADE HIM JUSTICE. Tell me if I’m torturing y’all with my bad Star Wars writing.Happy reading! <3

You had never met Poe Dameron and yet, he was the most debated topic between the flight attendants at the operational dispatch room. It even surprised you that with two years of working at Millennium airlines, that would be your first time in hosting one of Commander Dameron’s flights, given he was one of the most active and requested pilot for long flights – exactly the ones you preferred working on. 

But you always heard the chitchat between a few coworkers, pretty much gushing about his looks and how flirty but yet polite he was. You’d be honestly lying if it didn’t perk your curiosity for a little bit though you’d never truly admit it. 

And now you were about to meet the said man but your excitement wasn’t even one percent near to the other girls (and a few boys) giddiness. 

“So, I take it you were a part of Commander Dameron’s crew before…” You low key questioned Hanna, one of the few flight attendants that you’d previously worked before as you entered the conference room, clutching your shoulder bag to your side as she nodded in response. “You’re friends or something?”

She snorted quietly and glanced at you as if you’d just said the most absurd thing ever, her eyes rolling playfully as you finally sat around the huge table. 

“I wish! It was just a two hour flight.” Hanna sighed exaggeratedly as you chuckled quietly at her dreamy expression. “Never saw him again after that. Tough luck.”

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