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Long-lost medieval village of 'Bolko I the Strict' discovered in Poland

After more than 70 years of searching, the 700-year-old abandoned village of Goschwitz has been rediscovered in the vicinity of Strzelin in south-west Poland.

Goschwitz is thought to have been founded in the late 13th century by the Duke of Löwenberg, Bolko I the Strict, after he acquired the territory from a local noble family. The land was hoped to be a good investment, and a small village was established on it.

However, it didn’t all go to Bolko’s plans. The settlement was abandoned remarkably quickly, after only about 50 years of occupation. After this date, references to Goschwitz quickly peter out in historical documents. The forest in the area grew over the site, obscuring it from view from ground level.

Researchers have nevertheless been hunting for the village since before the Second World War. Now, without putting a single shovel in the ground, Goschwitz has been identified conclusively using airborne laser scanning. Read more.

The top image is a photograph of a lush rainforest canopy. The bottom image colors each tree based on its species.

How? It’s all thanks to a special lab built by ecologist Greg Asner inside a twin-turboprop airplane. From a few thousand feet up, the Carnegie Airborne Observatory uses lasers, spectrometers and other instruments to build a detailed 3-D model of a forest, identify different species of vegetation and quantify carbon sequestration. It’s a lot quicker than tramping through the jungle and taking these measurements on foot.

A fun tidbit from the full story:
“On one occasion, he and his team mapped more than 6,500 square miles of the Colombian Amazon at night — about the size of Connecticut plus Rhode Island — flying with all their lights out to avoid being shot at by the FARC, the Colombian rebel force.

Images: Greg Asner, Carnegie Airborne Observatory


Ancient Aliens - S07E15 - Hidden Pyramids - Full Episode

Published on Apr 18, 2015
Ancient Aliens - S07E15 - Hidden Pyramids - Full Episode
With infrared satellite technology detecting pyramids hidden underneath the sand in Egypt and airborne laser sensors discovering long lost pyramids beneath the jungles of Central America, many believe we have entered a new pyramid era–an age of discovery that will be marked by unimaginable new findings. 21st century excavations are also revealing fascinating new facts about pyramids that could potentially rewrite history. Archaeologists now believe the ancient pyramids in Peru are older than the Egyptian pyramids, and a recently surveyed megalithic site in Indonesia is now suspected to be a step pyramid built by a long lost civilization 20,000 years ago.


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YAL 1A /Future Weapons Airborne Laser (via idomineo)  米軍・ボーイング開発。エアボーンレーザー、つまり空中発射レーザー兵器システム。 747-400(AC130搭載も考えてるみたい)に、スヌーピーの鼻みたいな銃座(Turret)をセット。頭の上にある半導体レーザーの照射で微妙な大気の揺らぎの影響も計測しながら、正確に目標をロックオン。高出力ケミカルレーザーで、あらゆる種類のミサイルを迎撃するんだと。 2007年に低出力レーザーで試験して、2010年にもテスト。開発は順調じゃないみたい。

肝はメガワット級の酸素-ヨウ素化学レーザー(=COIL:Chemical oxygen iodine laser)。