HAMILTON AIRBAND 2016 Ten$FoundingFather #Heart4Ham Taylor University
We did not throw away our shot!


Here’s a small story among the literal hundreds you probably get every day :) The setting: a tiny university in the middle of cornfields Indiana. The event: Airband, debatably the largest event this university puts on annually where students compete as a wing or dorm or random collective to put on the best five minute performance to a mashup of songs while lip-syncing.

There was joking conversation about doing a Hamilton Airband for a while and slowly but surely it became less and less of a joke and more and more of something we wanted to make a reality. So a bunch of theatre fans including myself put together a five minute Hamilton Airband. We adore the musical and we worked super hard to put together a small preview with the hopes that it would be something exciting to share with people already familiar with the musical and intriguing for people who were not!

We had low expectations going in because we knew many people on our campus were unfamiliar with the songs and we worried we might not even make the final show because of this (Airband is usually very much about using things that are familiar or will provoke nostalgia in the audience, something we knew Hamilton was less likely to do). Despite this disadvantage, I’m happy to say that we not only made the final show, and got to be the closing act but also finished in 3rd place!! We want to thank you and show you how your musical inspired us as it has so many others! We know we come nowhere near to doing it justice but we had so much fun bonding over our mutual love for Hamilton and bringing it into our university’s public eye (small as it may be). 

So thank you! Thank you for being such an inspiration.  #heart4ham

Imagine your OTP (Mostly Fluff):

•Investigating the paranormal.

•Going to the Opera. (perhaps a Phantom of the Opera situation)

•Going to a movie premiere and strutting their stuff on the red carpet.

•Playing the most intense game of extra large ping-pong (tennis), or regular ping-pong if they cannot handle the intensity of extra large ping-pong.

•Going to a spa and getting mani-pedis.

•One throwing popcorn/marshmallows while the other tries to catch it in their mouth.

•Going to try on or discussing their Halloween costumes.

•Going out for a night at a metal concert.

•Trying to swap wardrobes for a week.

•Swapping bodies, but having to go to a family dinner.

•Exploring a pet store. Do they fall in love with a new little friend?

•Auditioning to be a team on the amazing race.

•Going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, where one is a virgin to the experience.

•Touring one of their old highschools, if they are in highschool then their old primary/elementary school.

•Entering into a airband concert.

•Going out for a day of Pokémon hunting. Perhaps becoming competitive?

•Playing Mortal Kombat or another fighting game against one another.

•Exploring a museum or art gallery. (Perhaps a Children’s Science Museum.)

•Challenging each other to a dance/sing off.

•One convincing the other to join a cover band.

•Living in the 70/80/90s. What would change? What would be the same?


One of my fav parts of scrubs EVER! Such a feel good scene!!