airbus a320

So it has now been revealed that co-pilot of the Germanwings flight deliberately crashed the plane into the mountains and killed 149 people.

However, this hasn’t been labelled as an “act of terrorism”. The co-pilot was a 28 year old white German man, Andreas Lubitz. If he was a 28 year old Arab Muslim man called Mohammed, they would have labelled this disaster as an act of terrorism and linked him to Daesh or Al Qaeda.

There is such a double standard in media and politics. Nevertheless, 149 innocent people lost their lives including two babies and sixteen schoolchildren. My heart goes out to them all and inshallah they are all at peace. I send all my prayers to the families who have been left with this heartbreaking grief. I cannot begin to imagine how they must be feeling. I send my heartfelt sincere condolences to them all.