airforce 1's

I ain't never been so confused in my life...

Y'all. So I’m walking back from class and some man in his early 30’s with some baggy ass clothes from Nelly’s “Airforce 1’s” music video shoot taps my shoulder like, “ Ma'am lemme holla at you for a sec?” I played dumb and was like, “oh, I already registered to vote last week.” He follows me and says, “the fuck? Ion care if you voting or not I’m just tryna see if you interested in joining my team.” I automatically lose interest. He like, “look just hear me out, you got a head scarf on, you look like one of them woke ass girls always on social media talm bout “support your black businesses and shit here’s a great way to start.” I’m like, “touché…what’s up?” This nigga says, “ard look I got this lucrative business of men and women who work together to help each other reach their climax point through physical taction and body positivity.” At this point I’m lost cause wtf kind of lucrative business is this and where his hood niggas ass accent go? This nigga goes on…“you’re probably wondering how you make money.
My production team and I observe you guys and film each moment and we put it out for customers to observe and use for their personal or shared use with friends. You’re guaranteed $5,000 for your first session should you agree. If you think it’s not for you and can’t further in any more videos, all you have to say is no and you still walk away with the $5,000 and we just keep your first session for sale.” He’s caught my attention but I still don’t know what tf this shit is. So I ask, “wait is this like a psychological reality tv show?” He’s like “almost…think of it more as an intimate interaction between the two sexes.” “Like porn my nigga?” He’s like, “yes but we don’t call it that anymore because it devalues our worth.” I’m like “nigga you used all those big ass words to describe shooting a porno film? nah I’m good.” As I’m turning to walk away this nigga says, “here’s my card, think about it, pray on it and hmu when you ready….” I’ve never been so confused in life. Did this nigga really just tell me to pray on shooting a porno? Lmaoooo

Fight Night |Chapter 1|

                                                   Chapter 1

     "I hate airplanes" I thought to myself as I walked down the aisles of the airplane I would spend the next 3 hours of my life on. I was sad and thrilled at the same time, sad to leave New Orleans where my whole family lived but, thrilled to go to Chicago where my boyfriend of 2 years Jack Gilinsky was touring with magcon!

      I found a seat in the back of the plane and prayed that it would not be a full flight, soon all the passengers were on the plane. Once my aisle was filled I put in my headphones and blasted Kendrick Lamars “swimming pools”.

      3 hours later the plane finally descended into the Chicago airport I got out of my seat in a hurry to get of this shit hole that they call a fucking commercial airplane. Walking off the plane is the worst, sweaty people all in a rush to get off a plane, talk about fucking disgusting, but I politely let people go infront of me and took my time getting off the plane. 

     Finally I got off the plane and walked straight to the bathroom where there was a full body mirror and looked at my outfit, not the comfiest but I hadn’t seen Jack in 3 months so it was worth it. I was wearing a blue crop top and some black high wasted shorts and some all white hightop airforce 1’s. The freshest outfit I could think of at 6 in the morning, once I fixed my hair and looked at myself one last time I walked out of the bathroom ready to see my man.
Walking through the airport felt like the longest 3 minutes of my life thoughts kept running through my head about what could go wrong. But finally I got to baggage claim. I looked around for a familiar face but couldn’t find any, then two arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me up of the ground I giggled in delight as Jack set me down. He immediately put his lips to mine and me not giving two shits let him put his tongue in my mouth making the kiss even more inappropriate.

      “I missed you Y/N.” “Missed you to boo” I said back to him with a smile. 

     Once Jack got my bags he grabbed my hand and lead me out to a rental Cadillac “Are you excited for Magcon tomorrow?” He asked “Well Duh, idiot” I replied, he smiled but to be completely honest I was dreading going to Magcon all these little girls drooling over my man trying grab his ass and shit like that, it wasn’t going to fly. 

     His hotel was only 10 minutes away from the airport and the whole drive to the hotel he held my hand, I smiled at that I could tell that Jack missed me and how can you not feel good about that? As soon as we got to the hotel I got excited to see everyone, we walked up to the room once Jack opened the door and All the boys and I exchanged hi’s and hugs. Then last was Sam and Nate. Sam being my best friend I was the most excited to see he gave me a huge hug then Nate, Nate and I had a thing a while back he was at a party in New Orleans for Mardi Gras that Jack didn’t know about. “Hey Y/N” he said with a smirk “You going to the part tonight?” Nate asked a smirk plastered on his face.