Just about every joke in Avatar: The Last Airbender is peak comedy but conceptually my favorite moment is that scene in The Waterbending Scroll where Zuko’s crew was fighting some pirates and Aang was lost in the middle of a smoke cloud.

Now, Aang being an Airbender, the logical thing to do would be to blow the smoke away, which he does.

This would be funny enough in and of itself, but what really gets me is that Aang just nopes his way out of the situation by… Calling the smoke back?

Like on top of this being the literal only instance of an aerokinetic character blowing smoke away in reverse (not the same thing as kicking up a cloud of dust) just… everyone who was fighting just goes back to fighting each other like that didn’t just happen? Like they didn’t just see the Avatar- who they’re fighting over- is no longer tied up?

This five seconds of animation is just the most beautifully hilarious mess.


Special Airbending Techniques.

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Ok, but like, am I the only one who thinks that bloodbending isn’t bad? I see all of these posts about how brave Katara was to avoid bloodbending and how great of Aang it was to outlaw it and how it reflects poorly on the Zutara dynamic that she bloodbent in front of Zuko but like ???????????

NO bending is inherently bad????

No one gave two shits about airbending being used to suffocate the Earth Queen or Bolin fuckin LAVABENDING, aka able to MELT PEOPLE down to nothing. Those alternative forms of bending aren’t intrinsically bad, even though they COULD be used for evil.

The same technique for suffocating someone with airbending could be used to resuscitate someone who wasn’t breathing. It could be used to help a newborn baby breathe. 

Lavabending can be used just as much for environmentally-beneficial reasons as it can for mass destruction.

Hell, even lightning bending was fine in the ATLA and LoK universe, but somehow bloodbending isn’t?

Can you imagine how quickly their healthcare would’ve advanced if Katara had been given the opportunity to use her abilities the way she was meant to? Hama only used them for violence because she spent her whole life trying to SURVIVE. It was all she knew.

Katara is a CARING bender. Her healing bending would’ve gone up 11000000000 points if she had learned to incorporate bloodbending. She could’ve learned how to heal blood illnesses, mend bones, prevent frostbite,  mend actual tissue. Katara could’ve invented MODERN SURGERY.

But somehow HER form of alternative bending is the only bad one?


It’s nice to see that each of the inside images are all of the scenes in which the characters individually gained clarity of mind and found solitude in the world around them, all before something bad came and impacted them to grow as people.


Avatar Wan - Begennings
Avatar Aang - Restorer
Avatar Korra - Changes
Amon - Equality
Unalaq - Harmony
Zaheer - Anarchy
Kuvira - Unity

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