airborne express

Totally on Purrpose

(I saw this piece by @maristoryart​ and I couldn’t help myself.)

Ladybug was not amused. She was used to heights, used to dangling hundreds of feet in the air with just her bandalore tethering her to some semblance of safety. But this—hanging upside-down and squished together with Chat Noir in an awkward tangle of her own weapon—was not how Ladybug had planned to spend her afternoon. It was a stroke of luck that there wasn’t an akuma on a rampage at the moment, otherwise she would have been well and truly pissed.

With her lips in a thin line, she side-eyed her partner. Chat Noir looked somewhat apologetic—there was a small possibility that the blush on his cheeks was due to embarrassment—but not apologetic enough.

“Sorry,” he offered with a small laugh and a shrug. Or an attempt for a shrug, anyway. The way they were pressed together didn’t allow for much movement.

He had done it on purpose, she was sure of it. She had seen his face in the split second between his call of, “Look out, My Lady!” and the moment he barrelled into her while she so happened to be airborne as well. His expression was of mischief, not of alarm or dread. It was as if he was excited to be turned into a Ladybug-and-Chat-Noir pendulum in the middle of Paris.

“Would you care to explain,” she began as they slowly swung back and forth, “how you, a cat with impeccable aim and amazing agility, managed to crash into me, your partner whose movements you can predict and anticipate even with your eyes closed?”

If he noticed her praise in the midst of her thinly veiled reprimand, he didn’t show it. Instead, his smile faltered, and his ears might have even drooped, if only gravity wasn’t pulling at their tips.

“But— That’s not your line.”

Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, she turned her head to properly look at him. She ignored the fact that they were almost nose to nose. It wasn’t the first time they were in this position, anyway.

“My what, now?”

“Your line.”

“My line.”

“Yeah, you’re supposed to say, ‘Well, hey there! Nice of you to drop in!’ …You know, like what I said last year.”

“…Last yea—?”



Goodness, but her partner was a silly, silly, silly cat. 

And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She pressed her lips together to smother a snicker.

“Well hey, Kitty,” she began again. “Nice of you to drop in.”

“Sorry,” he answered readily. The smile that dawned on his face was brilliant, and she knew she would never regret indulging him this time. “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

A laugh burst through her lips without warning, and he chuckled along with her. Her own laughter drowned out most of his; she felt it tickle her ear more than she heard it. And maybe it was the blood rushing to her head from being upside down, but she couldn’t help but think that this was a purrfect way to spend her afternoon, after all.

“Happy anniversary, Chat Noir.”

“Happy anniversary, Ladybug.”


🎥 Airborne Express 767 at Miami
(at Miami International Airport - MIA)

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