An early sketch for a project that chronicles the history of communications technologies at the Cambria Airforce Base and radar station. From protecting the coastline during WWII to becoming the home of a regional WiFi business and future data center, this project seeks to reveal the history of a forgotten site on the coast of California.

Oh? So now you want to talk..

You know that boy I was kind of seeing and he’s in the air force the one that stopped talking to me the one that screamed at me yea him… he’s talking to me now. And he'sin coming back home soon. And he wants me to see him when he’s back and I don’t know how to feel what to think. I just don’t know. Should I give him a second chance? I am just lost. With every thing. Im a at huge cross road in my life and him coming back in my life just adds another road.

Col. Frank Kuska and his wife Martha! I had the pleasure of working with them again tonight as he was honored on he ice for his retirement after 25 years in the Air Force. I have been blessed to call them my friends and to have had their support this past year. :) #honor #military #airfore #tblightning #salute