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1. What genres do you prefer? (Books/Movies/etc)

mostly young Adult/chick lit for books, comedy for movies

2. How do you feel about your family?

i like them but i feel like my mum and dad are a bit burgeois and my sister kind of has opinions that i don’t like and she talks so weirdly as if she’s the most important person in the world and tells stories from 5 years ago as if they happened yesterday and are still relevant

3. Any weird habits?

i don’t like when ppl call me babe or baby but idk if that counts; I know i have a lot of weird habits but i can’t think of any off the top of my head

4. Is there something you always wanted to tell a certain person but never did?

Not really, I think I’ve said everything

5. How’s life so far?

i know i shouldn’t complain but friday was pretty much the worst day of my life so far so kinda shitty but i’m ignoring that at the moment and idc anymore tbh

6. What fascinates you the most?

the english language; I always find quirks that amaze me and when i find german/french/latin influences

7. What are your plans for Halloween?

nothing special i guess; doing maths problems for uni, a study help for an English class and watch some tv shows

8. Do you like ehm stickers?

i have a sticker book somewhere in my childhood stuff where i collected them but, you know, you didn’t have to commit to the act of permanently sticking them somewhere. though i don’t care about like panini sammelbildchen or that stuff

9. Are you collecting something ? (like coins or stamps or whatever)

fun fact I used to collect a lot of W.i.t.c.h. stuff, like their magazines and merchandise but when i turned 16 or so my mum unsubscribed me (i had a subscription for a good 5-6 years) and then pretty soon after the magazine was shut down :/ at the moment, though, i don’t really purposefully collect anything

10. Do you believe in urban legends?

No, not really

11. What’s your favourite fairytale? And why?

i really like all of the Grimm’s Märchen, I can’t really decide, because when my sister and I were little, he’d read us a fairytale out of that book every night, though i didn’t really care for it that much. But in 9th grade i made him read fairy tales to me again for like a week or so :)

my questions:

  1. what event in your life are you most proud of?
  2. what’s your dream job?
  3. have you ever thought of running away (if so, what was the situation)?
  4. what’s your favorite book?
  5. who/what is pictured on the poster hanging closest to you?
  6. do you play any instruments? Which ones?
  7. What’s an embarrassing thing that you experienced recently? (can be embarrassing to other people)
  8. What brand of shampoo & conditioner do you use?
  9. how do you feel about the chicken/egg thing?
  10. what’s the first memory you have of a vacation you took?
  11. have you ever been genuinely in love?

have fun! :)

jeliclecat asked:



ok firstly i’ve been following you for a while now I think secondly i have no clue how my posts get 347243424 notes it just happens I don’t try with these things I swear and thirdly my coolness on the Cool Scale is like -621496242349% so u don’t have to fangirl it’s ok

YOU however are p cool lets be friends

ah thank you you’re the only one that answered. but it’s too late now, I’ve already made tea and came back upstairs without making ramen… actually I think I might have finished my tea while downstairs on accident. but I’m warm now and I don’t want to do anything else besides watch shows on my computer so I’m gonna do that. but thanks, anyways.