I feel so awful for my sister...

She has had a horrible week when it comes to the WWE.

He hero’s are Evan Bourne and AJ Lee. She has posters and figures all over her room. The laptop I’m using right now has Evan everywhere on it and half her deviations on dA are of AJ.

First, AJ is ‘injured’ on Smackdown. It’s unknown whether she’ll be pulled from house shows to sell the injuries.

Then Evan loses the titles over the weekend. Now he’s suspended…again.

We have a supershow on Friday and she was really looking forward to seeing these two in person for the first time. She was making signs for the show featuring these two…now I guess there’s no need.

I know what it’s like to wait so long for the WWE to come back and to see your favourite’s, only to find out they’ve been injured or suspended and wont be there. This happened last May too when Evan wasn’t there because he was at a wedding.

I wont lie, my heart broke for her after all that’s happened…but hey…at least we get to see Punk and Daniel…and a CAGE MATCH!