airhornsman  asked:

Hi! I was wondering what your thoughts were on reusing candles (and maybe other spell components)? I'm pretty against wasting materials and money but I don't want to muddle my energies and intentions.

I reuse candles all the time, if they haven’t been carved or created for one specific spell. And really, I try to avoid doing THAT unless it’s a small candle. If you make a candle for a certain intent (protection, sleep, luck, etc), you can reuse it for spells with that same type of intent later on. If you just used it for color magic, then do with it what you will.

Some other components may not work as well the second time around, or may need to be cleaned / cleansed before reusing. I don’t recommend using plants a second time; they’re pretty much kindling after one use unless it’s a bundle for smoke-cleansing. Jars and sachets MAY be reused, but they’ll need a thorough cleaning to remove old materials.

The focus and intent you put into the spell are always going to be more important than the physical tools and ingredients.

(And yes, I’m totally against needlessly wasting materials and money if you don’t have to.)