I don't...
  • I don't know: Libra, Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius
  • I don't care: Capricorn, Scorpio Taurus, Gemini
  • I d- I just don't do anything: Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, Leo
The signs as the Barbie movies

Capricorn: Nutcracker
Aquarius: Repunzel
Pisces: Magic of Pegasus
Aires: Barbie Island Princess
Taurus: Barbie in the the 12 Dancing Princesses
Gemini: Princess and the Pauper
Cancer: Barbie: The Pearl Princess
Leo: Barbie: Spy Squad
Virgo: Swan Lake
Libra: Barbie and her Sisters in A Pony Tale
Scorpio: The Princes & the Popstar
Sagittarius: Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2

The Signs as Boyfriends

Aires: The boyfriend who will play wrestle with you and give you little love bites. He loves to tickle you and is always trying so so so hard to impress you. He likes to end fights with making out.

Taurus: The boyfriend who lets you cry into his chest until you’re all better. He is the BEST hugger, loves to stare at your lips and drive you crazy. Will confront anyone he thinks is trying to make a move on you. He will protect you at all costs.

Gemini: The boyfriend who pushes you up against anything and everything to attack you with little kisses. He likes to keep his hand on you most of the time, he wants everyone to know you’re his.

Cancer: The boyfriend who pulls you behind a tree or a corridor and kisses you s l o w l y and makes you melt. He lets you sit on his lap, actually he asks you to.

Leo: The boyfriend who shows you off to everyone: his friends, his parents, and especially onlookers. He is proud of his girlfriend and will kiss her anytime, gets in trouble a lot for PDA. (He just smirks.) Gives you jewelry and expensive gifts all. the. time.

Virgo: The boyfriend who is so gentle, with kisses, words, and actions. He is softer with you than anyone else and it’s clear to see. Except when a guy looks you up and down, he might need to be restrained.

Libra: The boyfriend who acts as a neutralizer. He is always calming down friends in fights, some call him a mediator. And there is nothing more hot than watching him step between two charging guys and pushing them apart. Likes to rub his hands up and down your back when you kiss.

Scorpio: The boyfriend who looks you up and down as you walk by. He makes you feel flustered, and all the girls refer to him as a sex god. They’re right. He likes teasing you with little sexual acts throughout the day to make you need him. Smirking. All. The. Time.

Sagittarius: The boyfriend who is spontaneous and all the girls have a crush on. “Hey, you want to get out of here?” is generally how your dates start. He likes to lay on your chest and touch your collarbones.

Capricorn: The boyfriend who makes you cry with laughter. He’s smart, mature, and has a certain aura to him thats…well, hot. He is a great neck kisser.

Aquarius: The boyfriend who reads to you at night. He likes to be cuddled, climbed on and touched. He has amazing hair.

Pisces: The boyfriend who loves to run his fingers through your hair. He likes tilting your chin up when he kisses you. He is warm, gentle, and understanding. Great with kids and loves animals.

Los signos cuando llegan a casa y no tienen comida:

Aires: por qué me hacéis esto, ¿yo qué os he hecho?

Tauro: ya tenía comida dentro de su habitación por si alguna guerra nuclear llegara a ocurrir

Géminis: bueno vale, ¿QUÉ NO HAY PATATAS? Bueno me conformo… ¿QUÉ? Que sí coño, que no grito más, se entera de que tampoco hay bebidas OS VOY A MATAR A TODOS.

Cancer: hace galletas les sale como el horto al menos hay algo.

Leo: me he enfadado. se va a comer a un restaurante solo, con cara de mala hostia

Virgo: que no haya comida no está previsto en mi agenda. Lo vais a pagar caros josdeputa.

Libra: se queda sin comer pero a la hora de la cena devora todo lo que han traído. persona: deberías parar de comer Libra: cállate estúpida, mi estómago, idiota.

Escorpio: No importa tengo algo en el almacén. tiene un rehén

Sagitario: aprovecha y se acopla a comer en casa de unos amigos para luego ir a su casa a tirar huevos a la ventana del culpable de que no haya comida

Capricornio: ¿y ahora qué hago? ¿Me mato?

Acuario: pone pucheros al enterarse qué os pasa ¿acaso queréis matarme?

Piscis: se queda en shock por unos segundos y luego va a la cocina a intentar preparar algo, ve unas migas de galletas del desayuno por qué satán, yo confiaba en ti

things the signs think are worth living for

aires: mountain cliff’s views
taurus: lonely friday nights
gemini: latte art
cancer: three am texts
leo: cuddling
virgo: contrails in a clear sky
libra: world peace
scorpio success
sagittarius: traveling to new places
capricorn: detailed paintings
aquarius:  aesthetics on tumblr
pisces: late-night art sprees 

Uncommon words that describe the signs
  • Aries: serein- a fine light rain that falls in the evening hours, evening serenity
  • Taurus: aubade- a love song sung at dawn
  • Gemini: eumoirous- happiness due to being honest and wholesome
  • Cancer: dalliance- a brief love affair
  • Leo: selcouth- unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous
  • Virgo: orenda- a force present in everyone that drives them to effect the world
  • Libra: resfeber- the thrill you feel before an adventure
  • Scorpio: eloquence- beauty and persuasion in speech
  • Sagittarius: sempiternal- everlasting, eternal
  • Capricorn: sumptuous- lush, luxurious
  • Aquarius: etherial- extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world, angel like
  • Pisces: elysian- beautiful or inspired, divinely inspired
Los signos como manías:

Aries  → Queromanía;Compulsión obsesiva hacia la alegría.

Tauro → Citomanía;Deseo exacerbado por los alimentos y comer.

Géminis → Logomanía;Obsesión compulsiva por hablar.

Cáncer → Zoomanía;Pasión extraordinaria por los animales.

Leo → Egomanía;Obsesión excesiva y anormal por uno mismo.

Virgo → Bibliomanía;Interés excesivo por tener y adquirir libros.

Libra → Coreomanía;Obsesión por danzar o bailar.

Escorpio → Homicidiomanía;Impulso obsesivo por cometer homicidio.

Sagitario → Dromomanía;Deseo excesivo e intenso por viajar.

Capricornio → Crematomanía;Deseo obsesivo por acumular dinero y riquezas.

Acuario →  Necromanía;Excesiva fascinación por los muertos.

Piscis → Tasalomanía;Fasinación por el vaivén y el sonido del mar.

  • Aires: cigarettes, black hair, hot summer nights, first heartbreak, bruised knuckles.
  • Taurus: vanilla cake, first crush,hazel eyes, drunk laughter.
  • Gemini: texting on your first phone, first flower of spring, getting a C on a test, breaking wood.
  • Cancer: late night walks, drinking tea with your mom, holding hands for the first time, cold winter mornings.
  • Leo: playing with cats, pastel blogs, learning a new language, being asked out by someone you don't like back, high fiving your best friend.
  • Virgo: seeing your breath in winter, sitting by a warm fire with a pet, drinking beer at your first highschool party, crying on a notebook, hugging your first love.
  • Libra: looking through cracked glass, swimming at night, riding your bike down a hill, running with your favorite dog, laying in bed at 2 am.
  • Scorpio: being gently made love to for the first time, scraping your knee when falling, going to the hospital at 5 am, losing a friend, sitting in a car with your family.
  • Sagittarius: heavy breathing, warm blankets, seeing a newborn baby, holding a flower, childhood memories spending time with your siblings.
  • Capricorn: seashells, sandy feet, running as fast as you can, making new friends, changing schools.
  • Aquarius: rainy days, watching your lover sleep, nice clothes, planning your future with your friends.
  • Pisces: sitting on the beach at night with your highschool sweetheart, going to a fair or boardwalk amusement park, early morning snow, riding a school bus, reading a coming-of-age novel.
The Signs and what they may look like/act

*Disclaimer!, these are just based off of my friends but i have seen other people with the same zodiac have similar features*

Aries - Slim, fit, straight hair, normal height, hella outgoing and will fight a b*tch if they bother loved ones

Taurus- Short, chubby-ish, usually has short-mid length hair, loud or quiet no in between 

Gemini- Tall, handsome nose, rlly flowy hair tbh, reserved within her/his bubble, actually very sweet but will drop you like a hot fry if you piss them off

Cancer- very smol or mid height, looks like mother nature 24/7, has or already has cried over something cute, doe face

Leo- Tall or mid height, cat smile, almond eyes, most likely has long af hair and hates it but doesnt really want to cut it bc their too lazy

Virgo- A graceful mess internally, will forking fight you if you touch or move something in their room, usually tall and well kept but can also be short and chubby, makeup on fleak or not… no between.

Libra- Tall, dorky, vERY CLUMSY, will have a conversation with you three days straight telling you that you’re more important then them, you cant win.. ever, extremely sweet but internally suffering inside, needs a hug. libras need love.  

Scorpio - Mid height, short hair tbh, has punched a tree before, likes soft things secretly,  has a strong passion for being loud and proud, is not a sex freak just a little kinky like everyone else in this world. 

Sagittarius - vERY TALL, hella skinnny for some odd reason,dorky face/sexy face no between,  does not know what inside voice means, screams 24/7, loves their music loud, likes to annoy people when their bored, has a lot of weird interests

Capricorn- fun sized, seen with glasses or sunglasses,cute baby face tbh,  will fight you over a theory they have,  likes anime, probably has a collection of their favorite anime character, loves food  

Aquarius - normal height, a lil chub, hella dorky, actually very quiet, likes to do everything for everyone, will fight you if you reject their help, a little controlling but doesnt mean it though, lovable nerd  

Pisces - short, normal sized, seen with emo hair or just the forking rainbow of colors every week, has eaten a soap before because it look/smelled like food, super duper weird, has many dark interests which surprises a lot of people,

The signs as Nicki Minaj lyrics

Aires: “I’m Meryl Streep to all these bitches, they can’t do what I do"

Taurus: “Take me or leave me, I’ll never be perfect. Believe me I’m worth it”

Gemini: “If you feelin like a ninja, I got a machete”

Cancer:  “Cherish these nights, cherish these people - Life is a movie, but there’ll never be a sequel”

Leo: “Bitches ain’t got punchlines or flow - I have both, and an empire, also"

Virgo: “You make me feel blue but you make me feel super“

Libra: “’S’ on my chest cause I’m ready to save him ready to get buck on anybody that plays him”

Scorpio: “Ain’t no smilin faces here, we slammin doors and dishes
Sayin we don’t miss each other, but it’s all fictitious"

Sagittarius: “Bitches aint got punchlines or flow. I have both and an empire also”

Capricorn: “Runnin’ this game for five years, guess that’s why my feet hurt”

Aquarius: “Broke bitches that talk shit? Now them the bitches I stunt for”

Pisces: “I tell em everybody else is my opposite. I put em on the game give em five percent”