Ok, so, Lily Airheart’s father fought in The Great War,World War I, which ended in 1918. Lily would have had to have been born that year or later, sometime between 1918-1920.

She went to prom with Jimmy Wright, so they met while they were in high school, so sometime between 1934-1938.

With this timeline it goes to reason that Jimmy would have fought in World War II, and thus been lost sometime in WWII.

Rabbit also says in The Ballad of Lily that they knew Ms. Lily Airheart; Did they meet her during the war? Was she serving as a nurse or, seeing as she was part airplane, was she doing something a bit less lady-like? Or did they meet her after the war, while she was searching for Jimmy? Did she know they had served with him and gone to them for help?

I dunno but I sure as hell am going to write a fanfic about it.

Sooo, about Airheart

In trawling the SPG tag it’s not uncommon to come across posts about how sad the song “Airheart” is.  And really, going by the song alone it DOES sound like the characters kinda-maybe-probably-who-are-we-kidding-there’s-no-way-they-didn’t-  die.

But here’s the thing: They DON’T die!

As was stated in an art-stream a while back, “Airheart” is meant to be taken extremely literally.  It actually only tells the beginning of the story, and the plan is to eventually expand it into a full comic telling the tale of how Lily goes out to find Jimmy (literally “lost in the skies”).  It will involve a strange airship with a crew of burrowing sky-gopher-thingies, sky serpents, and a sky-witch.  Apparently the ‘air-heart’ itself is also very important.

So ya see?  Airheart is not a sad story!  It’s a prologue to a much longer Dieselpunk story of as-yet-ambiguous tone!  Rejoice my fellow fans, and remember that they ONLY FOUND JIMMY’S GOGGLES! :-D