Didn’t post for a while ! We’re working a lot on our FXs short film at school so I’ll show some stuff very soon. So for now I’m just filling the gap:) Here’s my very first attempt at doing some stuff on after effects. I don’t know anything about it but yeah I just wanted to try:) Also I put an awesome music because it makes it look a lot better aha

Music: Modular Mix from Air

edit: press the HD button

Medici: Masters of Florence finally aired

  • It was good
  • They filmed in Italy and you can see it (at least if you’re italian, I was fangirling hard over recogninzing the places not ‘cause they CGI them well, but because they were actually there)
  • I was shipping everyone with everyone
  • and everything
  • Cosimo/Brunelleschi/Cupola OT3
  • Cupola di Firenze (Florence Dome) is trending on twitter
  • Italian twitter kinda exploded over architecture and it was glorious
  • Brunelleschi
  • The surreal sequence where David Bradley is the father of Cosimo’s future wife, and you have Robb Stark engaged to Walder Frey’s daugther all over again
  • The musics are A W E S O M E
  • Contessina FTW
  • La cupola autoportante e doppia e lo sapevamo già ma è stato bellissimo lo stesso