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2 Muslim American women were kicked off an American Airlines flight for making staff feel “unsafe.”

Niala Mohammad, a senior broadcast journalist and producer for Voice of America, and her unidentified friend, who declined to be named to BuzzFeed because she works for the federal government, were on the delayed American Airlines Flight 2239 that was sitting on the tarmac for more than three hours, according to BuzzFeed.

To help the time go by, Mohammad was watching Pakistani dramas on her iPhone. Her friend started conversing with a nearby male passenger about the delay, mentioning that no food or water was given to passengers. It was during this time a male flight attendant approached Mohammad’s friend and told her that she could get off the plane if she wasn’t pleased with the service.

After further conflict with the flight attendant, an American Airlines customer relations representative asked them to come to the front with their belongings. Once they reached the ramp, a number of air marshals and Miami-Dade police officers were waiting to escort the two. Mohammad believes her ethnicity played a big part in it.

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Scumbag shoplifters, our clamshell-spilt blood is on your hands.

6 Design Flaws That Annoy You Every Day (And Why They Exist)

#6. Wrap Rage

You hate it. Everyone hates it. It’s impossible to open by hand, and even with a pair of scissors, massive, hand-shredding chunks of plastic are left sticking out of it at odd angles.

[W]hy, you shout, shaking your bleeding hands at the sky, would anyone in the world design packaging that’s impossible to open?

To make it impossible to open.

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a series of poems about my love
for you
which is a sledge hammer, a broken fist,
ten compact mirrors under a bright red
boulder, a tornado in a house fire, a low
hanging planter growing fresh poison,
double sided tape, noname kitty litter,
rope stolen from a hardware store, an
airline announcement about a delayed
flight home, the blue light from a
charging laptop, the kind of animal
sounds people make from
a wound that can’t be seen with the naked eye


Flights delayed in and out of Southend Airport

SEVERAL flights in and out of Southend Airport are being delayed today.

The 7.45am flight to Caen, France, is now expected to leave at 10am, while the 11.10am Rennes service is delayed by more than two hours.

Passengers travelling to Gronningen on the 2.55pm flight face a two hour and ten minute delay, as do those expected to leave for Munster at 6.25pm.

Incoming services are also being affected, with each othe inbound flights from Caen, Rennes, Gronningen and Munster all delayed, having the knock on effect to the outbound journeys. (News Source : )

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FYI United's computer problems aren't the only travel issue right now. There are hundreds of us stuck in the Continental terminal at Newark after missing connections due to weather delays. They shut customer service at midnight even though there were at least 100 of us still in line who had been waiting over 2 hours. I'm currently on hold with Continental and have been for an hour after trying since midnight to get through and repeatedly getting a busy signal.

» SFB says: That’s incredibly lame … we’ve been there. And unlike United, nobody’s really covering this mess. (EDIT: According to ProducerMatthew, it’s possible that the United mess could be related, as Continental is run by United and it might be affecting their customer service.) Any luck, or does it look like you’ll be stuck overnight? — Ernie @ SFB