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Airiz, I just read this! Oh, my! I want you to know that ever since I found your Book Tumblr and, eventually, your other online havens, you make my day every time I read your posts. I’m a fan of your writing and your doodles. Your reviews made me start reading Murakami and I am forever grateful for that. (BTW, I started reading Gaiman, but I’m afraid my first book of him was not the right choice. I guess I should have asked you first, eh? :D) Thank you so much!

Oh, yeah. The shirts! I love them! If I could wear them every day I would, seriously! I seldom visit Manila, but when I do, in the future, and if we ever encounter each other, I hope I’m wearing one of the shirts. Again, thank you!


My Bookworm Valentine. Valentine’s Day is approaching! As a gift for you guys, here are some geeky hand-drawn cards, inspired by the awesome doodles of elledoubleyou and butthorn. Feel free to print these out and give them to your loved ones if you want! ;) It will surely make a happy, Cupid-esque single this February 14. Haha!

Card 01: Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark from Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games (whoops! Looks like Cupid managed to slip one of his arrows in your quiver, Kat!).

Card 02: Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo from George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. I originally planned to draw Cersei and Jaime, but I guess the Khaleesi’s love life is less…poisonous. If you know what I mean.

Card 03: Of course we’ll have a gay couple! It features Jack & Grayson from Alaya Dawn Johnson’s Love Will Tear Us Apart (anthologized in Zombies vs. Unicorns and Wilde Stories 2011). Grayson’s drooling because Jack still smells like a happy meal to him. :p

Card 04: Touchstone & Sabriel from my ever-favorite fantasy YA series, Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom Trilogy.

Supposed-to-be Card 05: I have a lesbian valentine card too, but a friend took it away before I had the chance to scan it. It features two girls from Malinda Lo’s Ash, a lesbian retelling of Cinderella. I drew Kaisa and Aisling with their backs to the viewers, looking up at a small clock that reads 12:01. The caption says, “I’ll love you even after midnight.” Maybe I’ll just post it later, when I feel not-so-lazy to doodle again. LOL

The future freaks me out. In one of my old sketchbook-diaries, I once doodled a ghost against a storm of black scribbles. I named it “past,” and right beside it are the words “Sometimes it haunts me in my sleep.” One tossed grad cap and several steps into the proverbial Real World later, a new kind of ghost started to haunt every nook of my head. It was scarier, bigger. It named itself “the future.”

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Ghost of the Past. I started drawing on my sketchbook journal last night! My first entry is not particularly cheerful. When insomnia decides to visit me at night, this little ghost drifts from the middle of nowhere and haunts me till the wee small hours of the morning. Just sometimes, though. On good days, Mr. Pillows and Sheets will transport me straight to Dreamland once I hit them.

I’ll feature at least one doodle from my sketchbook journal every week. :) Not here, though (I want this tumblr to be lit-related as much as possible). Anyone else on blogspot? I’d love to connect with you there. Just drop me a line!

My blogspot’s at Cinderella in Combat Boots.

The best kind of books are those that are honest. Their love is borne verbatim from their author’s parental affections: word by word, they expose their very being for their beholder’s mind and heart.

Their honesty can become so contagious that you, the reader, gradually opens your heart to their pages. You shed a tear or two when the characters’ pain blooms; you laugh when they can’t contain the bliss in their chests. Their words send your pulse rushing, dragging you with the charging plot.

The reading experience becomes more personal this way. You and the books clandestinely share a piece of your souls to each other, and more often than not, the intimacy lingers even after the you have turned the last page.

The best kind of books are those that are honest; the best kind of books are those that are alive.

Her soul slipped into a spacesuit of patched-up hopes.
She looked into the vacuum and muttered,
“If light-years can be measured in teacups,
I’d be drinking my way up into the stars.”
But her dreams are nebulae, or even galaxies, away
and no amount of caffeine can bring her there.

Her heart nestled in a bed of sewn-together prayers.
She closed her eyes and whispered,
“If light-years can be measured in keystrokes,
I’d be writing my way up into the stars.”
But Words, no matter how strong,
may need more fuel from her to bring her there.

Her tears were kept nowhere; they clouded her eyes.
She blinked them away and said,
“If light-years can be measured in saltwater,
would the nights I spent crying not be enough?”
The Universe went on spinning,
trying to ignore her despair.

Perhaps light-years can be measured
in how wide you can stretch
your heart’s threshold for pain;
in how many lash beatings
your soul can take
or in how many buckets of tears
you can keep at bay.

She knows she doesn’t know.
She’s more than a sightless Spacewalker
but the starshine from faraway, perhaps, is enough
for her to walk blindly, for a while.

© Airiz Casta, 2013

SEVEN DEADLY SINS (top). Supposed to be it’s for our literary folio, but our graphics and layout editor (Mind in Material) rejected it. She said it looks too “modern”. *shrugs* I got to make another set though.
SEVEN DEADLY SINS (bottom). The version of “Team Sins” that our G&L editor approved for the folio. The one to be published is set in sepia though, together with Team Sins; apparently she’s aiming for a vintage effect or something.

Announcement to Lyceans, Imaginaccion XIII: Existentia will be released on the 21st of February. Sorry for the delay! We made sure the book’s worth the wait!