airborne cats

so uh @the-caws-meow i fucked up and deleted your ask ahah wrow but i copied everything luckily so here:

<p><p>babe holy shit

Bat: definitely some kinda bird, this asshole wants to be AIRBORNE

Black cat: im not superstitious, im a soulless salt generator that only fears my own morals

Broomstick: i would like to go to somewhere in Europe or mayhaps just somewhere in america with all my online buds B’)

Candy corn: i hate candy corn SO MUCH its overly sweet and cronchy im not abt that life

Cobwebs: god literally anywhere i have such an intense fear of the dark

Demon: my worst flaw is probably my pessimism or my constant state of emotional compromise ngl

Eerie: people, especially cishets

Fright: all my friends drifting away and leaving me behind

Haunted house: roommates with ANYONE? hmm well mayhaps you or david tennant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OR VOREKAT HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT MY HOMIE

Hocus Pocus: that trump is a good person and he’s going to make america great

Jack o Lantern: i have one on my forehead from falling against a fireplace, not fun

Monster: god the only remotely scary movie i like is coraline

Scream: tell me that i am in fact a total piece of shit and that ill never find love hahah fun amirite

Skeleton: i really dont like most of my irl friends to be completely honest lol

Vampire: night owl for sure

Witch: transformation, i want some goddamn wings

this took thirty minutes im in pain


My Dragon's Keeper

This is a Fairy Tail NaLu fanfic based on the princess and Dragon prompt that’s been going around. Thanks to Ally, an amazing blogger and artist. She’s done an amazing drawing for my cover pic! I love her work!!! If you want to read more your going to have to wait because I haven’t posted it on fanfiction yet. Here’s a sneak peak!

This is an updated version, I’ve changed around a few things so… OK!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or the Disney movie Tangled.

My Dragon’s Keeper

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a princess. Everything about her appearance was rich and astounding. Her beauty was as radiant as that of a star, her grace matched that of the tiniest butterfly and her skin fairer than snow itself. Her name echoed the land, Lucy Heartfillia, however almost no-one outside the castle walls knew her face.

As you all know, most stories that start with ‘once upon a time’ are almost always about princesses in distress who are only to be captured by an evil sorcerer or a dragon, and how a handsome prince will save her and end up with the glory. This story has little in the way of chivalrous princes, this story has a bit of a twist to it. It’s not like most, it’s quite the opposite actually. It’s about princess who gets saved from an evil prince by a handsome dragon.

Lucy never did want to be a princess, before her mother died, she had told Lucy stories about dragons and fairies, there was one about a mermaid who longed for human legs so she could marry her beloved prince, another, about a young girl, with scarlet red hair, who went into battle, disguised as a boy, to save her father and ended up falling in love with the general of the army. But the one she had fallen in love with the most was Beauty and the Beast, about a young maiden and a prince-turned-beast finding true love and overcoming a curse. Something all these stories had in common was a girl in a bad situation being saved by either a prince or a noble man.

All Lucy had ever wanted, was freedom. She longed to go and see the world, and maybe even find love. But when her mother passed away, her father became cold and distant, locking her in a tower from which she was forbidden to leave.

About a days traveling away, lived a family, they lived in peace in a large castle in an abandoned valley where no-one dared go. One of the occupants happened to be a dragon, his name was Natsu Dragneel. He had large salmon-pink scales that glistened in the sun and glowed in the light of the moon, his large eyes where like a thousand onyx stones twinkling with mischief and excitement. He was a size-changing dragon and could grow to the size of a two story house. He, unlike some dragons, could breathe fire, he loved to fight with his family and go on adventures with his best friend, Happy (Whilst trying, unsuccessfully, not to turn everywhere he went to ashes).

One day, on another adventure, he came across a tower; it was the tower that was home to Princess Lucy. She stood on her balcony, gazing out to the free world around her, one arm laying on the balustrade the other holding up her head. As the wind brushed by, her light pink dress fluttered around her; it was a beautiful - yet plain - dress, with sleeves that came down to her elbows, ending in a lace trim. The same lace trim adorned the end of the bodice, around her slim waist and around her chest was a tightly fastened corset. (How the royals and ladies of London and Paris wore these all the time, Lucy would never know) Her feet were bare and her shoulder length golden tresses tumbled around her face and highlighted her porcelain skin. Her eyes where a deep shade of chestnut brown, they were beautiful, apart from the fact that they held a hollow sense of longing in them.

Today was the day Lucy was to be wedded to Prince Laxus Dreyar of the Fairy Tail kingdom. She didn’t want her kingdom to be united with his, nor the title of Queen and, due to the fact that she completely and utterly hated Laxus’s arrogant and controlling nature, she definitely did not want to be his wife. So when Natsu flew by she immediately called out to him, watching with widened eyes as the dragon flew towards the castle. He was in his smallest form, with the body of a human but the wings, horns and tail of a mighty dragon. His hair was a pink as ever and scales littered is arms, legs and exposed chest.

“Hey!” She extended her right arm and flailed it around helplessly trying to catch his attention, “Hey! You! Dragon!”

Now you see, dragons weren’t exactly common in the land of Fiore so seeing one just flying by wasn’t really very normal and would obviously attract a lot of unwanted attention, fast. He turned, his gem-like eyes glinting in the sunlight as he squinted at her.

“Hu?” He steadied himself in the air and perched on the top of a cherry blossom tree, “Who are you?”

“I’m Lucy, Princess Lucy.” She gave a sad smile, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Natsu, Natsu Dragneel. Why are you sad?” He tilted his scaly head to the side and waited for an answer. She sighed heavily before explaining to the dragon how she was to be forced to marry the prince of the neighboring kingdom and how she longed for adventure, “We go on adventures almost everyday, don’t we Happy?”

A small, cerulean blue tabby with glossy white wings tumbled down from a higher branch in the tree, landing in thin air and propelling himself back up with his wings. Suddenly the small cat began to speak, causing Lucy’s jaw to hit the floor and her eyes to widen into saucers.

“Aye!” The flying feline pipped, “Natsu and I go on adventures all the time! We even fight monsters and everything!”

The princess eyed the cat curiously, tilting her head to the side in wonderment. After a few minutes of inspecting Happy, she let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and processed the information she had just received. Her face lit up as an idea popped into her head, what if she asked Natsu to take her with him, on these adventures? She wouldn’t have to marry that conceited jerk, Laxus, and she would finally be free to do what she pleased and finish the novel she was writing! But what if he laughed at her? Or said no? Or worse, what if he ate her? There was only one way to find out.

“Could… Could you take me with you?” She whispered, her lips shaky and chocolate colored eyes downcast, avoiding the dragon’s gaze expertly.

“Take you with us?” Natsu didn’t know what to do at this point so, after a few minutes of thinking things over, he agreed to take her, on the condition that if he did take her she was stay with him and become his friend. She smiled and gave the salmon haired dragon her word, before rushing back into her chamber to collect a few of her belongings.

Once she was sure she was ready, she tossed her bag, containing a number of books, parchment paper, quills, clothes and a locket with a picture of her parents in it, to the airborne alley cat, shaking her head as he struggled with her baggage. Then to her hip she strapped a belt which held a key pouch and a small dagger.

The good thing about her balcony was that when she stood on the balustrade she could still steady herself on the door frame, which she was now clutching to for dear life. Her heart thundered in her chest and short, puffing breaths escaped her lips, this was it. She was finally leaving her tower, the only thing was she’d never ever stepped one foot out of the castle walls, not even into the beautiful garden surrounding them.

“C'mon Luce, the guards will be coming soon!” Natsu urged, yanking her from her train of thought, “What’s takin’ ya?

"Should I?” She breathed, turning back to look into her room before jerking her head back, a determined look cast on her face, “No. Well… here I go.”

Still shoe-less the princess flung herself from the balcony, stretching her arms out and searching frantically for the smooth scales to clutch onto.