airbus a321 231

today I spent my workday writing news about that airbus-321 plane crush, and let me tell you what a horrible experience that was. I know that basically no one cares about what happened - like, yeah, it’s just a russian plane with 224 passengers on board who are now all dead because, apparently, no one gives a shit about having all the planes properly checked before putting any people in, because everyone only cares about making money and everyone in our country sucks, so whatever. but it’s one thing when you see it somewhere on the news and you can just switch the channel. I spent my whole day in the hurricane of information about that crash and it was so bad, at some point I had to stand up and go out for a minute just to shake off the feeling of a complete horror.
I read that Reuters reported how the egyptian search and rescue team members have heard voices in a section of a crashed plane, and that information just can’t leave my head. I mean, in the end no one survived, they’re all dead, that’s for sure. but can you just imagine that soul-chilling horror of surviving a crash like that - and yet, die knowing that help is just a few metres away, but they still won’t be able to save you, to even let you see the sky for the last time (because, as I understand, lots of people were just trapped inside of one of the plane’s section).
I saw the list of all the passengers, and what also bothers me is that there were families, lots of them. the first dead bodies they recovered were the bodies of the little kids. I did my best to avoid looking at any photo material, but high points to my imagination, it did all the job.
and I honestly wish people cared a bit more, and I’m not talking about making it number one topic trending on twitter. because the thing is - it doesn’t matter where the jet was from, where the people who were in it were from. it can happen to anyone, it does happen from time to time somewhere in the world. and it’s not just bad or “okay, I might even feel sorry for them for a minute”. it’s actually horrible. horrible. really horrible.