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Uncle Iroh’s Prison Workout | Avatar The Last Airbender Tough Like The Toonz: EP 27

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck. Iroh the DRAGON OF THE WEST! 

One of the kindest and yet most powerful characters in the Avatar the Last Airbender franchise. While incarcerated he managed to escape by becoming a ONE MAN ARMY after months of training in his prison cell. 

Well today we can mimic his workout routine. Get your Tea Kettles ready we’re gonna brew up a kickass Firebender Body.


LGBT community stop being straight/cis phobic


Straight people matter, straight people birth you and created this world. The least you can do is respect them.

All you people are trying to do is fight fire with fire. You cant ask for acceptance and bash straight people on the other hand. And dont forget the awfull double standards your community has “dont straightwash characters” but it is fine if you turn characters into queers and mentall ill patients.

LGBT community you have a lot of problems to look into.


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Hey JaxBlade you said you meditate everyday and I was curious how you go about doing it. Everytime i try I stop after like 5 minutes cause i dont know what I'm supposed to be thinking of. and how does it help you? THanks if you answer this BIG FAN of your YouTube Channel

Oh sure and thats Great you want to start meditating. 

My Buddy @train-go

Has an amazing post on Meditation so be sure to check hers out 


But for me personally. I do kind of a zen focused Meditation for 20 minutes everyday in the morning. I started doing it a lot after I got into an arguement and hurt and lost a close friend of mine because I was just so depressed and angry for weeks. 

My mind became an inner cesspool of stress, anxiety, anger, sadness from an amalgamation of issues but I started doing Meditation seriously at first you think“this is some BS why the hell are Characters always doing it when training” But it only takes a few days to really notice the effects. 

I feel I have much better control over my emotions.
I’m more productive,
MY Temper is more controlled so i dont snap
I dont procrastinate as much as I used to,
I’m a lot more focused on my goals
and Also I feel more relaxed. 

The goal of meditation isnt to control your thoughts but let them stop controlling you in a negative way.

Okay so this is How I do it.
I either sit cross-legged on the floor or in a comfortable chair. Back straight, head up relaxed. Though I do like sitting like the Avatar to be honest

Then I close my eyes and I focus on my breath and nothing else. Now this is harder than it sounds cause your mind f*cks with you and some thoughts come and go and your mind is constantly a flutter but If i slip up and my mind starts to wander I just my attention back to the breath and breathe in 3 and breathe out. Now when first starting off this seems bogus but you have to stick with it and then you enter this peaceful tranquil state and then you dont even notice the time go by its just like you’re in another plain and everything becomes clear. 

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and then I just open my eyes and get on with my day and after daily practice I feel A HELL OF A LOT BETTER like My God it helps me stay productive with my Online Personal training business and all my other goals. hope this helps also try some youtube videos they give you tips for it as well.


Korra’s Body Training | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 5

Yall gonna be mistaken for Firebenders, cause this Girls smokin hot haha. This routine is based on Korra’s physique since she’s pretty ripped for a girl though no wonder she’s such a badass Beast. check it out FULL ROUTINE linked in the video.

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Snapshot of the airbender kids right after Rohan reveals his new tattoos! (Jinora 22, Ikki 19, Meelo 17, Rohan 12)

Love the idea of Meelo keeping his hair. <3

I imagine that Jinora is helping her father record knowledge from Wan Shi Tong’s library into books stored in Air Temple libraries. She’s still going steady with Kai, and every now and then they casually discuss marriage. Her dream is to compile vast libraries in the three remaining air temples and have these locations be hubs of literature, scientific knowledge, and spirituality free from political restraints. 

Meanwhile, Ikki is oblivious to the romantic advances of those around her and usually prefers the company of spirits and animals anyway. She’s also experimenting with how airbending can be used to muffle or enhance sound waves and voices. When she isn’t helping her father and siblings train airbenders, she sings, sculpts, and paints.

Meelo is extremely popular with the ladies, and he is at the age where he thinks more about fun and freedom than his responsibilities or future. Still, he has grown into a fine, bright young man, and he is considering with his Uncle Bumi the tactical advantages airbenders can bring to the United Forces. In a few years, he’ll work with Bumi to establish an airbender reconnaissance and rescue team in the wake of an Earth Kingdom civil war. 

As for Rohan, he has grown up to be a sweet and intelligent boy. Like his oldest sister, Jinora, Rohan is exceptionally attuned to spiritual energy. He hasn’t managed to project his spirit yet, but he has entered the spirit world through meditation a few times already. He’s a little quiet, but quickly warms up to people and reveals his mischievous side. He enjoys drawing with Ikki, sparring with Meelo, and discussing history and literature with Jinora.

“He had only heard of dragons, and although he had never seen one, he was sure they existed.”

Based on this post by suicunesrider I made this, although I added Lao Shi from American Dragon cause, what it’s better when you talk about dragons than a dragon itself?

Hiccup, the Doctor, and Role Models for Boys

I absolutely adore the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Both movies are full of heart and have some of the most fascinating, nuanced, well developed characters I’ve ever seen in a movie targeted at children. Also, they have dragons. Really, they could’ve stopped after animating Toothless and I would’ve been happy.

But for those of us who are hyper aware of gender dynamics in media, HTTYD is an absolute delight. The entirety of the first movie was a subversion of gender tropes in media from start to finish. The movie showed us an egalitarian society where men and women were considered fully equal without making a big deal of it. Astrid was clearly the most best fighter of the group, but no comments were made within the movie about how she was exceptional or rare as a woman for this trait.

The relationship between Astrid and Hiccup also defied traditional gender dynamics in media. Astrid occupied the traditional male movie role: she was the strong fighter working to overcome her fears, develop her skills, and become the most powerful warrior in her village. It’s Hiccup’s job to teach her the value of empathy and compassion, and he ultimately encourages her to accept her village’s traditional enemies: dragons.

The second movie was equally as good as the first. Five years after the first movie ended, Hiccup is still viewed as an unconventional leader in his community. While everyone around him believes war with this movie’s villain, Drago Bludvist, is inevitable, he still attempts to negotiate for peace. 

Drago is presented as a dark parallel to Hiccup. Both grew up viewing dragons as their enemy, and both have been hurt in various ways by dragons. But while Hiccup reacted with empathy, attempting to understand and befriend dragons, Drago reacted with violence. He dominates and controls them through aggression and brute force. Without giving too much away, Hiccup is ultimately able to defeat Drago by displaying the trust and love that he and Toothless have for each other. 

In short, Hiccup and the entire HTTYD franchise challenge ideas about masculinity and femininity. Both men and women can be strong warriors, and both can be empathetic and gentle. Hiccup is a hero because he is thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate and kind, not because he is violent and aggressive.

All of this is a very long, roundabout way of saying that I don’t buy the argument that the Doctor should only ever be portrayed by a man because the Doctor is the only positive role model for boys.

The typical argument asserts that the Doctor “is the only non-violent ‘superhero’ male role model” because he solves his conflicts by being clever and kind, not by being violent or aggressive. I’ve always found this argument to be a bit perplexing. Sure, the Doctor is a wonderful role model in this regard. Steven Moffat (and yes, I do think he sometimes says wonderfully brilliant things), summed it up best when he said:

When they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter, they gave him a call box from which you can call for help. And the didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat ray, they gave him an extra heart. They gave him two hearts.

These qualities make the Doctor exceptional, but not necessarily unique. Most of the media I grew up with featured a male protagonist whose strength came from compassion and love, and who defeated his enemies by being clever and kind instead of being violent. And this type of model is increasingly common.

One of my earliest childhood heroes was Luke Skywalker. I remember being stuck on a long camping trip as a kid with nothing but the original trilogy to entertain myself and watching those movies a dozen times each. I would play at being a Jedi at every new campground, waving around a tree branch like a lightsaber. But I remember being struck by the fact that in the end, it wasn’t Luke’s strength or skill with a lightsaber that made him a hero. He threw down his lightsaber, refused to fight, and was saved by his father’s love. His strength lay in his ability to empathize and love.

It wasn’t long after I started watching Star Wars that I began reading the Harry Potter novels. Harry rarely tried to solve his problems with violence, and when he did, it was always shown to be counterproductive and regrettable. He was ultimately able to defeat Voldemort not because he discovered a super powerful spell or became the best wizard ever, but because he understood the power of love better than Voldemort ever could. Harry cast a disarming spell, and Voldemort’s killing spell rebounded on himself. Voldemort was killed by his own act of violence.

Around the same time I was reading Harry Potter, I was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang was the most powerful kid in the world, the only person capable of bending all four elements. He spends the first three seasons mastering all of the bending styles in order to defeat the Fire Lord and save the world. But by the end of the last season, he begins to question whether it would be right to kill the Fire Lord, a man who committed genocide by killing Aang’s entire nation and plunged the world into a massive war. Aang solves this conflict creatively, refusing to kill the Fire Lord and instead learning an entirely new bending style to disarm him.

All of these characters had the ability and skill to solve their conflicts with violence, and they aren’t above fighting to defend themselves or others. Even the Doctor, who is held up as the 'only nonviolent hero’ for boys, isn’t above using violence when there is no creative solution and his adversaries refuse to negotiate or back down (“No second chances. I’m that sort of a man”). 

But these heroes are more well known for their empathy, compassion, cleverness, and their desire to avoid resolving conflicts with violence. And they all share many traits in common with the Doctor. Hiccup is intensely curious about his world and is constantly trying to learn more. Luke tries to understand someone who most people assumed was fundamentally evil and gave him a chance to change himself. Aang is unironically enthusiastic about everything he encounters and isn’t afraid to show it, even if it makes him appear odd.

And Harry, who even years later is still in many ways the lonely boy in the cupboard under the stairs who would rather do whatever dangerous thing must be done alone, needs his friends. They keep him grounded, they keep him from brooding, and they encourage him to talk about what’s bothering him. He is better when they are around.

The Doctor is not the lone positive male role model for boys, he’s one of many. 

I’m not convinced that letting a woman portray the Doctor would “take away” this positive role model for boys. First of all, her presence wouldn’t negate the impact of the twelve men who preceded her. And I think such a regeneration would do a lot to challenge ideas about gender in media. It would teach young boys that certain character traits and behaviors aren’t inherent to any gender, but are learned. It would teach them that they can look up to women as their role models, instead of shaming them for doing so. 

So lets talk about how the Doctor does and does not defy traditional models of masculinity. Let’s talk about his value and importance as a character. Let’s talk about how the character of the Doctor can be a role model for little boys and little girls, regardless of gender. But let’s not hold the Doctor up as an ideal, dismiss and ignore other characters that don’t fit the traditional mold, and use this argument to derail conversations about whether the Doctor should ever be portrayed by a woman.


Yet another set of animated lesbian pride icons.

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TERFs don’t interact.

Me: listen… korpal is such a cute ship and its a travesty that so few people seriously ship it… I blame the writers for shoving Opal and Bolin together so soon after Opal first appeared, since she had so little time to connect with others in the krew… but even so the chemistry she and Korra share in that airbending training scene is astonishing….

You: who the fuck are you how did you get in my house

voltron lok avatar au

ever since that shiro metal-bending post i can’t stop thinking about it so here is just some real quick stuff. thanks to @ace-pidge for inspiring me with that idea of shiro metal-bending his own arm, oh man. maybe i’ll add more later but these are the ideas i have so far.

  • Shiro- earthbender who can metal-bend. a high-ranking officer in Republic City’s Metalbending Police Force. can bend his metal prosthetic arm. often gets caught up in cleaning up after the rest of the gang’s shenanigans. between the gang and his habit of overworking, he really needs to rest.

  • Lance- waterbender, member of a pro-bending team. thinks of Keith as his rival. is air-blasted to the ground by Allura during their first meeting. Hunk just laughed. sends his extra pro-bending earnings to his family back in Ba Sing Se, as well his extra salary from his day job as a delivery boy. dreams of being in the movers, one day.

  • Keith- firebender, member of a different pro-bending team team than Lance. wants to make more friends, so occasionally tries to ask Lance if he can hang out with him and the rest of his crew after matches, but usually never works up the nerve to actually do it. the stalemate is broken when Pidge finally points out to Lance that the mullet guy is following them around for like the 15th time. may or may not be acquainted with some Triad members, but he assures people that he’s clean now. being an orphan in Republic City wasn’t easy.

  • Hunk- earthbender. works as an engineer in a Holt-owned Future Industries. roommates with Lance and comes out to see his matches. won’t join his pro-bending team, though, no matter how many times Lance asks. cooks dinner for the both of them. parents are from Kyoshi Island, they work there as restaurant owners that make authentic Kyoshi Island cuisine.

  • Pidge- fire-bender, extremely talented and can lightning-bend. works as an engineer in her family’s company, along with her brother. their father and mother are very encouraging and Pidge hopes to take over the company alongside Matt one day. eventually, Matt and his father (both are non-benders) get kidnapped and are forced to develop technology for war use

  • Allura- airbender, trains at the temple with her mentor, Coran. enjoys watching the pro-bending matches in her downtime, and meets Hunk there. she meets the rest of the gang through him. despises the local Triads, after losing her parents to Triad violence several years back.