airforce girlfriend

September 19th will probably always be my favorite date. When I finally found him in the crowd after the many letters written, weeks spent waiting, and miles traveled. There is no way to describe this. It’s so crazy to me whenever I see girls post pictures with their Airman on family day because I was there sitting in the same bleachers, staring at the same pavement, feeling the same excitement and anxiety while waiting for them to announce his flight number so I would know exactly where to run when the Coin Ceremony was over. I wonder if any sat in the same seat as me, and how many have sat in that seat before me. I hope they all have a love like this.

They say you know without a doubt when you meet the person you plan to plant a ring on. I think when whoever said that they meant that there is an exact moment that you know you’re going to marry someone. My day just happened to be the day before you left for Texas. My love couldn’t be measured by the raindrops on leaves in the biggest rain forest in the world. My love couldn’t be explained by any words in the dictionary. My love for you is far greater then the number of snowflakes that have ever fallen. And I’m sure that our love could last through a thousand years of pain if it meant that by the end of those years we could simply just look into one another’s eyes and say that we made it.
—  An air force girlfriend
Life of an Air Force Girlfriend

Yet again, he is gone.

Miles away; far from my reach.

I understand it’s his duty

But why must it be this hard.

Why must he be so far away.

I just want him here with me

All the time; forever.

I love him with all my heart and more.

I will wait for him, and do what ever it takes.

We shall meet again in time and time again.

And soon in that time, there will be no more goodbyes

Only Goodnights.

 -K. Faretra