Another update, something different this time.
A little mermaid done for my friend Seiji, representing her character Nachtmar in baby form, with a few differences compared to his older form in the drawing.
This was half fun and half nightmare, the little bugger is so small and probably has the smallest lashes I ever painted but I’m very happy how he turned out <3
I included a picture of his head next to a 1€ coin to show how small he actually is.

Commission included a face-up/body blushing according to the reference, modding of eyes and nose and an airbrushed gold/bronze tail (no scales, since he’s a type of anglerfish and they have none).

Baby!Nachtmar (Fischi) - Ringdoll Shelly, modded eyes/nose, owned by Seiji/Zirkusdolls
Customization, photos and editing by me

daaaydreamss asked:

Hey what are some foundations give a flawless airbrushed look?

Hello :)

If you want a foundation for a flawless, more air bushed look try foundations that are super silky and smooth that will just glide over any imperfections like pores, acne, uneven texture, lines, etc. Anything too matte and thick can cling to imperfections and anything too light weight won’t make much of a difference. 

You may also want to try perfecting primers under your makeup! Using a silicone like primer will smooth over the skin so any makeup applied on top will look more flawless. Check out primers like Kiehls Miracle Blur, Benefit Porefessional, Tarte Poreless Smoothing Primer, Maybelline Baby Skin or ELF Mineral Infused Primer.

Try foundations like

Loreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation $12. This foundation is a “blurring” foundation so it will soften and imperfections and look really smooth and flawless on the skin.

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation $57. This foundation has a sort of a gel, cream consistency so it just glides over the skin and gives the skin this beautiful sheen. Will give your skin a soft, smooth finish!

Loreal Magic Lumi Foundation $9. This foundation doesn’t cling or draw attention to imperfections and gives your skin a satin, glowing finish. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation $62. This is like liquid silk on your skin! Gives the most beautiful, flawless finish.

Do you remember the #Animorphs books ? Before they decided to go with the brand “new” computer art for the cover I was commissioned to do the first book cover in #airbrush Circa 1995-96 Never published. This marked the decline of the airbrush illustration market. #marknagata #illustration

Raising Arizona

Part 3-The Finale.

Acrylics on 30” x 40” Deep Edge Canvas

So here it is, the finished painting hanging up at its new home!

I had a great working relationship with this client… he was super supportive and appreciative throughout the whole process. It was awesome to see his excitement when I finally handed him the finished painting!

I had a great time working on this painting, and i’m looking forward to more projects like this!



Finally finished hooking up this latest painting titled, “Knower of the Ledge” - The painting can sense you wave in front and then it starts to play camera shutter sounds. Definitely share this piece with your friends! - #art #acrylic #artist #airbrush #artwork #artworks #allaprima #artstudio #acrylic #painting #artoftheday #portrait #painting #paint #wip #workinprogress #music #hiphop #instaart #ink #instacool #instadope #instagood #instafresh #oilpainting #urbanart @knoweroftheledge (at The Temple)