The Most Dangerous Island on Earth - North Sentinel Island

Throughout human history a typical theme has been the domination of more technologically advanced societies over “simpler” or “more primitive” ones. In fact in the past 500 years, European societies would come to dominate the world, spreading their culture, often through force of arms or outright genocide.  More often than not, the meeting of Old World peoples with New World natives tended to end very badly for the natives. Many cultures were wiped out, many more assimilated or adapted their cultures with European culture. Today there are few places where people living have not in some way been touched by the modern world. One notable exception is North Sentinel Island, located in the Bay of Bengal.

Officially North Sentinel Island is territory of India, part of the Andaman Islands. In reality the people of North Sentinel Island are their own people, free from any known government or modern organization.  Apparently, the Sentinelese are very much happy to keep it that way. Throughout their entire known history, the Sentinelese have been known to viciously fight against any trespass or incursion on their small island. Going back to ancient times the Indians called the island “Cannibal Island”, and told many tales of the dangerous and ruthless natives who inhabited it. Those tales were passed on to the ancient Greeks after the invasion of northern India by Alexander the Great, and thus the infamous legends of the island were mention by Ptolemy. Marco Polo recieved word of the island during his travels to China, writing about the islanders, “They are a most violent and cruel generation who seem to eat everybody they catch.” 

Since then, every expedition to island has been met with extreme hostility, and as a result the island has been left untouched to this day. Throughout the 16th-18th centuries many an explorer or shipwrecked sailor met their end on the island at the hands of the Sentinelese. In 1867 a British merchant ship shipwrecked on the island, and its surviivg 110 man crew spent several days fighting off the islanders with guns and swords. Many were killed and wounded in the battle before rescue. This prompted an expedition of reprisal by the Royal Navy who landed marines on the island a short time later. Most of the Sentinelese had disappeared into hiding, knowing that they couldn’t fight a battle against such overwhelming force. In the end the British left in frustration with two elderly Sentinelese and four children.

Today the idea of angry natives attacking shipwrecked sailors or explorers might be something you’d only see in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, however Sentinelese resistance to the outside world continued so that even in the 20th century people tended to steer clear of the island. In 1974 a film crew from National Geographic landed on the island in modern boats in an attempt to make contact with the islanders with peace offerings of a box of coconuts, a baby doll, and a live pig. The Sentinelese met the crew fully armed and ready for war. As a result, a the National Geographic director took an arrow to the knee, the pig was mutilated alive, and the crew was forced to bug out under a hail of arrows and spears. 

In 1981 the cargo ship Primrose shipwrecked on the island, and the Sentinelese immediately surrounded the ship, shooting at the crew with bows and several times attempting to board the ship. The crew not only radioed for help, but asked for an urgent airdrop of firearms so they could defend themselves. The drop was delayed by weather but the crew were able to fend off the attacks with a pistol, firefighting axes, and flare guns. They were rescued after a week long siege. The Sentinelese dismantled much of the ship and used the scrap iron for arrow and spearheads. It’s remaining hull can still be seen from google earth.

The only known man to peacefully visit the island was an anthropologist named Trilokinath Prandit in 1991, who several times landed on the island with gifts which he left upon the beach.  When he did meet the natives they shot arrows at him and waved their genitals at him. However at one point he was able to make peaceful contact with some of the natives. However as as he left the island, the natives had a change of heart and began shooting arrows at him once more, he hasn’t been back since.

Today North Sentinelese Island is protected by the Indian Government and it is illegal to land there. The reasons for this are to keep the Sentinelese culture intact, and prevent the spread of disease from the island. Note that in history native peoples often suffered deadly diseases after making contact with newcomers. Another reason for creating a 3 mile exclusionary zone around the island is because in 2006 two drunk fisherman landed on the island and were murdered. Thus the Indian Government set up the contact ban to protect outsiders from the Sentinelese as much as protecting the Sentinelese from the outside world. In 2004 an Indian Coast Guard helicopter flew over the island to see if the Setinelese were OK after the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, and to offer help if needed. The helicopter found that the Sentinelese were not only OK after the tsunami, but didn’t want anything any aid at all as they fired arrows at the helicopter.

 Today we still no nothing about the language, culture, and ethnicity of the Sentinelese Islanders. The only pictures we have of them are from the occasional illegal drone which buzzes over the island, and is typically met with a hail of arrows. It seems that despite seeing things such as ships, helicopters, and robotic drones, the Sentinelese don’t want fuck all to do with the modern world.

Victor is a man who, instead of using Chris’ phone to take pictures of him in the Barcelona pool, uses his own. It must be usual for them to share photos with each other. 

He’s probably the guy who’s like “Oh, we’re on the same hotel wifi network? Here, lemme just airdrop you 20 pics of Maccachin.”

(So if you don’t think Victor made sure to get every picture of Yuuri from the banquet, you’re wrong.)

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Hello!! I'm looking for a few super fluffy, cute enough to make you gag but still want more AUs that take place in a coffee shop, library, or book store!! Please and thank you :)

i think i can help you with that!

this post is going to be a bit long so i’ll divide it into two parts :)

library/bookstore aus

coffee shop aus

  • i tell myself that i come here because of the coffee but really it’s just because of the barista that works here every morning
    • heck, i don’t even like coffee
  • by god this is the most awful cup of coffee i’ve ever had but you looked so pleased with yourself when you handed it to me and now i don’t have the heart to throw it away
    • so yes, i am going to down this entire coffee and i am going to like it
  • you come in here practically every day and we chat quite a lot but i feel awful because i still can’t remember your name yet i can remember your order off by heart
    • i change my name everyday because it’s adorable whenever you ask for my name and it’s not what you expected you have a little look of surprise mixed with disappointment and it’s the best thing i’ve ever seen.
  • we’re both on our computers doing work and i hadn’t really taken any notice of you until you randomly airdropped a document onto my computer saying; ‘can i buy you a coffee sometime?’
  • i was having a really bad day and my patience was practically non-existent at this point, unfortunately you messing up my order was the final thing to make me snap. 
    • and yes, i did just start crying in the middle of an overcrowded coffee shop. 
      • “here, let me get you another coffee and we can talk about it if you want.”
  • i keep putting cheesy pick-up lines on your cups but i don’t think you realise because you’ve never said anything back, that was until one day i put my phone number on your cup and i actually got a text from you later that day. 
  • you were my favourite barista at the coffee shop and we’d always talk on your shift, you sometimes mentioned in passing how if we talked to much your boss would fire you - of course, you said it in such a joking way that i assumed it was just casual humour. that was until when i arrived one morning and saw you weren’t there, instead you were waiting for me in the coffee shop but not as a barista, as a customer.
    • “i got you fired! i’m so so sorry! how can i repay you?”
      “seriously, don’t worry about it. i never liked this job that much anyway.”
      “… can i at least buy you a coffee?”
  • instead of going out for dinner, we go out for coffee instead
  • you come in at least two times a day and it’s getting a bit worrying, you seem so on edge all the time and the amount of caffeine you take in can’t be healthy. 
    • i changed your order and gave you decaffeinated coffee instead
      • i looked over at you when i tasted my coffee as if to say; “why?” but you just smiled sincerely and i feel as if my heart just exploded 
  • did you seriously just order tea… at a coffee shop
  • im the new barista and you’re my co-worker, you’re the best barista in the shop and i didn’t believe it until i tasted your coffee and holy shit, how is this humanely possible?????? teach me your ways !!
  • ive never been to a starbucks before and i have no idea what any of this means and the people behind me are getting kinda annoyed, could you help me out??
    • “that makes no sense, ‘venti’ means twenty in italian not large”
      “i’ve been working here for five years and i think about this everyday don’t worry.”

- jess

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‘Falling’ in Love

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Request: Hi hi. I’ve read your “x reader” stories and I love them 💖  I was wondering if you would do an Ethan x reader imagine where y/n is a fan of Ethan and meets him at a convention and its like a love at first sight kind of thing?

Summary: Fem!Reader is at a con for the first time and quite literally falls  in love :D ……..ok I’ll see myself out

You can find part two here

A/N: Hey y’all this is a cute fic full of nervous!Ethan so if that’s the kinda thing you’re into then you’re in luck. For real though, once I started writing this I couldnt stop, I don’t know why but I was bit by the inspiration bug and cranked this bad boi out. Also, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that either the reader or Ethan is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 853, goldilocks zone :D

Warning: I cursed a couple times? Maybe just once? Can’t remember. Also nervous!Ethan is adorable? Read at your own risk he too cute.

Requests are open! Send some in pls I have one left in my inbox so pls!
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Zombies, Run! chronological mission order

Have you ever wondered where the side missions fit into the season two story line? Or where all the supply missions, race missions, airdrops, etc. fit in? @abelrunners and I did, so we looked into it and finally composed this list. Last updated after the Spring VR 2017. We haven’t included the Audible production, “The Way Of All Flesh” (but it would fit in between Spring VR 2016 and S1M1).

Hope this’ll be helpful! :)

RMs (Radio Mode) should be listened to during the appropriate seasons after normal missions. Keep in mind that certain missions unlock RM clips.

Pre-Season One:
• Spring VR (Virtual Race) 2017: Training Mission #1
• Spring VR 2017: Training Mission #2
• Spring VR 2017: 5K or 10K
• Spring VR 2016: Training Mission #1
• Spring VR 2016: Training Mission #2
• Spring VR 2016: 5K or 10K
• S1M1 (Season 1, Mission 1): Jolly Alpha Five Niner
• ZR5K (Zombies, Run! 5K app): W1W1 (Week 1, Workout 1)
• ZR5K: W1W2
• ZR5K: W1W3
• ZR5K: W2W1
• ZR5K: W2W2
• ZR5K: W2W3
• ZR5K: W3W1
• ZR5K: W3W2
• ZR5K: W3W3
• ZR5K: W4W1
• ZR5K: W4W2
• ZR5K: W4W3
• ZR5K: W5W1
• ZR5K: W5W2
• ZR5K: W5W3
• ZR5K: W6W1
• ZR5K: W6W2
• ZR5K: W6W3
• ZR5K: W7W1
• ZR5K: W7W2
• ZR5K: W7W3
• ZR5K: W8W1
• ZR5K: W8W2
• ZR5K: W8W3

Season One:
• S1M2: Distraction
• SUPPLY: Decoy Duty
• S1M3: Lay of the Land
• SUPPLY: Ammo Run
• S1M4: A Lost Child
• SUPPLY: Fuel Run
• S1M5: Paul Revere
• S1M6: Supply Run
• S1M7: A Voice in the Dark
• S1M8: The Old Milll
• SUPPLY: Medicine Run
• SUPPLY: Food Supply Run
• S1M9: Recovery
• SUPPLY: Tech Supply Run
• S1M10: Tess
• S1M11: Back to School
• S1M12: Alternates
• S1M13: A Regular Meds Run
• S1M14: Patient 29
• RACE: ABEL 5K: Ultra-Violet
• RACE: ABEL 10K: Visiting Van Ark
• RACE: ABEL 20K: Jeffro Complex
• RACE: CANTON 5K: Big Cheese
• RACE: CANTON 10K: Etymology
• RACE: CANTON 20K: Plasmapheresis
• S1M15: Virtuous Circle
• SUPPLY: Entertainment Run
• AUTUMN VR 2016: Training mission #1
• AUTUMN VR 2016: Training Mission #2
• AUTUMN VR 2016: 5K or 10K
• S1M16: Scouting Mission
• S1M17: Information Exchange
• AUTUMN VR 2015: 5K or 10K
• S1M18: Eavesdropping
• S1M19: An Unimportant Mission
• S1M20: Listen In
• S1M21: Siege
• S1M22: Horde
• S1M23: Aftermath
• S1RM.

    Interval Training should be played during S1 after M3 and before M20.

Season Two:
• S2M1: Back Once Again
• S2M2: From the Ashes
• Airdrop #1
• S2M3: Walking On Broken Glass
• S2M4: We Used To Be Friends
• Airdrop #2
• S2M5: Ghosts
• S2M6: Let The Dogs Come out
• S2M7: Mummy’s Hand
• S2M8: Chicken Payback
• Airdrop #3
• S2M9: All Together Now
• S2S1 (Season 2, Side mission 1): Canada
• S2M10: Holding Out For A Hero
• S2S2: Headcount
• S2M11: The Kids Are Alright
• S2M12: Relight My Fire
• Airdrop #4
• S2S3: Whack-A-Mole
• S2S4: Times New Roaming
• Airdrop #5
• S2M13: SOS
• S2M14: You’re Rocking The Boat
• S2M15: Hounds of Love
• S2S5: Top 40
• S2S6: Trefoil
• Airdrop #6
• S2M16: Electric Dreams
• S2M17: The Object Is A Hungry Wolf
• S2M18: Dark and Long
• S2M19: Dare
• S2M20: Toxic
• S2S7: War Is The Answer
• S2M21: Always Take The Weather
• S2S8: Interview With a Girl Guide
• S2M22: No Future
• S2M23: Galvanize
• S2M24: London Calling
• S2S9: Zombies, Row!
• S2M25: Con Te Partiro
• S2M26: S-Express
• S2M27: Banditos
• S2S10: Zombies, Climb!
• S2S11: Zombies, Stretch!
• S2S12: Search And Rescue
• S2S13: Actual Cannibal Rescue Mission
• S2M28: Ghost Town
• S2M29: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
• S2M30: Panic
• S2S14: Circuit Training
• S2S15: Quartermaster
• S2S16: Zombies, Bike!
• S2M31: Hello
• S2M32: Tightrope
• S2M33: Athena
• S2M34: Ready To Go
• S2H1 (Halloween): Living Dead Girl
• S2H2: Horse Play
• S2H3: Wai Chu Xiao Xin
• S2M35: Dog Days Are Over
• S2M36: One Way Or Another
• S2M37: Sweet Escape
• S2M38: Jailbreak
• S2M39: Psycho Killer
• S2M40: Little Lies
• S2M41: You Know My Name
• S2M42: Road To Nowhere
• S2M43: The Final Countdown
• S2M44: Something Good, 08
• S2M45: Going Underground
• S2RM

Season Three:
• S3M1: Break Your Heart
• S3M2: The Safety Dance
• S3M3: Rescue Me
• S3M4: Left To My Own Devices
• S3M5: Walk of Life
• S3M6: Career Day
• S3M7: Life’s A Happy Song
• S3M8: Believe
• S3M9: I Don’t Want To Get Over You
• S3M10: The Man Who Sold the World
• S3M11: Stray Cat Strut
• S3M12: Ready To Start
• S3M13: Autopilot
• S3M14: Keeper Of Secrets
• S3M15: Veronica
• S3M16: Battle Born
• S3M17: Carry Me Home
• S3M18: I’ve Got A Theory
• S3M19: Descent
• S3M20: Only Love Can Break Your Heart
• S3M21: Sin In My Heart
• S3M22: Your Cheatin’ Heart
• S3M23: I’m With Stupid
• S3M24: Return To The Forbidden Planet
• S3M25: The Road Goes Ever On And On
• S3M26: Brand New Start
• S3M27: Blue
• S3M28: A Little Night Music
• S3M29: Where’s Your Head At
• S3M30: Submission
• S3M31: Scream And Shout
• S3M32: Dynamite
• S3M33: Upside Down
• S3M34: I Crush Everything
• S3M35: Leave My Brain Alone
• S3M36: Old World
• S3M37: Back In Your Head
• S3M38: We’re Needed
• S3M39: It’s Raining Again
• S3M40: Addicted To Love
• S3M41: Interiors
• S3M42: Insane In The Brain
• S3M43: Love Is A Stranger
• S3M44: Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
• S3M45: Aquarius
• S3M46: Shoot The Runner
• S3M47: Comfortably Numb
• S3M48: Reunion Tour
• S3M49: Sowing Season
• S3M50: Listen All You People
• S3M51: Bad Moon Rising
• S3M52: Shiver Me Timbers
• S3M53: There Is Power In A Union
• S3M54: The Milkman Og Human Kindness
• S3M55: Into The Light
• S3M56: Natural Anthem
• S3M57: Rollercoasters
• S3M58: Up
• S3M59: Mambo Number Five
• S3M60: Sacrifice
• S3RM

Season Four:
• S4M1: Pound The Alarm
• S4M2: We Built This City
• S4M3: Post War Blues
• S4M4: Super Bass
• S4M5: Better The Devil You Know
• S4M6: Brain Damage
• S4S1: Life Day
• S4M7: Does Your Mother Know
• S4M8: With A Little Help From My Friends
• S4M9: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
• S4M10: Futures
• S4M11: Lullaby
• S4M12: Strange Disease
• S4M13: History Repeating
• S4M14: Church of The Poison Mind
• S4M15: Sweet Things
• S4S2: Hierarchy Of Needs
• S4M16: Old And Wise
• S4M17: The Living Daylights
• S4M18: Down Down
• S4M19: There’s No I In Team
• S4M20: Nitroglycerin
• S4M21: In Da Club
• S4M22: Runaway Baby
• S4M23: Goodbye To You
• S4M24: Livin’ On A Prayer
• S4M25: Another Brick In The Wall
• S4M26: Grown Ups
• S4M27: Hit Me Baby One More Time
• S4M28: Honey Honey
• S4M29: Monster
• S4M30: We Are Golden
• S4M31: Got My Mind Set On You
• S4M32: Tower Of Song
• S4M33: One Of Us
• S4M34: Who Are You
• S4M35: You Win Again
• S4M36: Back In Black
• S4M37: Cherish
• S4M38: The Game Has Changed
• S4M39: Bed Of Lies
• S4M40: Choice
• S4RM

Season Five:
• S5M1: You Spin Me Round
• S5M2: Run To You
• S5M3: Thorn In My Side
• S5M4: Hanging On The Telephone
• S5M5: Voodoo Child
• S5M6: Changes
• S5M7: Sail Away
• S5M8: Liar Liar
• S5M9: Brothers in Arms
• S5M10: Wrong Song
• S5M11: All About That Bass
• S5M12: Everything Is Beautiful
• S5M13: Drive My Car
• S5M14: Step Into My Office, Baby
• S5M15: Poker Face
• S5M16: You’re Still The One
• S5M17: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
• S5M18: Here Comes The Rain Again
• S5M19: Sweet Dreams
• S5M20: Stay Alive
• S5M21: Staying Alive
• S5M22: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
• S5M23: Hungry Like the Wolf
• S5M24: Come Undone
• S5M25: Village Green Preservation Society
• S5M26:We Have All The Time In The World
• S5M27: For Your Eyes Only
• S5M28: Live And Let Die
• S5M29: Renegade Master
• S5M30: Lazarus
• S5M31: Want You Gone
• S5M32: Inspector Norse
• S5M33: Ice Ice Baby
• S5M34: Cold as Ice
• S5M35: Break The Ice
• S5M36: Let It Go
• S5M37: Nothing But Love
• S5M38: Get The Party Started
• S5M39: Follow Me, Follow You
• S5M40: The Room Where It Happens

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Someone might've already submitted this, and I wasn't there so if you get another one use that. ANyway, on a trip to Quebec, kids were airdropping photos they took while on the bus, and one kid airdropped spongebob porn to the ENTIRE bus. Kids started yelling at him, and a teacher came over like "wth is going on". Parts of the conversation my friend overheard include "spongebob...with a dick" & "is it a human or animal"

That’s sounds familiar. Although the bus/photo context is helpful on why everyone had their air drop open

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could you maybe do some jeremy heere x reader headcannons ???

- Jeremy asks you out by airdropping you a really dumb meme in the middle of class.

- The meme says ‘Roses are red, butter is yellow. I don’t know how this meme works. Date me, please.’

- You try your hardest to not burst out laughing, and you notice Jeremy blushing real hard at his desk. You accept the airdrop and Jeremy looks really surprised.

- You send him a text saying ‘YES!’ He reads it and just freaks out.

- He takes you out to this cute little Italian restaurant near his house for your first date, and you think it’s absolutely adorable. (You think he’s absolutely adorable)

- After dinner you go back to his house, and you meet the infamous Mr Heere.

- He’s just really proud his son actually managed to get a date, and he just starts telling embarrassing stories about Jeremy.

- Jeremy is mortified, but you think it’s cute. You then go up to Jeremy’s room (the door stays open, per Mr Heere’s request) and just chat for at least an hour, maybe two.

- By like 10, you tell Jeremy that you have to go home. He immediately offers to walk you home, bc you live pretty close to him.

- You walk home together, and you actually hold Jeremy’s hand. He’s freaking out about it because ‘oh my god, a cute girl is holding my hand. Holy crap, holy crap.’

- By the time you’re at your house, Jeremy has slightly calmed down. He awkwardly waves goodbye to you, and you respond with a slightly less awkward wave.

- Just as he’s about to walk away, you grab the collar of his shirt and kiss him. Jeremy’s mind just goes into total shut down mode, because MY GOD YOU’RE KISSING HIM! Y/N Y/L/N IS KISSING HIM.

- He texts Michael every detail when he gets home.