airborn trilogy

Airborn X-files AU

•on one hand I think it would be obvious for Kate to he the fox mulder of this AU….but then she’s also like a baby scully so idk.
•I mean:
•She’s always suggesting cases, looking into seemingly improbable things,
•And using her advanced ability in science to prove said importable things
•Matt is her exhausted yet adoring partner who tries to apply logic at all stops. He tries to get Kate to see logic (well, what he thinks is logic) but that never works lmao
•"Kate can you please just be logical for once?“
•"Can YOU, Matt? Do you have any idea how ignorant you’re being by just assuming that the improbable is the impossible?”
•[frustrated groaning bc theyve had this conversation 4900 fomes]
•Kate being a total badass in the face of danger
•Matt being a BA too but not as big of one as Kate
•the ROMANTIC TENSION between them.,,,,the “I love you but you’re my partner” and “I would die for you and everything you stand for, hell I almost have on a few occasions, but I can’t bring myself to say it”
•remember that hella sexist guy from the zoological society? He’s the ADA
•I had more ideas but I’ve forgotten them
•brb gotta finish rewatching the entire series