airforce bmt

Before I write this I want to make it known that my whole life I never ever pictured being with a guy in the military. Growing up in a military town and having military family, I knew the struggle and sacrifice and I knew I didn’t want that. The guy in the picture above is Quentin Patterson. We met in the 5th grade. We lost contact until we both started high school and he made it very clear he liked me very much ha. But despite his efforts, I just wanted to be his friend. I went through a very long and destructive relationship and horrible breakup and Quentin was there the entire time. Helping me cope with whatever I needed. But I was stubborn and I didn’t realize that he stuck around because he was in love with me. Until one day my dad-who has never told me that he wanted me to be with someone. He was usually the one trying to prevent that-sat me down and said very seriously “Please give him a chance, he cares about you so much, brittani”. Now this was a very big deal because I respect my dads opinion more than anyone else’s. My dad is my favorite person on this planet. It was in that moment I started to cry because I realized the extent of his love and I realized that I had my walls up for so long that I never realized how much I loved him too. It all happened so fast. It felt like I went to bed thinking of him as my friend and woke up completely in love with him. I had never felt something so strong in my life, it was overwhelming. We had just started our relationship when he found out he was leaving for basic in a few months. I had taken so much time for granted and I was devastated. The two months he was away at bmt were the longest of my life because even though we had only been together for 7 months, he had been my best friend for over two years. I was so used to spending every second with him, and now I couldn’t even text him. It was hard to say the least. The picture above is from his bmt graduation. I only got to spend two days with him but those were the best two days of my life. We realized that distance had only made us love each other more. He is in tech school now and I won’t see him for awhile. Which breaks my heart but I know we’re strong enough to endure it. Now, being with a man in the military doesn’t seem so bad because it’s him. And I would follow that boy anywhere. But I guess the real reason I made this post is because I have news and I don’t think that I can keep it to myself any longer. Quentin has asked me to marry him and I’ve said yes. Our wedding is going to be August 10, 2013. That is over six months away but it’s absolutely worth the wait. I never in a million years thought that the little blonde boy that sat in front of me in my 5th grade class would become my husband. It is absolutely crazy how God works things that way. But I am forever grateful. He is the purest, most beautiful boy I have ever met. And I don’t mean his outside, I am in love with his soul. I believe it is so rare nowadays to find someone so perfect for you in that way. To look at someone and see their heart. Many people live their whole lives and never get to experience that feeling. When I am with him, I literally feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world. And I will hold on to that feeling until the day I die.