Getting Creative...

So it’s been a little while since I’ve had the chance to really get creative with makeup, as I’ve dedicated a lot of my time this past year to my channel - sharing with you all my professional makeup tips & techniques, more or less face-to-face rather than just on here, on Tumblr, in writing. 

One of my last posts shared a few ‘behind the scenes’ mobile images of makeup I created from last Thursdays’ shoot with photographer, Martin Higgs
But I decided to keep the last look ‘hush hush’ as I wanted you all to see the final result in it’s full HD, colourful, cracked glory!!! 

So…… Here it is!!! 

As discussed in the previous post, I have filmed a lot of the makeup in action from this shoot - so make sure you are subscribed to my channel to see when that goes live!
I will list all the products I used to create this wonderful piece of Art in the description bar of the video - on my channel. 

MakeUp - (Me) Shonagh Scott aka ShowMe MakeUp
Photography - Martin Higgs
Model - Kerry Ann
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova 

doku-sama asked:

If you say that Stick used to act like a regular dremora and wore armor and no high heels... I now wonder if he used his fabulous farts back then or not ( 'cause that's a bit weird for a regular dremora).

He really behaved like a regular dremora until he drunk a wrong potion from Sanguine and from this moment, the daedric prince used his tricks to drag him down. Not only was he made fun of his single horn by other dremora but from now on his weird sparkling farts too.

I call this one: “Raven On The Steps”. #poetry (Photo by @nelsphotos) #Raven #ragecostumes #ravencosplay #dc #DCComics #dccosplay #dcuniverse #teentitans #teentitansgo #teentitanscosplay #sfxmakeup #airbrush #europeanbodyart #ardawigs #ardastyle #endurabodypaint #purple #hashtag