through Jan 10:

The End is Here
 Jim Shaw

New Museum, 235 Bowery, NYC

the first New York survey exhibition of the work of Jim Shaw, presenting some of Shaw’s most iconic projects, including early airbrush drawings; large selections from his series “Dream Drawings” (1992–99), “Dream Objects” (1994–present), and the sprawling “My Mirage” (1985–91); and Labyrinth: I Dreamt I was Taller than Jonathan Borofsky (2009), a large-scale, immersive installation of sculptures and painted theatrical backdrops. These works and series have never before been brought together in a single exhibition. This survey also includes a presentation of his collection of thrift store paintings, originally shown in New York in 1991, as well as his ongoing collection of religious and pedagogical materials.


Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo is currently showing “An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine”, a solo exhibition of new works by Hajime Sorayama. The prolific Japanese artist has created a series of paintings modeled after American actress Marilyn Monroe, in addition to three-dimensional manifestations of his renowned “Sexy Robot” series. The artist started this series back in 1978 and has been his most successful and recognizable body of work ever since. Following the Japanese focus on technology and science, along with his unique view of sexuality and female beauty, these works helped Sorayama establish his worldwide reputation.

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New tutorial: Airbrushing decorative patterns onto fabrics!

An affordable and easy way to add patterns to fabrics when you can’t find the perfect fabric! I used this on the next Major costume I’m doing (because I can’t stop with her), from Ghost in the Shell, First Assault!


Just as soon as they can stop staring at it, the Department of Astonishing Optical Illusions is going to eat this entire awesome color-changing cake. YouTube contributor CharlotteSometimes shared this hypnotic video showing off an icing technique that makes it appear as though the cake is actually changing color as it’s rotated:

Although the video was posted without commentary, helpful Redditors chimed in to describe how the effect is created using an airbrush on the ridged icing:

“The surface is like a zig-zag. All sides facing left are colored with the first set of colors, and all side facing right colored the opposite. The color you see depends on where you stand.”

[via Sploid and Reddit]


We seriously need another event to do this glowing tattoo at Cosplayer: Labinnak & Mangoloo Cosplays Airbrush Artist: Mark Powel at Extreme 15 Body Art - #borderlands #maya #cosplay #glowing #tattoo “Maya GLOWING tattoo #Borderlands2 #Borderlands #maya #videogames #videogame #costume #cosplay #tattoo #airbrush”

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