Hey! Are you interested in helping craft an amazing steampunk world with floating cities, airships, and sky pirates? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

(If you don’t know what Airheart is, click HERE to find out more before reading on.)

The 104thvoicesquad, the group that created the audioplay Attack on Space, is working hard on a brand new, original project, and we need your help! The world of Airheart is vast and complex, and creating the art for it is something we can’t do alone. By joining our art team, you’d be helping us not only be able to get this project out quicker, but you’d also be able to be a part of the creation of what we hope will be an amazing story.

We’re looking for artists of all kinds, but especially those who are willing to do background art. Even if that’s not in your skill set, however, there are still plenty of ways to contribute! The potential areas an artist on the art team could work on include:

  • Background art (obviously)
  • CG art (“action shots”; would potentially be split between team members, i.e. one person sketches, one person does line art, one person colors)
  • Sprite work (would potentially be split up in the same manner as CG art)
  • Character designs
  • Concept art (of designs for the sky animals, floating cities, airships, buildings, etc.)

With a project of a scale like this, there’s quite a lot of ground to cover. It’s no exaggeration that the Art Team has probably the most work to do. That’s why we’re trying to get as many willing and capable artists as we can; the more people we have on the team, the less each individual member has to do.

With that in mind, and before I explain how to apply for a position, here’s some information that you should know about working on the Art Team:

  1. Deadlines are generally on a weekly basis. However, considering the nature of this kind of work, these deadlines can be worked around on an individual basis so that no one is being given more work than they can handle in a given amount of time
  2. On that note, if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time, but would still like to contribute, there is the option of coming on-board as a “part-time” member, who is given very few assignments with a long due date, but who is still able to help push the project along in some capacity.
  3. You will need a Skype account. Skype is the main method of communication between Sierra (our wonderfully talented Art Team Head) and the rest of the team, so just keep that in mind.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the Art Team, please send an email to and attach a few pictures and/or a link to your portfolio so we can better gauge your art style. Also, be sure to include your Skype username, too. This won’t be an audition process; if we think your art can benefit the team, you’re in. Simple as that.

Anyway, that’s all there is to say about that. If you’ve got any other questions regarding applying or being on the Art Team, feel free to send us an ask!

(If you don’t know what Airheart is, click HERE to view our project’s introductory video!)

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Hey everyone, Aaron here! As Airheart production begins to kick into high gear, there’s a lot to say on how this project will work and when you can expect episodes to start airing. Since there’s a lot I want to get through, I’ll just go through things one by one.

1. Production

To preface this, let me talk a little bit about how Attack on Space’s production worked. Attack on Space had two main producers — Reuben and myself — with Jonah and the sprite/CG artists as our only other non-VA production team members. Reuben did all the writing and most of the audio editing (Jonah helped with SFX and a few audio sequences throughout the series), and I did the video editing, and that was that. Several of the 104thvoicesquad members helped push the story in various directions, but only Reuben and I had any direct influence over where things would go.

With Airheart, all of that changes. The biggest and perhaps most jarring of these changes is the introduction of an official Production Team, composed of the three smaller teams: the Writing Team, the Art Team, and the Music Team. Eventually, a fourth team, the VA Team, will be added to this list, but as is clear to everyone right now, casting has yet to be completed. More on that below.

The Writing Team is led by both Chad (Attack on Space’s Erwin Smith), who is a very talented writer, and myself. As should be expected, this team is responsible for writing out the entire story, from start to finish. Since it’s now a team working on the plot instead of a single person, there’s a lot of idea crafting and juggling to help push the plot forward in new and unexpected ways.

The Art Team is led by the wonderful Sierra, who on top of being a highly skilled artist, was also one of the artists who worked on Attack on Space. This team has what is most likely the most time-consuming job, which is to create each and every art asset that is used in the series. This is a stark contrast to Attack on Space’s art team, which only created sprites (and later, CGs), while I photoshopped images from Google for basically every background in the series. Now, everything you see will be completely original.

And that goes for what you hear, too! The Music Team is led by the ever-talented Nathanael, who, along with the rest of the team, will be producing a completely original soundtrack for the series. That means that everything about this series, from the sound effects, to the plot, to the art, to the music, will all be completely original. Wow.

As for the post-production side of things, Jonah will be doing the audio editing, while I will be doing the video editing. Both of us are striving to go a step higher than our work in Attack on Space, so you can be assured that each episode will be top-notch quality when it comes out.

(To see a more comprehensive list of the members of each team, please visit Airheart’s Cast and Crew page to find out more.)

Of course, there’s still the VA Team to worry about. When the time comes, Jonah will be the one pushing that team along. He’ll also be one of the people looking over your auditions…

2. New Character!

Speaking of auditions, why don’t we talk about the characters of this story? While I’m not going to reveal too much this time around, I’d like to introduce you to one of the more prominent characters you’ll be meeting in the story:

Emerson Seabrooke – The Captain of the Airheart. As a leader, his actions are naturally firm and deliberate. He cares about the well-being of every single one of his crew members, and those who know him well know that despite his serious exterior, he is compassionate to the people close to his heart.

As for the rest of the Airheart crew, you’ll be hearing more about them in time.

3. Voice Auditions

Now, I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering when voice auditions would begin and how they would work. Well, I’ll walk you guys through the gist of things, but let’s start with what I promised first, the date of auditions.

Voice auditions for Airheart will begin on November 22nd, at 7pm EST.

Woah, Aaron! That’s pretty far off! Yes it is, and for good reason. As has been previously stated, Airheart is still in its earliest stages of development, which means that there’s still a lot of preliminary work to be done before we can even assign anything to voice actors. Thus, we’ve set auditions a few weeks off so that by the time of casting, there will already be scripts for cast members to record.

Now, about the details of these auditions. First of all, these auditions are *not* for any one specific character. They will be general auditions – that is to say, everyone will be given the same generic lines that they’ll have to read off for the audition. There may be some other elements of the auditioning process, but that has yet to be decided.

The audition period will be 3 weeks long. At the end of that period, Jonah and I will select four individual (two female voices, two male voices) to be added to the voice pool for Airheart. Depending on the specific audition and the openings in the cast, some of those four people may end up playing a major character role, but keep in mind that we can not guarantee that you will get a major role by auditioning. Which roles which people get are dependent on a couple of factors, but because we have no way of knowing how auditions go, things will be pretty up in the air until the day auditions end.

Something else I’d like to add in here is in order to audition for Airheart, you need to keep these things in mind:

  • You must be available to record between the dates of 11/22 and 12/13, as that is the audition period.
  • In the case you are cast, you are expected to be able to record on a weekly basis starting the week following your casting (the usual deal being “one episode a week”). We can make exceptions for emergency situations, but obviously we don’t expect that to be the norm for anyone who’s cast.
  • In the case you are cast, you may be expected to sing. Sea shanties are a thing, and if you end up playing a character on the Airheart, that may be something you have to do.
  • In the case you are cast, you are not to speak about the details of the project to anyone outside of it. Since everyone on the cast will be aware of the story well in advance of the final product being completed, we need to ensure that nothing regarding the plot, art, or music is leaked to the public. You may only speak publicly about details that have already been released from this blog.

If you have any other questions regarding auditions, feel free to ask! However, I won’t be answering any questions about the actual audition materials. When 11/22 rolls around, all of that will be posted for you to see. For now, make sure to follow this blog or track the “airheart (audioplay)” tag so you don’t miss anything.

- - -

That’s all for now. Until 11/22, I won’t be posting any big production updates, but feel free to send us an ask or post about the project in the tracked tag! And, of course, artist auditions are still ongoing, so if you’re interested, go and check that out as well!

See you guys then!

-Aaron (Project Leader)

I came across this picture while listening to the song “Airheart" by Steam Powered Giraffe. It seemed to fit, though I’m not sure exactly where. I want to give credit for it but their source link was dead. Anyway, Airheart… Cool…

Oh, duh, their name is written up the side of the picture… Looks like this outfit was designed by Bibian Blue but is no longer available. Not that I could have afforded it anyhow. ;)


The next Airheart Character Reveal is here!

Meet Aisha Hennessy, the Chief Mate of the Airheart. You might even call her “a drill sergeant with a heart of gold.” Quick-tongued and fiercely devoted to those she holds dear, she’s quite literally had to fight her way from the poverty- and pollution-stricken surface to get to where she is now. And such a great position, of course, requires a great amount of responsibility…

Aisha Hennessy will be voiced by Sahar. Check out the video above to see and hear her trailer. The audio was edited by Jonah Scott, the final character design was drawn by Sierra, and the video was edited by James Brown Jr.

Tune in next week for a reintroduction of Airheart’s protagonist, Jason Harper!

(If you don’t know what Airheart is, click HERE to view our project’s introductory video!)

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Hey there, everyone! It’s Aaron again. It’s been quite a while since the last update (a little over three weeks, in fact), so there’s a huge amount of stuff to talk about, right? Well, sort of. Let’s get into the thick of this production nonsense:

1. Leadership Changes and the Executive Committee

Production’s been slowly heading towards a decline as of late, and we’ve realized that communication and organizational problems in the group are part of what’s caused that. After a long discussion, a lot of stuff needed to be changed to get things back on track. The biggest of these changes is the creation of the Executive Committee, a group of six people that will basically do all of the things I was doing before, only now there’s six people to split the work between and more opinions to add to the table in regards to important group decisions. Essentially, this means that there are now six project leaders! Incredible. Anyway, here are the people who are now on the committee:

  • Aaron - Yeah, I’m still on the team. Instead of doing everything, though, I’ll be focusing mainly on organization and the Writing Team (I am one of the Team Heads, after all).
  • Chad - As the other Writing Team Head, Chad will be assisting with decisions regarding the writing and such. He’s a pretty cool dude.
  • Nathanael - Nate is the music god of Airheart, and this project would fall to its knees without him. As you might expect, he’ll be assisting with decisions regarding music.
  • Sierra - As the lovely and talented Art Team Head, Sierra will be one of the biggest creative forces behind the visual aspect of Airheart.
  • Jonah - Jonah’s the Team Head of the recently created VA Team. He’ll be commanding over all of the voice actors and making sure they get their lines in on time and all that stuff.
  • Sahar - Sahar isn’t a Team Head, but will still be handling important duties as the representative of the social environment of the group. Their focus will be on the individual members, finding problems and and making sure concerns are dealt with promptly.

While each of the members of the Executive Committee have a specific focus, they work both in tandem and together in making decisions regarding the project. We’re hoping that this will make production go by a lot more smoothly. This project isn’t going to manage itself!!

2. Pre-Production is Not Going as Fast as We’d Like It To

Like I’ve stated above, there were some organization problems that began to present itself over the past several weeks, and unfortunately that affected production in those weeks. While we’re still making progress (and quite a lot, at that!), things aren’t going as fast as our initial schedule (from the previous production update) predicted. Thus, I’m gonna go ahead and redact that previous prediction, and in its place shall be a small paper note that reads, “When is Airheart going to premiere? Probably at some point in 2015.” In any case, don’t hold your breath waiting for the premiere. You’ll die if you do.

So, where is production then? Well, on the writing side of things, we’re still storyboarding episodes out, so that’s slowly getting done. Episode 1’s script is nearing completion, with Episode 2 already in its drafting stages. Episode 1 will definitely be finished by next week, so that’ll be nice.

The Music Team is basically always on the ball. Like I said, Nathanael is a music god. Blessed be his soul.

The recently created VA Team hasn’t actually been assigned anything yet, but they will be getting their first assignment within the week, and we will whip them until they produce content for us.

The Art Team probably took the most damage from the organization issues, but it’s jumped back incredibly well since the leadership change. We’ve got a bunch of awesome BG art that’s been created, as well as a couple of character designs (+loads and loads of concept art).

3. The Part Where We Show You Some Cool Airheart Stuff

Speaking of concept art, why don’t we let you in on another cool graphic? I’ll plop it down right in this post:

External image

This particular piece, drawn by the talented Adoxographist, is a concept design for one of Airheart’s many, diverse characters. You’ll be seeing more of this little rascal and some of the other characters in updates to come, but for now, I’ll simply leave you with this mysterious face.

But that’s not all! To showcase a little of Airheart’s music, we’ve got another little treat for you. Below is an alternate version of Airheart’s opening theme, created by Nathanael Platier. If it doesn’t play, you can also CLICK HERE to go directly to the page itself.

Done listening yet? Alright, cool. As with the art stuff, we’ll be showcasing little bits of music here and there as we continue on with these updates. Stay tuned for more cool stuff!

4. Everything Else That I Won’t Both Categorizing

So, you might be wondering, “When should I expect these updates to come out? Is there any set schedule for how these will be released?” And indeed there is, my dear friend! From here on out, production updates will be released twice a month, with one update happening on the 15th of the month, and the second happening on the last day of the month. However, since we’re already pretty close to the end of January, we won’t be doing an End-Of-January update (every month afterwards, though, will follow the schedule we’ve laid out above). So, expect another giant wall of text to be approaching your doorstep on February 15th! Fun stuff, man. Fun stuff.

At the sake of sounding even more repetitive and annoying, we’re always looking for talented artists to come and join the ranks of our fellow crew members! If you or someone you know is an artist, consider asking them to send in an application! You can find the details of how to apply HERE.

Another thing I should mention is that, well, now that I’m no longer the sole leader of the group, it’s possible that you will be seeing production updates written by other members of the Executive Committee at some point down the road. This doesn’t mean too much, but I figured I’d let you guys know so it’s not a surprise when it happens.

Other than that, there’s not much else to say. If you’ve got any questions, our ask box is always open, and you can also email us at

See you in the next update!