airin be my boyfriend


Yes, it’s Maitake not Nannan. But I could only tell because of the hairstyle. Maitake ties her hair like that often.. and Nannan is doing twin tails today according to her post on g+. Maitake is NOT a lolicon, according to her.

Maitake: “I don’t go for an age range, I go for cute girls.”

Well, fair enough. She also attacked Neesan recently.. On a separate note I wish she’d stop calling Airi “Airi-tan” because that honestly makes me gag.


I was gonna do this for valentine’s day, but decided to upload this RenAirin video first because 3 different people requested it in the last week.  So for valentine’s day it’ll be a video with whole lot of very moe Furukawa Airi…  I figured that it would be a better fit than this since I get jealous of Rena-san and her getting chocolates from an embarrassed Airin on Valentine’s Day OTZ.

Again, all my work with the editing, subbing, timing… enjoy.  Oh yeah.  No daily RenAirin digest today because this took 8 times the usual amount of time that I spend on that.  Also take note that I didn’t beta this because I’m sleepy as fuck and just want to get it out… So yeah.

Goodnight.  Oyasuminasairin.

yeah, it’s 3 sets of chibi airin today. and chibi FURUYANAGI again!!! and ;A; DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ;A; urghhhhhhhh ADAWWWWWWWWWWWWRABLE and this time, she doesn’t just troll churi, but Rena-san as well ;A;

2013-07-17 15:07:11


Furukawa  (゜∀。*) Inazuma 03


It’s Furukawa for the 3rd time.


It can’t be the third timeeeeeee!


For the people who say that, if you’re free


Please go take a look at the previous 2.


Suppin (T/N: no make up) Furukawa,


went with no make up on


to meet AKB48-san


and when she got the chance to talk to the members,


“What if the don’t know that it’s Furukawa because I have no make up on? What if the next time that we meet, I have make up on, they might say ‘nice to meet you’… nervous nervous”


she was worrying too much about such stuff.


So that such things won’t happen


definitely, when meeting people, I have to put make up on… I was thinking things like that.


On such a day’s Chibi Airin

Churi: *running* Airi Airi Airiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Airi: Guh!! Something is coming!!!

Churi: *rubbing up against Airi* heyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Airi thinking: She’s in a troublesome mood todayyyyyyyyyyy


*hits Churi* It’s good that I had it. “Utsukushii Inazuma”

Goes on sale today.


※ Good children, please don’t imitate this okay ♪ Bad children, please don’t imitate this either and become good kids okay ♪


No matter when or where


It’s good to have it.


“Utsukushii Inazuma”


It’s good to have it beside…… (cuts off)


yes, yes, at a certain convenience store


there’s a Shingeki no Kyojin campaign starting isn’t it.


I look forward to it….


Definitely, I will have to go in the morning isn’t it….


It’s Furukawa who is too into Shingeki no Kyojin.


※From left, Rena-san, Furukawa, Churi




got so excited about Utsukushii Inazuma that


it seems that she has lost her face.


As expected of Rena-san(゜Д゜*)←what is


Airin (゜∀。*)

I wanna become your hero, y'know

- Furukawa Airi’s self-introduction during today’s girls-only Ramune no Nomikata stage.

*cue loud squeals and ‘kyaaaaaaaaaaa’s*

There was a group of about 30 “Furukawa girls” (they named themselves that) on twitter who got in and it was free-seating… D: damn, I wanna go to a girls-only stage.

AKB Request Hour 2013 #91 - Manazashi Sayonara (360p, ripped from the live stream)

Seriously, every single time I see them do this live during a concert, I think “it can’t get better”. but it does.  Airi’s expressions in this are even beyond Gaishi Hall, which was waaaaaaaaaay better than the already-Godly 2011 SKE Request Hour (which effectively was what turned me into an Airi-oshi).  Watch and pant with me ハァハァ‏(`A’)❤❤ (゜∀。*)

RenAirin, Glasses (Airin)

Airin puts on her “normal” glasses and reads manga next to Rena-san.  Pretty old, gif-ing it ‘cause someone wanted to see and I was going mad over cute Megane!Airi.  Yeah, that’s the introverted, adorable, otaku Airi that I know and love. 

External image
External image

*_*Airiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ILU

Watch on

Last one for tonight.  No, Imade… I’m not envious… at all.  AT ALL.  Btw…  the reference to Imade being Airin’s boyfriend:  This has going on since.. uh…  about a year and a half ago, but they haven’t really done anything much since this and Imade seriously flirts with EVERYONE.

Fuck being envious, I’m so damned jealous.  Airi looks so cuddly. OTZ

Ok…  going off to work too.