the signs and their mythical pets
  • aires:panther with fur made of actual fire, eyes black as coal. teeth drip with lava. can swim through lava and walk through molten earth with no problems.
  • taurus:a raven large enough to fly on, matte black feathers and cold, dull purple eyes. leaves a trail of smoke when it flies.
  • gemini:a white tiger with dark black stripes. silver claws and teeth that can bite/cut through any material. a roar so powerful the earth shakes. a tail almost as long as it's main body.
  • cancer:an elk with antlers made of ice. icicles sharp enough to kill drip down from them. eyes that reflect the ocean. fur that is as cold as snow.
  • leo:a lion actually made of earth. it's fur is like grass, and it's eyes reflect the sun itself. wherever it goes, it spreads life. it's mane sometimes sprouts wildflowers.
  • virgo:a bear made of the night sky. it's fur contains constellations and planets. it's eyes are stars themselves. it is a peaceful, loving creature-until one of it's loved ones are hurt. if that occurs, they have claws sharp enough to rip through rock.
  • libra:a giant bird with transparent feathers that reflect it's environment. eyes that glow red. when it lands, it levels out the ground beneath it.
  • scorpio:a lioness made of shadow. it lurks in caves, afraid to be seen. poison runs through it's veins, deadly enough to kill by contact. large canines, and claws.
  • sagittarius:a wolf that can outrun the wind. pure white fur and deep, sea blue eyes. long, jet black claws and teeth. spends most of it's life fleeing, not fighting.
  • capricorn:a creature with no defined shape nor species. constantly turns from one to the next. they are identified with a scar, an X across their chest, that they contain in every form. iridescent fur/scales/skin.
  • aquarius:a large, dragon-like lizard with matte black scales. eats rocks, and breathes out fire and smoke. spits up lava over it's enemies. creates deserts.
  • pisces:a large sea turtle with a shell comprised of sea ice, to resemble an iceberg. lives in arctic waters. breathes super-cold breath to create more ice. sometimes invites arctic animals such as seals to live on it's shell.
What Each Sign Needs
  • Aries:A war machine and a dildo
  • Taurus:More food. Like seriously. Order a fukin pizza.
  • Gemini:Someone who will actually listen to their blabbering.
  • Cancer:A loyal friend who they can pour their heart out to.
  • Leo:A support group for Uptown Funk taking over their lives
  • Virgo:A room filled with symmetry.
  • Libra:More friends *hook em up*
  • Scorpio:A knife and a convenient dark alley.
  • Sagittarius:A book on how to actually be cool not an adorable dork.
  • Capricorn:A textbook on basic social skills.
  • Aquarius:Lots and lots of pencils for their creative needs. They break too many raging.
  • Pisces:Hugs.
Zodiac Aesthetics
  • Aires:kittens, the smell of coffee, dresses that flow out when you twirl, waking up to sweet texts, records, fondue
  • Taurus:new books, fog, jumping into the pool on a hot day, ceramics, fireworks, flannels
  • Gemini:new chapstick, getting lost in IKEA, blowing dandelions, musicals, beautiful architecture, running barefoot through the grass
  • Cancer:dyed hair, iced tea, outdoor concerts, neat handwriting, British accents, a cool breeze on a hot day
  • Leo:peppermint, classical music, reading magazines, sunlight streaming in through the windows, fountains, hand-written notes
  • Virgo:bonfires, fuzzy socks, pugs, ombré hair, late night trips to Starbucks, minimalist tattoos
  • Libra:babies, brand new colored-pencils, messy buns, getting packages in the mail, Koi fish, bubble machines
  • Scorpio:thunderstorms, comfy sweaters, staring at the stars, the smell of laundry detergent, baking cookies, singing in the shower
  • Sagittarius:warm baths, oil pastels, waking on warm sand, book quotes, writing song lyrics on your arm, staying up late on Tumblr
  • Capricorn:sunrises, Polaroids, doodling on homework, fishtail braids, airplane rides, cloudy days
  • Aquarius:climbing into bed after a long day, Christmas lights, converse, black and white photos, pancake breakfasts, tall trees
  • Pisces:cotton candy, flower crowns, the sound of rain, frost on a window, the smell of sharpies, flip flops
Uncommon words that describe the signs
  • Aries:serein- a fine light rain that falls in the evening hours, evening serenity
  • Taurus:aubade- a love song sung at dawn
  • Gemini:eumoirous- happiness due to being honest and wholesome
  • Cancer:dalliance- a brief love affair
  • Leo:selcouth- unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous
  • Virgo:orenda- a force present in everyone that drives them to effect the world
  • Libra:resfeber- the thrill you feel before an adventure
  • Scorpio:eloquence- beauty and persuasion in speech
  • Sagittarius:sempiternal- everlasting, eternal
  • Capricorn:sumptuous- lush, luxurious
  • Aquarius:etherial- extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world, angel like
  • Pisces:elysian- beautiful or inspired, divinely inspired
The Signs as Girlfriends

Aires: The girlfriend who loves to cheat at boardgames and out run their partner, is always attempting to look daring and brave, likes to climb all over their partner and leave little hickies and love bites, will definitely chew out someone for their partner, likes to show their best features in front of their partner at all times

Taurus: The girlfriend that loves to kiss looong goodbyes, is always poking or nudging at their partner at an attempt to get their attention, always knows the smoothest responses to things, neck kisses, likes to sleep holding/being held, dirty jokes, subtle (not so subtle) flirt

Gemini: The girlfriend that is low-key jealous af, likes to wakeup their partner to kisses, pda, holds their partner’s whole arm when walking together, likes to have their hair played with, likes to run their fingers over their partner’s chest/abdomin,hardcore dirty talk, is honestly so happy to be tolerated

Cancer: The girlfriend who protects their precious baby at all costs, loves to listen to the partner’s passions and ambitions, is always looking for things their partner would like/things that remind them, touchy-touchy-touchy all the time, if an awkward tension or disagreement occurs their first instinct is to hug their partner, would actually rip someone to shreds for their partner, likes to feel praised and adored

Virgo: The girlfriend who is low-key concerned for their partner at all times, is always worried when their partner does anything dangerous(physically or otherwise), really soft, likes to pet/rub their partner, gives the cutest little nick names, a bit of a tease, always trying to figure their partner out

Libra: The girlfriend who gives back scratches, lots of giggling, likes to bake for their partner, will kick their partner’s butt in Mario Kart, is attracted to tall people, heavy breathing, likes to touch their partner’s head/hair, likes to be comforted, shower kisses, strange dance moves, secret flirts

Scorpio: The girlfriend who loves to see their partner doing things deemed to be kind traits like playing with kids or dogs(they find sweetness a huge turn on), part of them wants a dominant partner but are drawn to more submissive, gives great massages, the expert on how to turn someone on, secretly really likes the more popular person for a partner, moaners

Leo: The girlfriend who wants all of their friends to love their partner, seeks approval and admiration often, needs someone who is equal to them in status and reputation, like feeling submissive as they are normally alphas, buys expensive and over-the-top gifts, so much PDA, smiling into kisses, up for anything

Sagittarius: The girlfriend who loves to tease and make fun of their partner, likes going on fun and adventurous dates, has really strange(yet cute) nick names for their partner, will definitely steal their partner’s clothes(will not return them), super fun and hot, often ends good relationships on the search for something better, great hair, pillow fights

Capricorn: The girlfriend who is meme AF, wants to shower their partner in affection but doesn’t quite know how, loves a funny guy, wants someone who will draw out their silly side, fantastic lips, shows their affection in cute little moments of excitement with a peck or a random ‘I LOVE YOU’, supper funny, actually really chill, secretly romantic

Aquarius: The girlfriend who loves to just look at how attractive their partner is, likes to be more submissive, always putting their feet on their partner??, hates coming up with date plans, doesn’t dress up often but when they do they look like stars, loves cheek/nose kisses, sleepy makeup sessions, neck stroking

Pisces: The girlfriend who makes cute little crafty/artsy things for their partner, likes a partner that will be a music and movie snob with them, making out in the pool, very sentimental, will keep gifts their partner gives them forever, reading and coming up with stories, little pixies

Advice for the signs for the month of June 2015
  • Aries:Have patience with yourself, do some soul searching to get in touch with who you really are. Let go of old bad habits. Be the bigger person in arguments, try not to exchange harsh words with others.
  • Taurus:Be optimistic, remember that thinking positive and manifesting with bring blessings towards you. Mend past relationships or leave them behind in order to move forward in your life. Time heals all wounds don't worry if you're hurting it'll pass.
  • Gemini:This is time for you to find what you're passionate about and pursue what it is you want to do. Quit worrying about love relationships, people come and go but soon enough you'll find the one you want to stay with. Forget about old relationships they're holding you back and you shouldn't be letting them have an affect you. Trust your intuitions.
  • Cancer:Try to mend yourself if you're hurting, fix broken relationships. If you're feeling stuck or indecisive you need to make choices and set your priorities soon. Travel could really benefit you during this time. You can't dwell on mistakes you've made, there's more positive going on than you think. Be more confident and sure of yourself!
  • Leo:Move forward regardless of the situation in order to refrain from being hurt and disappointed. Make sure everyone is on the same page, don't do anything unexpected this month. Treat yourself better, drink lots of water take care of your body. Watch your temper, be leader in certain situations but be carful on how you react to other. Be the bigger person, compromise and set boundaries.
  • Virgo:Move on from things that aren't working out. Don't jump to conclusions, be patient don't rush anything. Cleanse and heal yourself to embrace the new coming in. Don't go back to any habits/people that aren't good for you. Direct your attention on something positive, get out go jog/running do some physical activity.
  • Libra:Figure out what it is you want. Stop the overthinking, your thoughts will get the best of you. Be patient and you'll receive what it is you've been waiting for. Let things be what they are, you're going to get what you want if you wait. Be carful what you send out into the world to avoid bad karma. Try to compromise with others and yourself.
  • Scorpio:Stop dodging whatever it is you're trying to avoid whether a person or a situation you'll have to face it/them either way. The universe is opening up to you, open up for it and receive. Keep your temper intact. Go swimming, go out to water and get in tune with your element. Don't lead anyone on, don't play anyone let them know whether or not you're on the same page. Find what you'd like to do and what you'd like to change in your life or about yourself.
  • Sagittarius:Let things happen on their own. Decide between the situation, you're torn between things and need to decide already. It's time to let go of people/things that don't benefit you in any way. Time to set your mindset to something better in order to receive blessing from the universe. Find new things/new people and explore, get out there and get exposure.
  • Capricorn:Let your work speak for itself. Be carful with signing anything. Remain positive during this month. Be carful with lying and gossiping if it doesn't concern you. Do whatever you can to heal your body, mind, soul. Don't turn your back on your own intuition. Try to get to understand the universe, meditate. Take a leap of faith, you'll gradually receive the things you're hoping for. Try thinking more with your heart rather than logically. Come clean with anything you feel is weighing you down.
  • Aquarius:Be carful with going back to people from your past, they're not always the best people to trust in. Family issues may be taking a toll on you, find what means a lot to you try to help mend the relationships. Try not to be naive. Think logically and be honest with any situations that you need to be. Don't rush anything be calm, you have a lot to get done or a lot on your plate just be patient and everything should resolve itself.
  • Don't let your family relationships break you or hurt you.
  • Pisces:Unexpected changes might be happening, but move forward positively and release any bad energies. If you're feeling wounded ask for help, don't be afraid to vent to someone. Ask for help. Listen to your intuition, blessings will come your way if you trust in yourself. Try to avoid getting sick this month. Avoid casual dating, you may be putting your trust into the wrong people/person.
The signs as wikihow articles

Aries: How to Be an Egg on Club Penguin

Taurus: How to Dress Ghost (for Guys)

Gemini: How to Look Goth While Traveling for a Long Time on a Plane

Cancer: How to Find out if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You (For Sixth Graders)

Leo: How to Live It up Before You’re Twelve

Virgo: How to Get a Girlfriend in Minecraft

Libra: How to Wear Hot Topic Clothes Without Being Called a Poser

Scorpio: How to Cook Lasagna in Your Dishwasher

Sagittarius: How to Find a Sugar Daddy

Capricorn: How to Get Anime Eyes

Aquarius:  How to Act Like a Mermaid at School

Pisces: How to Be Joth

The Signs As Albums from 2015
  • Aries:"Blurryface" by Twenty One Pilots (May 19)
  • Taurus:"Wiped Out!" by The Neighborhood (Oct 30)
  • Gemini:"Future Hearts" by All Time Low (April 7))
  • Cancer:"Made in the A.M." by One Direction (Nov 13)
  • Leo:"Sounds Good Feels Good" by 5SOS (Oct 23)
  • Virgo:"25" by Adele (Nov 20)
  • Libra:"Purpose" by Justin Bieber (Nov 13)
  • Scorpio:"Beauty Behind the Madness" by The Weeknd (Aug 28)
  • Sagittarius:"Badlands" by Halsey (Aug 28)
  • Capricorn:"American Beauty/American Psycho" by Fall Out Boy (Jan 26)
  • Aquarius:"Honeymoon" by Lana Del Rey (Sept 18)
  • Pisces:"Blue Neighborhood" by Troye Sivan (Dec 4)
The Signs as Boyfriends

Aires: The boyfriend who will play wrestle with you and give you little love bites. He loves to tickle you and is always trying so so so hard to impress you. He likes to end fights with making out.

Taurus: The boyfriend who lets you cry into his chest until you’re all better. He is the BEST hugger, loves to stare at your lips and drive you crazy. Will confront anyone he thinks is trying to make a move on you. He will protect you at all costs.

Gemini: The boyfriend who pushes you up against anything and everything to attack you with little kisses. He likes to keep his hand on you most of the time, he wants everyone to know you’re his.

Cancer: The boyfriend who pulls you behind a tree or a corridor and kisses you s l o w l y and makes you melt. He lets you sit on his lap, actually he asks you to.

Leo: The boyfriend who shows you off to everyone: his friends, his parents, and especially onlookers. He is proud of his girlfriend and will kiss her anytime, gets in trouble a lot for PDA. (He just smirks.) Gives you jewelry and expensive gifts all. the. time.

Virgo: The boyfriend who is so gentle, with kisses, words, and actions. He is softer with you than anyone else and it’s clear to see. Except when a guy looks you up and down, he might need to be restrained.

Libra: The boyfriend who acts as a neutralizer. He is always calming down friends in fights, some call him a mediator. And there is nothing more hot than watching him step between two charging guys and pushing them apart. Likes to rub his hands up and down your back when you kiss.

Scorpio: The boyfriend who looks you up and down as you walk by. He makes you feel flustered, and all the girls refer to him as a sex god. They’re right. He likes teasing you with little sexual acts throughout the day to make you need him. Smirking. All. The. Time.

Sagittarius: The boyfriend who is spontaneous and all the girls have a crush on. “Hey, you want to get out of here?” is generally how your dates start. He likes to lay on your chest and touch your collarbones.

Capricorn: The boyfriend who makes you cry with laughter. He’s smart, mature, and has a certain aura to him thats…well, hot. He is a great neck kisser.

Aquarius: The boyfriend who reads to you at night. He likes to be cuddled, climbed on and touched. He has amazing hair.

Pisces: The boyfriend who loves to run his fingers through your hair. He likes tilting your chin up when he kisses you. He is warm, gentle, and understanding. Great with kids and loves animals.

  • Aires:cigarettes, black hair, hot summer nights, first heartbreak, bruised knuckles.
  • Taurus:vanilla cake, first crush,hazel eyes, drunk laughter.
  • Gemini:texting on your first phone, first flower of spring, getting a C on a test, breaking wood.
  • Cancer:late night walks, drinking tea with your mom, holding hands for the first time, cold winter mornings.
  • Leo:playing with cats, pastel blogs, learning a new language, being asked out by someone you don't like back, high fiving your best friend.
  • Virgo:seeing your breath in winter, sitting by a warm fire with a pet, drinking beer at your first highschool party, crying on a notebook, hugging your first love.
  • Libra:looking through cracked glass, swimming at night, riding your bike down a hill, running with your favorite dog, laying in bed at 2 am.
  • Scorpio:being gently made love to for the first time, scraping your knee when falling, going to the hospital at 5 am, losing a friend, sitting in a car with your family.
  • Sagittarius:heavy breathing, warm blankets, seeing a newborn baby, holding a flower, childhood memories spending time with your siblings.
  • Capricorn:seashells, sandy feet, running as fast as you can, making new friends, changing schools.
  • Aquarius:rainy days, watching your lover sleep, nice clothes, planning your future with your friends.
  • Pisces:sitting on the beach at night with your highschool sweetheart, going to a fair or boardwalk amusement park, early morning snow, riding a school bus, reading a coming-of-age novel.
music tastes of each sign based on people i've met
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>aires:</b> like acoustic happy songs that are v confusing bc of their personality.<p/><b>taurus:</b> their music taste is ????? everything???? you can suggest songs but they've probably heard them already.<p/><b>gemini:</b> it changes constantly, but go ahead and ask.<p/><b>cancer:</b> emotional pop trash.<p/><b>leo:</b> electro-swing and twenty one pilots. that's it.<p/><b>virgo:</b> country and they lowkey dig hardcore bands which sort of has everyone like ?????<p/><b>libra:</b> alternative rap nerds.<p/><b>scorpio:</b> classic rock and 90's boybands, tbh.<p/><b>sagittarius:</b> indie music that makes you want to go exploring or driving off into the sunset.<p/><b>capricorn:</b> cute artsy acoustic music<p/><b>aquarius:</b> you'll probably find them dancing horribly as the bass drops?<p/><b>pisces:</b> agresive piano solos and rock ballads<p/></p><p/></p>
The Signs' Last Thoughts
  • Aires:Mmm watcha say
  • Taurus:Mmm watcha say
  • Gemini:Mmm watcha say
  • Leo:Mmm watcha say
  • Cancer:Mmm watcha say
  • Libra:Mmm watcha say
  • Virgo:Mmm watcha say
  • Scorpio:Mmm watcha say
  • Sagittarius:Mmm watcha say
  • Capricorn:Mmm watcha say
  • Aquarius:Mmm watcha say
  • Pisces:Mmm watcha say
The signs on the bus

Aries: making erotic noises in the backseat
Taurus: eating
Gemini: singing loudly
Cancer: playing games on their ipod
Leo: sharing the hot gossip and yelling at people they hate
Virgo: probably reading
Libra: drawing porn
Scorpio: planning their next murder
Sagittarius: annoying the shit out of everyone
Capricorn: arguing
Aquarius: [screams of terror and frustration]
Pisces: internally monologuing while they listen to music