:SP: Aerius the Aireon

My part of a trade with ClefdeSoll on DA which was meant to be made ‘oh my god what the hell’ forever ago.

Hope yousies likes. :3c

A possible (and most likely final) concept for AiREON’s wing design. The overall form is actually somewhat flat, but takes up a relatively decent amount of space, hopefully apparent in the following post.

As for the other parts of the wing, (the various floating things) are meant to provide extra stability and maneuverability, while being able to take up a minimal amount of space when ‘folded’. Can be compared to the light bridge thing in Portal 2.

Various design features will also possibly have the ability to fade away and such, as shown in the bottom section where the wings are in their 'folded’ state. Also those light blue parts kind of light up.