So it has now been revealed that co-pilot of the Germanwings flight deliberately crashed the plane into the mountains and killed 149 people.

However, this hasn’t been labelled as an “act of terrorism”. The co-pilot was a 28 year old white German man, Andreas Lubitz. If he was a 28 year old Arab Muslim man called Mohammed, they would have labelled this disaster as an act of terrorism and linked him to Daesh or Al Qaeda.

There is such a double standard in media and politics. Nevertheless, 149 innocent people lost their lives including two babies and sixteen schoolchildren. My heart goes out to them all and inshallah they are all at peace. I send all my prayers to the families who have been left with this heartbreaking grief. I cannot begin to imagine how they must be feeling. I send my heartfelt sincere condolences to them all.


A Germanwings Airbus crashed in France this morning, 148 are feared dead. The passenger plane was traveling from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. My heart goes out to all the families and friends involved in this tragedy. This is terrible. My cousin is a flight attendant so I’m always worried that something like this will happen to her. Don’t give up hope that there still could be survivors of this plane crash.


Un Airbus aux couleurs de Tintin :-)

Brussels Airlines and Moulinsart unveiled something never seen before: an Airbus A320 with a livery inspired by the Belgian cartoon character Tintin. Both Belgian companies have worked several months on this unique project, based on the original drawings by the hand of Hergé.


Deadly Airbus A320 crash In the French Alps

An Airbus operated by Lufthansa’s Germanwings budget airline crashed in a remote snowy area of the French Alps on Tuesday, killing all 150 on board including 16 school children.

Germanwings confirmed its flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf went down with 144 passengers and six crew on board.

The airline believed there were 67 Germans on the flight. Spain’s deputy prime minister said 45 passengers had Spanish names. One Belgian was aboard.

Also among the victims were 16 children and two teachers from the Joseph-Koenig-Gymnasium high school in the town of Haltern am See in northwest Germany, a spokeswoman said.

Investigators described a scene of devastation where the airliner crashed.

“We saw an aircraft that had literally been ripped apart, the bodies are in a state of destruction, there is not one intact piece of wing or fuselage,” Bruce Robin, prosecutor for the city of Marseille, told Reuters in Seyne-les-Alpes after flying over the crash zone in a helicopter.

French police at the crash site said no one survived and it would take days to recover the bodies due to difficult terrain, snow and incoming storms. (Reuters)

Photo credits: (from top) REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier (3), REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino, REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay,

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