Hello~ Its been a little over a year since I’ve made this blog, and hit my first follower goal a while ago so I wanted to take some time to show my appreciation for all of the wonderful blogs I follow and the amazing people that run them, especially the ones that I’ve had opportunity to meet! 

Bolded are my friends/people that I’ve talked to before (´ ▽`).。o♡

-atlas I adorabubblr I ahiruuai-gisairify I amai-chaanimiya I  I aogir-ic-aelinecaydia I chiisai-hopecinness I colormyworldd I coloufuldrieifrockle I habutihyrulegoddessichiino I jungotori kietsuukuro-no-ravenlenpailluvina I madoakiramei-shii I megane—kunmidoriis I miiniwanemuipandanisoku I nomuriooemi I reii-sama I rifearimurockettensionsakan-a I sakiruusamuraibleu I seyuri I  shiraui I shioshishioshizuuku I siperusteishokutensh-iiteriyakis I toberuu I umekoriutekisyuikkos 

Thank you for being awesome, you guys have made tumblr a wonderful place to be for me and I appreciate every post of yours that appears on my dash and I’m sorry this wasn’t fancy or long or anything >.< I don’t follow many people so this list is very short and I hope the next time I do this I can include more people but there are other fantastic blogs that can be found on my blogroll! If any of these links are broken or you changed your url please tell me and Ill fix it ASAP.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading  ♥ 

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