방황하게 되는 건 집이 없어서 혹은 갈 길이 없어서일까?
갈 곳은 많아도 그 어디에도 나를 기다리는 사람이 없어서 일까?
Do you think the reason for my wandering is
Because I have no home or because there’s nowhere for me to go?
Because there are many places to go, but no one to wait for me?
—  Tablo (Airbag)

I don’t know how to drive, and I usually had to go out late at night to the studio, so I was frequently in cabs. I did a major portion of my brainstorming and lyric work inside cabs. The view looking out from the window of a moving car, or the sound of a talk show on the car radio … all of these things made me see the COLLECTIVE LONELINESS of people everywhere. All within a singular space. Many people seem to be reading into the song as something autobiographical, but I intended it for all people suffering from desolation. 

- Tablo, speaking about Airbag in the Fever’s End Commentary Film

One of my favourite quotes and just some of the story behind this blog’s name. 

Happy Birthday Tablo