Well folks, I’m excited for SDCC 2016. Bryan and Michael are supposedly going to have some exciting news about the future of the Avatar series. In order to channel my excitement, I’ve done an Aang companion piece to keep Korra company. Hope you all like! And be sure to check out the Korra/Avatar panel if you’re going to Comic Con this year!


🔥Zuko Makeup Tutorial🔥


From Agent Carter to Tank Girl, Imperator Furiosa and Avatar Korra, I present 63 more amazing women from film and tv lore. Enjoy.

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‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and 'Korra’ creator previews new graphic novel 'Threadworlds’

Imagine five planets that share a single orbit. Imagine an inquisitive young scientist, curious about the world, setting out on adventures across the universe. That’s the grounding for Threadworlds, a new graphic novel by Bryan Konietzko, best known for creating the internationally acclaimed animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Published by First Second Books, Threadworlds is Konietzko’s graphic novel debut and takes you on a science fiction journey that promises to inspire you, captivate you and thrill you all at once.

EW spoke with Konietzko about crafting his new story, his storytelling process and more.+

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Book 1 Zuko 😭

Okay, this is AU.

The Avatar team has never existed, and Zuko is just good Fire Lord, who ended a war, brought balance to the world, but although there are many people, who still hate him. Sokka is tribal chief of Southern Water Tribe, and he wants to offer Zuko some trade deal. After their meeting (the first page) Zuko first noticed Katara, but when she noticed him, she became very angry, cause he is “f*cking firebender!” (i’m sorry).
Well, i will show you these scenes in pictures. Just wait.

I would continue it. For Zutara week, maybe.