airline hostess

We’ve come a long way, baby! Or have we?

What are the requirements to be a flight attendant?

HEIGHT- Normally the minimum height is between 5'0-5'1 and the maximum ranges between 5'8-6'3. The height requirements are DIFFERENT at every airline. Many airlines do not even have height requirements, but instead require that you be able to reach to a certain height.

VISION: Correctable eyewear or contact are allowed to ensure you can meet the corrected vision requirements.

WEIGHT: There are NO weight standards at US airlines. You will only be visually assessed and the recruiter is looking for weight in proportion to height. 

EDUCATION: Only a high school diploma (Or GED) is required. NO prior schooling or training is required. The airline that hires you will provide all of your training. Airline training material is highly specific and safety sensitive and cannot be purchased. You cannot receive your airline training from any place other than the airline, regardless of what you might see on the internet.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Some airlines will require some customer service experience. This can be in any type of situation that brought you into contact with the public in some capacity. Usually, if you can demonstrate in your interview that you are aware of and can perform effective customer service, you are considered qualified.

TEN YEAR BACKGROUND CHECK: You must be able to pass a ten year background check and drug screening.

MEDICAL EVALUATION: Once selected you will undergo a physical to ensure you are in good health. 

the signs as excerpts from this old school textbook i found filled with various short stories i wrote about my classmates

aries: When Chris woke up, a rural farmer had found him and given him a bed, some water and super-armored robotic limbs.

dinosaurus: Ben Stiller must land on the same area as Adam Sandler, because he’s super effective against him. Everybody knows this.

the third sign. uh. gemini? wait is that fourth: “Be careful, Philip” said his manager, Barney. “It’s a competitive field out there.” Philip went outside and a field came over. “Hey loser,” said the field.

is cancer the third one or the fourth one…? cancer: They all tried to have a hoe-down but they just weren’t feeling it because everyone was dead

leo: “Sir, please put your tray thing down,” said the airline hostess lady. But Sam was in no mood for games so he bifurcated her with his katana

virgo (virgo is here right?): I have used the sentence opener “This time…” twice already. That’s because the current time is the time it is twice than ever before!

libra: She can only count to 138. Why? Because this is the number of times she’ll kick you.

scorpion: “Adam, we meet again,” said Satan, looking up from his paperwork. Before he could make another move, Adam took a stapler out of the dark lord’s jacket pocket and stapled his head to the desk. “Looks like I call the shots now,” said Adam.

capricorn: “Good morning,” said my daughter, Trainmaster. “It’s 1pm. You are a terrible daughter, good-bye” I said, and I shot her

aquariums: I googled “18” and found some disturbing results - it is the number directly after 17

pisces (i know where this one is because its me): I was climbing the ancient tower but then I fell off and died. Please tell your friends about this. Thanks